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Accutane Not Working - Why?

I took accutane for 5 months and I have been off it around 5 months now. When I was done taking it my skin was clean and did not have any break outs.... READ MORE

New pimples on Accutane. Is this normal?

Hi, i am on my 17th day of accutane to cure bad skin on my forehead, but lately new pimples have been forming on my chin and cheeks, I am also getting... READ MORE

I've been prescribed Accutane, does that help with perioral dermatitis? (photos)

One Derm says i have acne and another says i have perioral dermatitis. My acne is all over mostly around mouth and chin. I've been prescribed... READ MORE

Electrosurgical Device HR-5000: Better Than Accutane for Hormonal Acne?

Long story short: I have hormonal acne on my chin.I do not want to go on Accutane.After many hours of research, I found a few articles on something... READ MORE

After how long can I start seeing progress after taking Accutane?

I have been on accutane for 40 days now and i have been expecting to see prograss but instead my acne is still the same and i have noticed a few new... READ MORE

Could Accutane caused my wrinkles on my chin and loose skin? (photos)

I was on Accutane 8 months (1200mg culmulative dose). At the end of the treatment (about 6 month) I saw loose skin near my cheeks and chin. I used... READ MORE

Accutane dosage for mild whiteheads; 20mg or 40 mg?

Hi...I'm suffering whiteheads for last two years n can't stop myself to squeeze them n thts y suffering little scarring ..I'm taking accutane on da... READ MORE

11 weeks post op Accutane and my acne is getting worse! Any suggestions?

I have been on accutane for 11 weeks 40 mg /day and I still break out badly as I never have gone through before ,, my first course of accutane was 6... READ MORE

Will Accutane work if you have dry skin?

. Ive been struggling with acne since 12 years old. Ive used all otc products .proactive.Murad..clarisonic brush..retin a micro and ocm. My question... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old with moderate severe acne, I really want to try Accutane, will it help with my acne and keep me acne free?

I really break out at the bottom of my chin, top of my neck, and also the bottom of my cheeks. I know it also gets worse when I am about to get my... READ MORE

Will stoping my Accutane 1.5 months early hurt?

I am 32 about 5'3 weight 109lbs, an only had a some breakouts on my cheeks but had two large nodular knots on my chin. The derm stuck me on accutane.... READ MORE

I got Accutane from a friend and want to begin taking 30mg a day, how long should I continue this course?

I have acquired accutane from a friend who did not finish her course, I have moderate acne (9/15 active spots at any one time on cheeks and chin) and... READ MORE

Should I start taking accutane?

Hello! i am a 14 yr old female, and i have had acne since i was about 12. my acne is moderate... i have had some flare ups which have resulted in my... READ MORE

Keloid Forming While on Accutane?

3 weeks ago i fell of my bicycle and cut my chin. It was little squearelike wound - but deep. Now, 8 days ago i was prescribed accutane 0.5 mg/kg. I... READ MORE

I have hormonal acne, comedonal, and inflammatory. Will Accutane be an answer for me? (photo)

I used to have hormonal acne at 15 yr old i was prescrib diane-35 and it worked well i then stop taking the pill a yr ago and never had such a perfect... READ MORE

Are small raised bumps after Accutane treatment normal?

I just finished a six month cycle of Accutane. While I am quite pleased with my results, I did notice that after a week of getting off the drug and... READ MORE

What causes a hair loss on Accutane?

Hi, I am currently on 30mg daily, this is my second month, I don't really have many side effects, the only one which bothers me (naturally :-) ) is my... READ MORE

When I am done with my 6 month Accutane treatment, will my skin on my face continue to peel? Or will it go back to being normal?

My chin, nose, and cheeks are peeling awfully. I can't even use makeup to cover it. The peeling is causing my face to turn red. My face was perfect... READ MORE

How can I heal my post inflammatory erythema? Assuming it is that as they are red marks that cover my cheeks, nose and chin

So I struggled with severe acne for many years, and about a year ago my doctor put me on Dianette. My skin has cleared up wonderfully now, with only... READ MORE

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