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Coffee, wine, soda — all of these things cause teeth stains. Dental bleaching treatments are designed to address stains and leave you beaming ear to ear. LEARN MORE ›

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Tetracycline Stains

I'm 57 years old I have had tetracycline stains all my life. I'm on my 2nd week of in home bleaching, I'm amazed at the results already can't wait to see end result. I haven't had any pain at all. My dentist told me there was nothing she could do about the color of my teeth!!!! So I googled ... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening - New York, NY

Very welcoming! Excellent staff and Dr. Jacquie Smiles the dentist takes the extra time to get to know you. Very impressed! My teeth whitening experience was excellent and the results are amazing. Dr. Jacquie Smiles also walks you through everything you need to know to improve your dental... READ MORE

Straightening Teeth and Whitening - Beverly Hills, CA

I am physician and clean and beautiful/white teeth are a must. Joseph was very helpful and stayed late or came early and helped me straighten a few teeth and made them 3 shades whiter. Some of the older fillings were discolored and UN-sightly. These were changed as well. Thank you. It was worth... READ MORE

My Teeth Cleaning with Dr. Goldy - Beverly Hills, CA

Most expectations are that when you visit a dentist you cant wait for the procedure to be over and done. Upon entering the Drs office i was greeted by a friendly staff that put me right at ease. I filled out the paperwork and i was whisked into the examination room where i was introduced to Dr... READ MORE

25, Female and Usually Easily Pleased

The whole process was professional, painless and quick. But there were absolutely no results the following day. It was a total waste of time and money. After searching online and reading reviews I'm shocked how many other people have found this and they still are in business. Megawhite products... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening from a Clinic in Belfast

I went to a clinic in Belfast based on several recommendations from friends, but am yet to decide whether the procedure was worth it or not. It has only been 2 days so I suppose I will find out soon! The experience was good and the dentists were really friendly which reassured me. READ MORE

Teeth Whitening at Sutton Place Cosmetic Dentistry. New York, NY

Laser teeth whitening make a HUGE difference. Love this NYC cosmetic dentist - she really is the celebrity dentist and treats you like one (even if you are not). I look years younger and feel beautiful! If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Midtown East she is the one to go to (she is on... READ MORE

Dental Cleaning While Pregnant - New York

Dr. Victoria is a professional, compassionate and empathetic dentist who provides spectacular five star service! She is very patient (I can't sit still for the life of me), is never rushed and does every procedure efortlessly with no discomfort. After an invisalign treatment, annual whitenings... READ MORE

Best Experience EVER! - Columbia, SC

I love my smile! So clean & white! I get complements all the time. A white smile makes me look younger and healthy. I absolutely love Dr. Patel! It was the best darned dentist visit I've had in ages! SO RELAXING! The dental chair gives you a massage while Dr. Patel works her magic. The... READ MORE

ClubSmile: Teeth Whitening Subscription Service


Arrogant Dentist, Pointless Teeth Whitening

I saw this in a Daily Mail article and read that it was the next best thing in teeth whitening, simple, safe, peroxide free etc etc... First of all, Dr Favero is arrogant and couldnt care less about this treatment. He spent the whole time trying to upsell me a "deeper" whitening procedure and... READ MORE

Wedding Tune-up - Los Angeles, CA

I did the whitening to get ready for my wedding. It definitely improved my smile. It didnt make my teeth perfectly white, but it was a vast improvement. I dont have much more to say but apparently I need a full 100 more characters to complete the review. Overall, I recommend it for people, and I... READ MORE

Arrogant Dentist, Could Not Recommend - London, GB

I have had an irrational fear of dentists for a while but I now have a rational reason to avoid this one. The dentist was late (which you can understand will happen in London sometimes) but the overall impression was that he did not want to be there, as if he had somewhere better to be. The... READ MORE

American Visiting Europe (London), Needed to Get my Teeth Cleaned - London, GB

I was visiting Europe and realized I was overdue for a cleaned, so I thought I would make an appointment at a clinic in London (after all, my plans were to be in Europe for a month). After doing a little research I came across the Favero clinic and thought I would give this place a try. A young... READ MORE

Extreme Shooting Pains! Worst Tooth Pain Ever Experienced - Frisco, TX

I had tooth whitening, groupon deal plus tip. 20 min x 2 with light, done at a salon. Little did I know that this seemingly benign procedure would cause the worst tooth pain I have ever experienced. Ever. Extreme, sharp, lightning, random tooth pains from any tooth. Worse on lower teeth. I... READ MORE

My Teeth Are So White! I'm Addicted! - Parker, CO

So I've tried strips and my teeth were terribly sensitive. I was to tell the truth a little afraid, but I did purchase the desensitizing gel that she recommended. I did an hour session to get them as white as possible. They have massage chairs which made me feel so comfortable the hour didn't... READ MORE

Beware of Favero Clinic - Wimpole Street, London

Beware of Favero Clinic, it's the worst I've ever experienced, they try to sell you other expensive treatments than the one you already came for & keep talking about how bad are NHS dentists on your 1st visit, claiming that they're much better than NHS, I bought teeth cleaning on offer & paid... READ MORE

Megawhite Was Mega Bad. London, GB

I took up the offer on non-peroxide teeth whitening and my whole experience left me miserable. Dr Favero told me he didn't like to whiten teeth (er...why offer it then?) before spending an hour trying to "hard sell" me thousands of pounds worth of veneers which I didn't want. The only way to do... READ MORE

Megawhite Teeth Whitening Wasnt Very Good at All. London, GB

Complete waste of time and money. I had this done at the Professional Beauty show at the Excel centre in London this weekend. I had to sit with an uncomfortable gumshield in my mouth while hundreds of people walked past staring at me then these strangers watched me SPITTING into a bag... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female - Greenbelt, MD

I payed $700 for the Kor whitening procedure. Let me start 1.) they did the in office deep cleaning first 2.) I had to come back to do a mold for my trays 3.) then I still haven't recieved my trays and it's been a whole week later. I didn't see any results. I can tell I have a very little mild... READ MORE

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