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Accutane Cured Acne but Left Scars

I've had acne off and on now for the past 4 years. I recently finished using Accutane and now my acne is gone but i have some ugly scars that I didn't... READ MORE

Acne Scar Treatment While on Accutane?

What acne scar treatment can be done while on Accutane? READ MORE

How Long Until I See Accutane Results?

My son started Accutane 45 days ago. He had gone through the gamut of products and drugs to control it to no avail. His acne was about a 7 on a... READ MORE

Tretinoin is No Longer Available in the UK Due to Janssen Cilag Discontinuing Stocks, What Can I Replace It With?

Please help guys. Tretinoin has been discontinued in the UK, what can I use instead of? It's for mild acne and acne scarring, and also wrinkles. I... READ MORE

Acne Scarring! What Should I Do? Pls Answer! (photo)

Hello, I am a male on 120 ml accutane daily. I have no major side effects. My major problem is that i have bad hyperpignentation. Its looks quite bad.... READ MORE

Can Accutane Reduce Acne Scars?

I am wondering if Accutane has any effect in reducing acne scars? My dermatologist has told me multiple times that it does reduce scarring by... READ MORE

Does accutane get rid of blackheads and red acne marks? (Photo)

I'm starting accutane this week and i have a few questions on how it works. i was wondering if accutane gets rid of blackheads? if so how long does it... READ MORE

Waiting Time for Accutane After Scar Improvement Procedures?

How long should I wait AFTER Dermaroller, Fraxel Laser (Restore) or Microdermabrasion BEFORE starting Accutane? My skin is really... READ MORE

Acne Rosacea on Roaccutane?

I'm on Roaccutane for near 5 months. My weight is 68 kg and my dose is 40mg daily. I have maybe one pimple, but the problem is that the scars from... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Dermaroller to Start Accutane?

I have recently had a few large scars form on my face (after acne), my dermatologist said i should start accutane. However i read you cant do invasive... READ MORE

On 3rd Month of Accutane and Trying to Stop Acne to Rid of Scars. Will it Work? (photo)

I am on my 3rd month of accutane and am trying to stop the acne so i can try to get rid of scars. by looking at my scars will alot of them go away... READ MORE

Acne Scars (3 Months Post-Accutane) , Wish to Treat Acne Scars, What are Your Recommendations? (photo)

I'm 22 y/o guy, 3m post-Accutane of (20,2x30,4x60 mg/d) reached a total dose of (150mg/k). I have some scars left. How severe are they? (&type)... READ MORE

Acne Scar Filler While on Accutane?

I have an acne scar on my cheek and was wondering if it's safe to have a temporary filler injected into it while on acne. Please advise, thank you. READ MORE

Fractional Laser After Accutane?

I'm on a low dose Accutane ie 20mg every fortnight for the past 6 months. Question now is, can I now undergo Fractional laser surgery? READ MORE

One Month on Accutane and Would Like to Halt to Treat Acne Scar?

I have a facial acne scar that I would like to treat ASAP with either subcision, dermal graft, or filler etc. My question is: I've been on Accutane... READ MORE

Oily Acne Skin with Deep Acne Scars is Accutane Worth to Try It?

I am joseph suffering with acne and very oily skin from past five years.most of my skin damaged by acne scars.i tried every product to control but no... READ MORE

Why Accutane is prescribed for scarring acne when It causes scars itself?

Like the question says,why accutane is prescribed for scarring acne when It makes skin thin,fragile and cause slow skin repairing? Isn't is supposed... READ MORE

Damaged Skin After Accutane

I took accutane for a week(0.5mg/kg), and now 2 months after my skin is really bad. It is healing very, very slowly i have red marks for 2 months now,... READ MORE

How to get rid of the acne scares ?

I took Accutane (40gm per day ) for exactly one year , and it just made my skin worse and worse , red scares are now on my cheek and after i fineshed... READ MORE

5 months post op Accutane, my acne are gone, but still have scars. Is invisible acne under the skin?

I have been on accutane for 5 months 20 mg for the first phase then 30 then 40 (now). My acne has gone but there is still severe imperfections and... READ MORE

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