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My experience was excellent. The providers were very nice and reassuring when talking about what had to be done and why. They documented the case and gave me options and timeframes. While doing everything she made sure I was comfortable and followed up. Results werenatural looking. Perfect. READ MORE

I had four treatments, but the last treatment did not work. I will have to go back to him again.

At the very first doctor appointment, I did not find Dr. Gaston to be friendly. He was professional, but not a friendly doctor. I am very picky about having a doctor who is skilled, but also has a positive bedside manner. As the appointments continued, I found Dr. Gaston to be much more... READ MORE

Great Results for Kors Teeth Whitening

I thought I had white teeth until I went to the Warriors game with a good friend and saw our picture side by side. Then I realized how yellow my teeth had become over the years. And I'm not a coffee drinker or a smoker. I immediately called my dentist (Dr. Choy in Redwood City) and scheduled... READ MORE

Great Experience with Dentzz India

I’ve recently been wanting to get my teeth whitened because A. I’m an avid coffee drinker, and B. its natural for our teeth to get a tint of yellow over time and its not the best when my job involves a ton of picture taking. I’ve been doing my research on where I could go and get this proce... READ MORE

Cali, Colombia Teeth Whitening and Veneers Dr. Andres Garcia - Cali, CO

The dentist did teeth whitening and a cleaning for 100 dollars. And the picture I have posted is just the 1st day and its so white. It's a 3 step whitening so I can only imagine how white its going be after the third day. My mother is having veneers put on in september but I have had other... READ MORE

Internal Bleaching of 2 Front Teeth - Arlington, VA

SITUATION: About two years ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I landed on my mouth & chin, thus fracturing my four front teeth and misaligning my jaw. So far I have had at least 2 root canals done, and one of my front teeth which were root canaled turned black. The one next to... READ MORE

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Dr. Jepssy Beltré - Dominican Republic, DO

My son and I decided to visit Dr. Beltré and it was great, I made teeth cleaning and whitening and my son Veneers, comparing price with other doctors and what he offered to us, we are very happy, The doctor was very aware of us and was always available to assist us, we highly recommend him. I ... READ MORE

Review of Maui Whitening Teeth Whitening. Much Needed After Braces!

I just finished wearing FastBraces for six months. Pre-existing stains coupled with the challenges of cleaning teeth under braces left me with need for whitening. I'm hoping to achieve a dazzlingly white smile. As long as they don't turn out so white that they look like fake! I'm going to Maui... READ MORE

48 Years Old, Teeth Whitening, Silver Fillings Replacement, Root Canal, Crown - Czech Republic, CZ

I went to Prague to have a complete overhaul of my teeth. I was concerned with silver fillings after reading much about it thanks to Dr Oz, but I also wanted teeth whitening, and full clean-up. The dental hygienist performed a superb job, getting rid of tartar which must have been as old as... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening. Ottawa, ON

I bought a groupon on line and went in to get my teeth done. I was worried with all the reviews iv read but I thought why not try it. My teeth were white to start with but iv always wished to have like glowing white teeth, how ever the dentist said I may not see much of a difference, and it... READ MORE

Laser Whitening, Nice Results! Finland, FI

I just recently had my braces removed and three days ago I had an in-office teeth whitening. The procedure took about an hour and was quite pleasant, no pain. They used a 35% hydrogen peroxide gel and laser light to activate it. My gums were covered with plastic material that was cured with... READ MORE

Professional Crest White-Strips At-Home Teeth Whitening Before Braces - Definitely Recommend It! - Kaunakakai, HI

I decided to try an at-home whitening kit when I was talking with a friend that I was visiting in the US prior to starting my orthodontics treatment (I'm Canadian). She works as a dental hygienist and she recommended the Crest White-Strips Professional Kit because she had used it in the past and... READ MORE

KoR Whitening System - Moreno Valley, CA

I just finished my KoR whitening treatment. The whole treatment was easy to use, however, I did have some significant sensitivity in my gums and teeth throughout the 2-week process. The first step was to have a solution applied to my teeth using the custom fitted trays. That was painful. It... READ MORE

Excellent KOR Whitening Experience in Henderson, NV

I had the KOR Whitening done by Dr. Featherstone in Henderson Nevada and had wonderful results. My teeth were Tetracycline stained quite badly and I never thought anything would work. However, after about two months of whitening off and on at night my teeth are now very bright white. I did... READ MORE

I Recovered my Smile - Cancun Mexico

25 year old male smoker traveling to Cancun for holidays , new years to be exact. Well as most people know Cancun can be a bit of a party place and there is a lot of places to see and be seen. Now this is where I first had the idea of getting my teeth done as It does bring your self steam up... READ MORE

The Truth About Start Pure from a Smoker - Orange County, CA

I have very yellow teeth because I smoke about half a pack of cigarettes every day. I also drink coffee religiously so I decided to try Start Pure since my dentist in Orange County (love my dentist) recently started carrying it. I asked about the options and told them I was willing to pay about... READ MORE

My Transformation Journey - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

WEEK 2 Pre Op Today is August 14th, I have spent the week undergoing dental work. I Chose this particular orthodontist, because he was recommended by my friend. So far I have undertaken two sessions of laser teeth Whitening. First session was good, i had teeth cleaning, followed by teeth... READ MORE

Power Swabs Stain out Swabs - Chicago, IL

I have tried other products and some work and some don't I guess. I tried crest, going to the dentist and power swabs. I think the easiest is Power Swabs. It's all about the convenience for me. The crest strips really hurt my gums, I don't know why. But swabbing is the way to go people. I... READ MORE

White & Bright Teeth! Excellent Experience! - Los Angeles, CA

I first visited Dr. Kezian a few weeks ago for an exam and cleaning, and just went back for a teeth whitening. I'm so glad I decided to do it before the holidays! My teeth are super bright and all our holiday photos turned out fabulous. I didn't feel any pain, just as Dr. Kezian promised... READ MORE

In Office Teeth Whitening in Toronto

I was looking online to find a decent dental office that had a reasonable price for teeth whitening since my insurance doesnt cover whtiening. Looked at the reviews for a place called Just Smile dental hygiene clinic, and saw that they were offering it for free. Called them and they said that... READ MORE

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