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Zoom whitening is a teeth-bleaching procedure performed in a dentist's office. After a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the area, breaking down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the teeth intact. Some users experience comfortable procedures, while others have reported a great deal of pain. Treatments typically last about an hour and may result in up to eight shades of improvement. LEARN MORE โ€บ

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Great Results-no Pain

My teeth were not that yellow to begin with, but I did want a bit of 'brightening'. I decided on zoom for immediate results. I had a couple zingers right after the procedure, but no sensitivity or pain. I love the results and would totally recommend it to friends & family :) READ MORE

Zoom Teeth Whitening, It Works, but It Hurts!

I had this procedure done yesterday to prepare for veneers that I'm gettin on my four front teeth in a few weeks. About 3 weeks ago, my dentist gave me toothpaste containing a strong amount of fluoride which was to help in desensitizing the teeth. I was supposed to brush 2-3 times a day,... READ MORE

Beauty is Pain!

I experienced lip sensitivity during the procedure. I am having the "zing" feelings about an hour after the procedure. Goodness! It about made me fall over! But, my teeth are gorgeous & the pain is tolerable. I popped 2 Advil & it is helping. I think it is a small price to... READ MORE

Zoom Ok Results They Look Whiter in Pics then in Person

Yeah i got my teeth bleached Friday. I know it was expensive, but I chipped my two front teeth when i was little and I never had insurance to get them fixed. So finally in my life I have a good job that actually offers insurance, so I can finally get them fixed. Caps, crown, and fillings dont... READ MORE


Two weeks before the actual treatment, I was given a fluoride paste to make my teeth less sensitive during the procedure and also did the molding for the trays. When I went in for the procedure, the hygienist and the dentist were very accommodating. They made sure to cover everything but my... READ MORE

Inhumane Torture

Had the most painful side effects after a procedure I've ever experienced. Would not recommend this. First off my gums were shielded. Had a slight burn & the dental assistant adjusted the shielding. That went away. But it was afterwards, within 30 min. of walking out of the office,... READ MORE


Prior to having the zoom 3 whitening procedure performed by my dentist, I did much research and read MANY reviews. All but a few described extreme pain. But, having coffee stained yellow teeth and only being 30 I went for it anyways. At the dentist the hygentist performed the entire procedure... READ MORE

Great Experience with Zoom, No Pain!

I visited Dr. George's office in UTC (San Diego near La Jolla) yesterday for my first ever in office whitening treatment. I was scared to death after reading all the negative reviews on this site. All the horrible zingers and sensitivity people had experienced! I was so nervous, I took an Advil... READ MORE

Do Not Do It!

My teeth were fairly white anyway but I felt my bottom teeth could of been whiter. The actual procedure it's self was uncomfortable but bearable. The day after the procedure the whole inside of my bottom lip and gun turned white and became very painful. It felt like the whole of my bottom lip... READ MORE

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Delhi, India

I just completed my Zoom Teeth Whitening and am very pleased with the results. The procedure was extremely comfortable and I hardly had any sensitivity at all. There is a visible difference in my smile now and it was looks a lot whiter and better. READ MORE

do not do it-most painful thing ever

I decided to do this procedure because I've always wanted whiter teeth and figured why not. The procedure was 4, 15 minute long sessions which i did all 4 on high level, no problem. I only experienced zingers during the last session, but it was tolerable. Immediately after the sessions they... READ MORE

Average for Tetracycline Stains and Poor Customer Service. Fort Atkinson, WI

I have had stains on my teeth since a young child due to Tetracycline medication given to me for illnesses. The procedure did lighten my teeth a small amount, but not enough to justify the cost. The procedure itself was a little painful at times, but I did endure it. The pain is from the... READ MORE

40 Years Old - London, GB

It did not work at all. Whitening bought through Groupon performed at London Canary Wharf dentist. I have prepared myself, 3 weeks prior to the whitening I have done polishing/scaling procedure. FYI: I donโ€™t have white teeth, rather yellowish. When the dentist checked with samples my natural c... READ MORE

Omg, Worst Pain Ever

I feel like such a sucker. I paid $550 today to have my teeth whitened. It was supposed to be four 15 min sessions and take home trays with whitening. After about 8 minutes into the first session the pain began. I thought maybe it was normal. The assistant was out of the room, so as my eyes... READ MORE

Holy Crap the Pain is Unreal

I just got zoom teeth whitening this morning. 4 15 minute sessions. During the whitening I could feel only a small amount of tingling that then left. About 10 minutes after my session completed the pain started coming on, at first it was mild. Now, a couple hours after I'm in bed with pain meds... READ MORE

Bangkok Smile Zoom Clean Tray - Thailand, TH

Got a scale and clean. Wow.. In general wow.. I've neglected this all my life. Never again! Take home custom upper lower tray and bleach. Bleach lasts only one week. Each tube is 500baht... Like $18 aud... I asked about Truly Lazer. The dentist had no idea.. Its on their website... Did the... READ MORE

No Results and Terrible Pain - Bedford, NY

I decided to get my teeth whitened in anticipation of a wedding that I was in coming up. Found a groupon for a highly recommended dentist in a wealthy town nearby and booked the appointment. The tech performed the entire procedure, and said usually they do 3 15 minute sessions but that if I... READ MORE

Painful and Didn't Last - New York

I'm not sure the exact date I got the whitening I want to say it was the beginning of October. It was right before my wedding. First session was good second session was a lot of sharp pain since my teeth are so sensitive. I had to stop before I even finished the second session because it was so... READ MORE

Excellent Cosmetic Work - San Francisco, CA

Dr Amini and his staff are very friendly and professional. The office has been upgraded and is one of the most high tech dental offices out there. Dr Amini's work is flawless and I will definitely recommend him. Dr. Amini did extensive cosmetic work on my teeth, including teeth whitening,... READ MORE

The Most Painful Experience Imaginable - Erindale, AU

Let me start off by saying that you cannot even imagine the pain that comes from the Zoom Whitening. Before the procedure the dentist's exact words to me were 'you may feel a little bit of sensitivity in one or two teeth'... This didn't worry me because I don't suffer from sensitive teeth and... READ MORE

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