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Accent Laser for Tightening Post-pregnancy Belly?

I've had 2 Accent Laser treatments on my stomach (done by an esthetician; I've read here that a med specialist should be doing it), and so far I've... READ MORE

Thin, Wrinkled Face After Accent Laser

After having 3 sessions with the 360 Alma Accent Laser on my face, I look 10 years older. I used to have sagging skin, but not many wrinkles. Now, I... READ MORE

Puffy After Accent XL for Face Tightening

I had my first Accent XL treatment 4 days ago for tightening on my face. When I first wake up I have puffiness under my eyes and increased fullness on... READ MORE

Will Accent Get Rid of Lumps Caused by Sculptra Under-eye Procedure?

I had Sculptra done under my eyes and had a terrible experience from it: I got 3 lumps under my eyes. My doctor told me to try having them removed... READ MORE

Sauna and Exercise After Accent XL?

I had Accent XL done and have gotten mixed information about how long I have to wait to sit in sauna. First, I was told it was ok to do it the day... READ MORE

Is a 10 Minute Accent XL Laser Treatment Enough to Tighten my Buttocks?

I've always received only 10 min Accent XL treatment on my buttocks area, and also my interval is 3 weeks long. The technician said that she gives... READ MORE

I Had RF Accent for Facial Skin Tightening but Lost More Fat and my Skin Looks Looser?

Hi, I am a 29 year old female and had three RF treatments on my face and neck area desiring tighter skin. After the third treatment, I started to... READ MORE

My Stomach Hurts Really Bad After Accent Xl

I had an accent xl treatment last monday during the treatment on my stomach I was in quite a bit of pain. I finally just had the technician stop... READ MORE

Nose dent from wearing glasses after rhinoplasty 10 days ago, will it go away?

Had rhinoplasty 10 days ago. Put my glasses on for first time yesterday and they have left a dent on my nose! Will it be permanent? READ MORE

I'm really worried. I have a hole in my nose after having a birthmark removed. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I had a birthmark (on my nose) removed surgically, sewn with stitches afterwards. I got my stitches removed 3 days ago and the bottom of the... READ MORE

After having 3 treatments with the Accent XL, I have noticed my (L) side of face being crepey. Any suggestions?

More on the left side midface. The skin is very creppy looking and worse when you see it in daylight. I was wondering if you have seen this side... READ MORE

Will I Regain the Shape of my Buttocks After Accent XL Treatments?

I've had 2 Accent XL sessions to tighten, firm, and reduce stretch marks on my buttocks, but I've also noticed a reduction in the size of my almost... READ MORE

Accent XL Safe to Use on Breasts?

I had Accent XL for my breasts. The overall experience was good, with minimal side effects. It hasn't been 24 hours yet and I can't notice drastic... READ MORE

Ideal Accent XL Setting for Thighs?

What is the ideal setting for Accent XL on thighs? My first treatment was 180 (bipolar) and 80 (unipolar). Didn't feel like much, so I'm wondering,... READ MORE

What's the Interval Between Each Treatment for Accent Elite?

I have been getting Accent Elite RF treatments to improve laxity of my face READ MORE

No Results After 3 Accent Sessions on Abdomen

After 3 sessions of Accent I have not seen results at all in my belly. The technician thinks it is because I have "brown fat". Could this be... READ MORE

Can Accent XL Cause Pain to an Area After Having a Bladder Suspension?

Several weeks after having a bladder suspension I had the Accent XL treatment on my stomach area. The next day I started having pain, which has gotten... READ MORE

After Second Treatment of Accent Xl on Neck I Developed a Thyroid Tumor. Is There a Connection?

Is this just a coincidence? It led to a total thyroidectomy because the pathologist could not determine if it was cancerous. It was a hurthle cell... READ MORE

Can Accent Xl Cause You to Have a Metal Taste in Your Mouth?

I have had several areas of accent xl treated(inner/outter thighs,bra area, and back of legs) and I now have a metal taste in my mouth that will not... READ MORE

I'm Worried About Accent Treatment to my Face, I've Had a Few and This Time in a Bit of Pain?

I've been having accent treatment on my face for mild slackening of the cheeks. had 6 sessions a month apart and then went in for top ups every 6-8... READ MORE

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