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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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Thermage for Entire Face and Neck Area - Millbrook, AL

Even though I was given two Valium and Demerol, the procedure was extremely painful. I had some minor redness afterward, but it went away within a day. Over the course of the next few months I had some minor success: My eyelids were higher and facial skin was overall tighter and looked prettier.... READ MORE

Tummy & Thermage - Edmonton, AB

Disappointed is what I was! After child birth and a radical hysterectomy the skin in my abdomen area was less then tight. I had been working out, eating right, etc., but the skin on my tummy wasn’t improving. This procedure was suggested, however, I wasn’t aware of the 1/3 rule. A... READ MORE

Waste of Money, No Results - Wichita, KS

Horrible pain and I never did see any results what so ever. I did it to minimize the first signs of jowling READ MORE

Outstanding Experience with Botox, Injectables and Thermage - New York, NY

Like everyone, I just want to stay looking as fresh and rested as possible, not like I've had lots of 'work done'. Dr.B completely understood what I was looking for and why, and his advice and services have worked perfectly for me. READ MORE

Thermage - 2nd Time's the Charm - La Jolla, California

I had Thermage mostly for my lower face as it was beginning to sag and show jowls and a bit of a turkey neck on one side. The first treatment helped a little,but not as much as I needed. (I'm older, in my early 60's, so I know I have "tired" collagen that doesn't respond as... READ MORE

Thermage Ruined my Face - California

I went through several treatments and my face is worse than ever. I recently noticed an indentation in my right check, my laugh lines are horrible and streaks or lines on my chin. I couldn't understand why this was happening, but thought I would research "Thermage" online. Well,... READ MORE

Not Worth It - Round Rock, TX

I had it done a year ago, and it made my face look worse. It did not do one bit of skin thightening. My cheeks, around the mouth, looked sunken. What a waste of money. READ MORE

No Results - Phoenix, AZ

I was told in advance that some people have good results from Thermage, others don't. I fell into the second group; I didn't see any improvement, and it's been more than a year now. Plus, there is a big hassle factor with someone needing to drive home after the treatment (which was unnecessary... READ MORE

Thermage: Waste of Money - Chicago, IL

I went to this clinic looking for some kind of treatment that would improve my skin. Thermage was recommeded to me. I believe the physician knew that the treatment didn't work, but tried to recover some of the $$ she had paid for the useless machine. I am totally dissapointed. Would not... READ MORE

Thermage: A Significant Improvement - Seattle, WA

I have had Thermage treatments three times over the past year and a half.  I expect to have about one every year or two going forward, because it really works. I saw the doctor for a consultation, and asked what she would recommend if price were not an issue, something that would have... READ MORE

Love It! - Tustin, CA

You don't need an MD to perform this procedure. I'm an RN with extensive cosmetic procedure experience so I know what to expect. The clinician did my entire face, around my eyes, jawline, mouth and neck today. The cooling gel is goopy and dripped into my hair and my face feels tight... READ MORE

Not Worth the Money - Malta

Just not worth it, no improvements and no harm, nothing. The only feeling left is of being stupid and thus deserving to be fooled by adverts and some greedy doctors :) READ MORE

Absolute Rubbage - Slovakia, Poland

I had this proceedure done in Poland last year. I thought that I would be the perfect candidate. I'm fit, very little sagging, no weight issue. The proceedure wasn't painful. After 6 months, it was totally indistinguishable from before photos. It was a complete waste of money... READ MORE

Good for Botox. Bad for Thermage Because It Doens't Work and is a Waste of Money - Santa Rosa Beach, FL

It looked effective on TV and photos. READ MORE

Didnt Do a Thing!!!! and HURT LIKE CRAP!

As i was waiting to have mine done, i could hear a girl in the next room screaming and crying w pain! i had no idea she as also doing thermage! i did not see ANY results and it hurt like rubber bands popping all over my face. im not a wimp, i bore TWINS! ive had 3 plastic... READ MORE

I had thermage several years ago - Waste of Money - Seattle, WA

I had thermage several years ago at a Medispa, after seeing reports from Oprah. It was painful and NEVER SAW ANY RESULTS. Total waste of money. Years later I was attending a plastic surgeon lecture where he noted that he had bought a Thermage machine, treated all his staff, saw NO results and... READ MORE

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago - Waste of Money - Atlanta, GA

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago, to help tighten the loose skin under my chin neck, and jowls area. I did my research, found an experienced nurse practicioner that has been doing thermage at a well known medspa here in Atlanta, and was told that I was a perfect candidate for this... READ MORE

Had Thermage Nearly Three Years Ago - Washington DC

Thermage was totally worth it.Downside is pain during procedure.If they do sedation dentistry why not this? READ MORE

Thermage - Save Your Money! - El Centro, CA

I had Thermage earlier this year, and I can tell you from experience - save your money for something else. At 45, I wanted to do something much less invasive than a facelift. My skin was a bit saggy but not yet ready for a facelift. Besides, I definitely did not want those ugly scars in... READ MORE

Reputable Doctor, Great Result - New York, NY

I went into the city(NYC) about 5 weeks to get a thermage and have to say, I’m glad I did it. Although I spent around 4 grand, it was totally worth it. I had done a thermage previously for around $2500 and had a terrible experience. One of the most important things with thermage is not to... READ MORE

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