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Coffee, wine, soda — all of these things cause teeth stains. Dental bleaching treatments aim to zap those blemishes to leave you beaming ear to ear. LEARN MORE ›

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I've been wanting to whiten my teeth for a few months now, and consulted a few dentists in the city. I was referred by a friend (who had a gorgeous white smile) to Dr Daniel Rubinshtein at the Bensonhurst clinic. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with his sense of humour, passion and... READ MORE

I had my teeth whitened at the dentist. It was very uncomfortable. When I looked in the mirror when it was over I could have cried. There was no difference at all. The staff seemed shocked that I was upset. I was supposed to get 4 crowns redone after the whitening at a cost of $4500. Since my... READ MORE

I wanted whiter teeth but was afraid of enamel loss and sensitivity. The experience was great with no sensitivity and a brighter smile.The whole treatment was easy to use and it took about 15 days with 10% carbamide peroxide using custom fitted trays. I was told in office treatment was faster... READ MORE

I am living proof that you CAN whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Someone on this website said that hydrogen peroxide doesn't whiten teeth, BUT THEY ARE WRONG. Hydrogen peroxide has terrific whitening effects, and it's the best buy around. It whitens, clean, disinfects... a truly wonderful,... READ MORE

I moved to Colorado last year and selected RM Dental because they were close to my house. I've always wanted to have my teeth whitened but was scared because of some of the things I had heard. After speaking with my dentist they assured me that the Davinci Teeth Whitening was a great product... READ MORE

I had KTP laser teeth whitening done about 4 months ago. My teeth weren't really yellow, they were actually pretty good before, I just wanted a pick me up and chose what was classed as the best whitening procedure. The dentist said this wouldn't hurt much although I was mainly concerned about... READ MORE

I have severely stained tetracycline teeth, and I tried Kor Deep Bleaching. I would not recommend it. It whitened my teeth beautifully with little discomfort, but it didn’t last more than a few days after I stopped bleaching.Evolve (maker of Kor) claims that bleaching with Kor is “entirely per... READ MORE

I decided to give KOR a try due to their claim of being less painful than others. I had ZOOM about 4 years ago, and remember getting those zingers. KOR involved at home bleaching along with in office whitening. WORST PAIN ever. Like electric was passing through my teeth. Only whitened a few... READ MORE

Coffee and cigs. What can I say? Great job, painless, nice Dr.Berik was easy to deal with. I needed to sparkle for a big reunion. Now I look like a movie star, Comedies mostly, I guess. Or maybe Horror. But my teeth sparkle! I cant believe I need so many characters to write a quick... READ MORE

I had been worried about the color of my teeth for a while, and although I tried a few different tooth pastes and mouth washes that claimed to whiten your teeth but they didn't seem to make much of a difference. So I decided a professional teeth whitening would be the best option. The process... READ MORE

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc. So I have decided it is time to brighten my smile a bit. My teeth are pretty white naturally but seeing that I am an avid coffee drinker (true Seattle girl) I'm not... READ MORE

I always go to Gallardo & Lamas for my teeth cleaning. It’s the best teeth cleaning you can get! They do everything that needs to be done and then some. Everyone here is extremely friendly, almost like being at home. They take their time, the thoroughly check your gums and point out a... READ MORE

Less than 24 hours after getting a teeth whitening treatment at Richmond Beauty Bar, a large part of my tooth fell out while I was eating a soft crab cake. I called them to let them know what happened and to ask if there was anything I could do to prevent further damage. I made it clear that I... READ MORE

I had in office Zoom treatment and after leaving the zinger shots were excruciating. I had to leave work early. But Hang in there. The pain will be gone in 24 hours. My advice is to get the in office treatment early in the morning so the bulk of the pain isn't when u r trying to go to bed.... READ MORE

Objective: My goal was to obviously whiten my teeth as much as I could w/out having to schedule yet another appt at a doctor/dentist's office (since it seemed like I was in & out of them all month for botox, Venus Freeze, and smart lipo). So needless to say, I took a chance on the Pro Light... READ MORE

I was looking for a Holistic Dentist and found Dr. Rashtian online. I was looking for a Dentist in general, and was interested in getting my teeth whitened professionally. I have had some bad experience with Dentists in the past and was a bit nervous but after stepping in her office and being... READ MORE

I used custom trays and whitening chemical from dentist for 3 days. i began to experience high level of sensitivity to cold drinks and food. now it is 3 months later and still sensitivity in mild levels. my sensitivity was never there with my teeth prior to this whitening experience. i am... READ MORE

You got to love the posters they dental offices have up of very tanned people with brilliant super white teeth! As far as I'm concerned this is false advertizing! I did the ZOOM whitening pd. $400 about 5 years ago and I was expecting this drastic difference, only to leave the office in... READ MORE

My sister-in-law had her teeth whitened by Blazing Smile teeth whitening services and recommended them to me, and what a treat! They come to your house or office with their instruments etc, and they work around your schedule. That really worked for me as I have a full-time job with 2 small kids.... READ MORE


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