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Coffee, wine, soda — all of these things cause teeth stains. Dental bleaching treatments are designed to address stains and leave you beaming ear to ear. LEARN MORE ›

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Teeth Whiting Takes Time More the Yellow More the Work - Hempstead, NY

Cons ur mouth will have loads of salivia so don't do this around anyone. Becareful not to make water too hot before dipping your mouth trays in. IT WILL MELT BEFORE YOUR EYES. U need more than one box application. Pros My teeth weren't yellow just a lil off white. But this stuff does... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening is Painful but Worth It

I drink coffee daily and felt self-conscious that my teeth were loosening its "whiteness." I had my teeth professionally whitened a couple years ago. You sit on a chair where you have a machine shine a bright light on your teeth for hours. I had no idea this experience would actually... READ MORE

No Pain with Zoom

After I read the reviews the night before my appointment, I was anxious about having the procedure done. The reviews were mostly based on pain. I started to cancel, but realize that I needed 24 hours to cancel before the office charges me a fee. So I went in feeling okay. Mind over matter..... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening - Worst Pain Ever!

I had my teeth whitening done at 10am today...it's now 7:20 pm and my teeth hurt SO much! It's a constant, droning pain with "zingers" thrown in to make it lots more fun! I've always been self concious of my teeth, due to mottling from too much flouride, but this is... READ MORE

Zoom Pain! - Chicago, IL

My new dentist office had a special going on with new paitents for Zoom! teeth whitening procedure done for 80$ i jumped on the offer and yes it was worth it, but i didnt realize how much pain i would be in the rest of the day. i have never experienced sensitivity, tingling and flat out pain for... READ MORE

It Hurts for About a Week, but It's Worth It for Yellow Teeth

I had yellow teeth and it bothered me, now Im much happier and its definitly worth it. But thats my experience... Pain is not that bad and it goes away in a week or two. READ MORE

Zoom 2 Totally Painless

I had yellow stained teeth. I saw a prior positive review on this provider and made an appointment. They were running a January special. The dentist told me I had great teeth because of my genes.I had four 15 minute sessions. Absolutely no pain and no zingers. Results are great. I was told that... READ MORE

Rembrandt Whitening: Burnt Gums

Terrible. It burned my gums horribly and they swelled making me look like i had botched collegen injections. Still swollen makes my smile looks really odd 2 days after. READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Trial at Dentist's Office

I got my teeth cleaned last weekend and my dentist gave me a "teeth whitening trial" for free. She applied it on my teeth for about less than 5 minutes, then removed it.When I rinsed my mouth, I can taste acid... which I didn't like much. But other than that, my teeth did look whiter... READ MORE

My Teeth-bleaching Experience at the Dentist's Office

I'm a smoker (still trying to quit) and a coffee addict, and had noticed my teeth getting yellow last year. I'm still in my 20's and haven't been a smoker for long so my problem wasn't severe, but I decided to deal with it, I thought of it as a motivational move to get me to quit smoking. So I... READ MORE

First Ever Whitening - "Zoom" Gave Good Results, but Not Comfortable

Before getting a new crown on an eye tooth, I wanted to have a good (and my first-ever in-office, and I was 49 at the time) bleaching. My teeth are quite white anyhow, so I did not have a lot of discoloration, but wanted to bleach to get a good color selected for the crown.The Zoom process was... READ MORE

WY10 Teeth Whitening and Burnt Gum

I purchased wy10 teeth whitening trays and gel from dentist. on second use a little bit must have escaped from the tray and within 2 minutes i could feel my gum burning. i removed the tray and found that the bit of gum tissue between my front teeth had turned white and an area around it looked... READ MORE

Worth It if You Take Part in Maintenance - Newport Beach

I had my teeth whitened a few years ago and they are still pretty white. I don't drink coffee, tea, or any other beverages that can stain the teeth and if I do have something I always have a piece of the gum with Xylitol in it since it is supposed to clean your teeth right afterwards... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening

I have had stains from tertracyclene given to me too young and my teth were also naturally very yellow--not my imagination, people would ask about it. When Crest Whitestrips first came on the market, I somehow got in on it as a test product. I loved it, the differnce was dramatic and it... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Hurt, but Brightened my Smile

It works but it was VERY pain full afterwords.  I felt some pain to wards the last part of the last 20 minute session.  As soon as I was done the pain started.  It was a throbbing and sharp pain through out my teeth. They tell you to take Advil or Tylenol and to treat it like... READ MORE

Gotta Keep It Up

It was a pretty speedy process, however, I have naturally sensitive teeth so I probably would not do this again.  Yeah, my teeth were much whiter afterwards but my goodness I was super sensitive for 2 whole weeks. It's been over a year since I had them whitenened and I'm a... READ MORE

Mmm Lil Worth It

I've done it about 4 yrs ago with plazma light actually it was chalky white right after the session two weeks later that whitness almost dissapeared and i'm having the semi-white teeth since then .. i wasn't so satisfied the result was under my expectation but some how it's ok .. actually i'm... READ MORE

Great Results and No Pain

I have sensitive gums and most of the over the counter stuff has been painful or has not worked. I found this product called Platinum Whites at Drugstore.com and got it a couple weeks ago. The results have been nothing short of amazing! My teeth are obviously whiter and my gums did not pay... READ MORE

All Pain and No Gain! - Oklahoma

I have from time to time used Crest teeth whitening strips and they have whiten my teeth with no pain.  Then I heard Zoom would whiten your teeth several shades and thats what I wanted.  It was a waste of money as it didnt even whiten my teeth as much as the Crest strips and the pain... READ MORE

Expectations Not Met - Chicago, IL

I think this gets down to expectation management. When you look at the ads the models are showing bright white teeth. That does not happen. Are my teeth lighter?, yes, are they white? no. I was disappointed. I also spent an hour in the dental chair. It was a little uncomfortable but not to... READ MORE

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