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What is the Youngest Advisable Age for a Person to Be Started on Accutane?

Is there a minimum age or physical growth stage someone has to be at before they can start taking accutane? READ MORE

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area . Accutane for Mild Acne?

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area since experiencing a traumatic loss in my immediate family. I used every... READ MORE

Bactrim for 10 Years for Severe Cystic Acne, Accutane Now?

I've been on Bactrim DS for 10 years for large cysts on my face(1-2 a year, sometimes 2" in size). I recently tried going off of the Bactrim... READ MORE

Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away from Nodular Acne? Am I a Candidate With Heart and Liver Problems? (photo)

Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away That Has Been Present with Nodular Acne? Also, patient on heart transplant list with elevated labs for liver... READ MORE

I Am a High Level Athlete Debating Taking Accutane..worried About the Side Effects of Joint Pain and Lack of Energy..good Idea?

I have persistent moderate acne all over my face, as well as my back, arms, and chest. I am worried about the side effects of taking Accutane because... READ MORE

Can Accutane Be Prescribed for Things Other Than Cystic Acne?

Can accutane be prescribed ( and covered by most insurance) for things such as super oily skin, rosacea, or mild acne? Or is it only prescribed and... READ MORE

Accutane and IPL Treatment Combination Safe?

I am seriously considering IPL treatment for some brown spots on my face and to even out my complexion (I'm 44). I have been taking low dose... READ MORE

Is Accutane a Good Idea? I'm 15 and Very Active.

I am an active 15 yr old female and want to take accutane so bad. I cheer and am always busy. I have had acne for about 4 years. I have taken 4... READ MORE

I Have Ulcerative Colitis, is Accutane Safe for Me

I Have Ulcerative Colitis, is Accutane Safe for Me READ MORE

I Have Occasional Acne and Clogged Pores, My Doc Wants to Put Me on Accutane?

Hey, i have occasional acne , cysts specially during the time of the month..or sometimes lack of sleep. I just turned 20, and recently faced some... READ MORE

Consistent Mild Acne, Oily Skin & Scarring: is Accutane Recommended?

I have consistent acne. A couple years ago it was Really bad & I started the regimen and was able to control it. I sometimes still break... READ MORE

I Took Accutane for 5 Months in Year 2006, I'm Not Sure if Taking a 2nd Course of Accutane Would Be the Solution?

A year after taking my first course of accutane (for 5 months), i had a break out on my whole face more than before and in areas that i never had acne... READ MORE

I Am a 28 Yr Old Female Who Has Suffered from Adult Acne for 4 Years. Is Accutane my Best Option?

I have all types of acne, from cystic acne to blackheads/whiteheads and pustules. I have acne on my face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and I even my... READ MORE

Is my dermatologist likely to prescribe accutane with my type of acne? (photo)

I have been struggling with acne for years and nothing, meaning antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, etc, has worked. I know my acne won't go away when I'm... READ MORE

Is my acne mild enough to go on Accutane?

My skin has been off and on for over 4 years. I am now going to be a sophomore in college and just tired of acne and sick of hiding behind makeup. My... READ MORE

Do You Think That Accutane is Good for Acne Vulgaris?

I have acne for 2 years and i begin a tratament with accutane,but i'm not peaceful .i've only on face but not very much READ MORE

Can Accutane be prescribed for mild acne and chronic folliculitis? (Photo)

I have mild acne , clogged pores everywhere with 3-4 cyts at a time. I also have folliculitis on my chest stomach back and buttocks with extremely... READ MORE

Can you take Accutane if you have irritable bowel syndrome and Polycystic ovary syndrome? (Photo)

I have been diagnosed with "IBS"&"PCOS" for 7plus years. For a year now I've developed acne and painful cysts that flare regularly and leave nasty... READ MORE

I Have Tinnitus, Could Starting a Course of Accutane Make It Worse?

Im 33 female, I have been given the green light for accutane 65mg daily for 4 to 6 months. I have spoken with my dermatologist regarding my tinnitus... READ MORE

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