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Luster Pro Light...teeth Whitening. So Worth It!

Objective: My goal was to obviously whiten my teeth as much as I could w/out having to schedule yet another appt at a doctor/dentist's office (since it seemed like I was in & out of them all month for botox, Venus Freeze, and smart lipo). So needless to say, I took a chance on the Pro Light... READ MORE

Great Dentist - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a Holistic Dentist and found Dr. Rashtian online. I was looking for a Dentist in general, and was interested in getting my teeth whitened professionally. I have had some bad experience with Dentists in the past and was a bit nervous but after stepping in her office and being... READ MORE

Poor Post Experience with Whitening - Ludingtion, Michigan

I used custom trays and whitening chemical from dentist for 3 days. i began to experience high level of sensitivity to cold drinks and food. now it is 3 months later and still sensitivity in mild levels. my sensitivity was never there with my teeth prior to this whitening experience. i am... READ MORE

Barely a Difference with Zoom! - Ontario, ON

You got to love the posters they dental offices have up of very tanned people with brilliant super white teeth! As far as I'm concerned this is false advertizing! I did the ZOOM whitening pd. $400 about 5 years ago and I was expecting this drastic difference, only to leave the office in... READ MORE

Mobile Teeth Whitening - Toronto, ON

My sister-in-law had her teeth whitened by Blazing Smile teeth whitening services and recommended them to me, and what a treat! They come to your house or office with their instruments etc, and they work around your schedule. That really worked for me as I have a full-time job with 2 small kids.... READ MORE

Long Island's Top Family Dentist - Long Island, NY


I Would Never Do Zoom Whitening Again!! The Pain is Not Worth the Looks - San Diego, CA

I will never do zoom whitening again this is the worst feeling ever I couldn't even finish the last seven minutes of procedure. I was praying when I was getting my procedure done. It's been four hours and my teeth still hurt. But my teeth are white as Heeaallll! .. You know what they say beauty... READ MORE

Great Dentist or Greatest Dentist? - Great Neck, NY

Stained and teeth plus gaps did not give me the sophisticated look I needed to look professional. Dr. Brody is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. No one likes going to the dentist, but I was always comfortable in his office. The cost was also more affordable than I expected. READ MORE

Best Teeth Whitening! NO Zingers! my Rockstar White Smile - Reseda, CA

I had my teeth whitened with Rockstar White teeth whitening. NO pain, and rockstar white made my teeth so white! I was so scared at first because i have tried zoom before and it hurt sooo bad, and i paid alot more. I really recommend Rockstar white! My doctor gave me the at home teeth teeth... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening from a Dentist - Hollywood, FL

Part of my job is working with the public and needed to have this problem addressed and corrected. READ MORE

Worst Experience Ever - Phoenix, AZ

I am in so much pain right but i really dont wish anyone this kind of pain, It is the worst pain even dont get your teeth whitenning with the VENUS treatment. I am really crying and writing this review. I hope this pain goes away soon, it was such a mistake READ MORE

Zoom Whitening

This was a special offer, 99 UK pounds instead of 395, so I thought "why not?" The procedure was performed in a tiny booth in the middle of a shopping mall/subway station, absolutely no privacy, and I was a bit hesitant when I saw the set-up. No running water! The person running the... READ MORE

The Best Dentist Around In My Opinion - North Ridgeville, OH

I wanted whiter teeth and that's what I got. Very easy and painless. I was also concerned about my previous orthodontic work and he referred me to a terrific orthodontist where I also had a great result. READ MORE

Teeth Whitening - Overland Park, KS

Teeth got very white and stayed that way. READ MORE

Excellent Results, but FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!

I have just had my teeth whitened using the WY10 system. My Dental Hygienist gave my teeth a superb clean and polish first, and then gave them a Power Whiten. I am now using the trays made for me at home. The first Power Whiten and clean gave really excellent resulst and each time I use the... READ MORE

Zingers - Wow but Great Result

I had my teeth whitened within the last hour in birmingham (England) using Zoom. I had totally wound myself up with the reviews on here re the pain to the extent that I vry nearly didn't go through with it. I spent ages choosing my dentist and I'm glad I did. She was so thorough and... READ MORE

Zingers Yes, but Worth It - Fort Lauderdale, FL

No one warned me about the "zingers" so I was out shopping after the procedure when one of those zingers nearly brought me to my knees. That said, I went home, took some ibuprofen an dit was over within 4 hours. I quit smoking andmy teeth were yellow so I thought I'd treat... READ MORE

Not. Worth. It. - Massachusetts, MA

I did no research before having the Zoom treatment performed by my dentist. What a mistake. It's 2 hours since the treatment was done and I am crying in agony from the "zingers". They are the worst kind of pain because it's like waves of nerve pain that don't respond well to ibuprofen...or even... READ MORE

Stick to Trays - Not Whitening Strips - San Diego

I have gone thru childbirth w/o anesthesia and had a crown on my tooth done w/o novacaine once (just nitrous oxide) so I have a high threshold of pain, overall. However, teeth have lots of nerves and just using the trays causes my teeth to be overly sensitive. Before I use them for a touch-up, I... READ MORE

Overpriced for the Level of Service I Experienced. Made a Number of Mistakes on the Work Performed - Agoura Hills, CA

{edited by Britt, moved below to doctor review} READ MORE

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