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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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very happy with the results - Cincinnati, OH

I am 43 years old and I am starting to have the usually sagging around the jaw line. I was hesitant to do this because the doctor was very forthright that, although he though I had the kind of skin that typicall responds well to Thermage, it's somewhat of a hit or miss and he couldn't... READ MORE

Had One Treatment - New Jersey

I needed a quick fix but instead tried this expensive treatment for my jaw area. I was told by the girl who performed the treatment that the tightness will only last three days and need to go back next month for another. I did see some results but it is not going to take away my laugh lines... READ MORE

Thermage Bad Experience - Long Island, NY

I went a while ago to get my lips done and the stuff told me about this miracle treatment thermage which is so controversial . So the doctor did the lips and he sent a nurse to do the rest. She finished rolling a laser-kind of- all over my face in 5 min. It was hot and pinching . As fast... READ MORE

Thermage on Stomach - Painless! - Northampton, UK

I had Thermage CPT done on my stomach just under 4 weeks ago. Since having children and just general ageing, my stomach had lost elasticity and tone and had minor skin sagging.. I had read quite a lot about this procedure really hurting and it did worry me beforehand. I'm now very glad that... READ MORE

Thermage - New York, NY

I spent 700 dollars for the thermage, a treatment to tight my stomach..they told me that i should see the result after 6 months. Never happen..dont waste your am looking for something that really works this time and am going to very careful. READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Orange County, CA

Had Thermage done 6 months ago... Still haven't seen a difference and i had little to no cellulite just a few dimples in my back of my upper thighs underneath my butt. I'm a size 4 and the nurse said I was the perfect canidate... I had the new 16.0 tip also... dont let them tell you that... READ MORE

Was It Worth It? - Sydney, Australia

I had thermage performed 4yrs ago at a clinic in Wahroonga, Sydney. The Doctor was Buddy Beaini. I was informed that it was pain free..walk in walk problems. On the day of the procedure Dr Buddy Beaini was no where to be found. The procedure was performed by a 'technician'... READ MORE

Fulls Results Not in - Las Vegas, NV

I'm 46 and have great skin except for sagging eyelids and reactive wrinkles under my eyes that even botox doesn't cure. My procedure was done with the new Thermage machine. Pros: Had it today and I can already see a lift in eyelids, which I didn't expect. If this works like I... READ MORE

Not Worth the Money - West Palm Beach, FL

It did not hurt. I looked bad for about 4 days. But I can honestly say I saw no improvement at all. I later paid for Fraxel which I got drastic improvement from but that took 3 treatments. I am 52 years of age. READ MORE

Not worth it, Details on What to Expect - Sacramento, CA

Here's the scoop: * $2,000 for eyes, cheeks and jawline, included the top of the neck under the jaw. * Took just under 2 hours. * Prep: took 2 Ibprofen 45 minutes before the procedure. Valium is available if you have someone to drive you home. * You will be asked to sign a... READ MORE

Still Waiting - Beachwood, OH

I did it as an alternative to surgey on my arms. I'm a month out and have yet to see results which I was told could take up to six months. I wasnt expecting miracles. I have lost 100 pounds with diet and exercise and still have flab and 20 pounds to go. Arms were the cheapest I wanted... READ MORE

Save Your Money - Baltimore, MD

I feel that if anyone would have benefited from thermage it would have been me. i'm 33 years old and have some "hooding" of my upper eye lids. nothing drastic but it makes me look a little tired, especially in the mornings and evenings. i spent $800, just had my eyes done. it... READ MORE

Had Procedure Today, So Far Love It - Anchorage, AK

I am 52 have good skin, have always used high end products for my daily skin care regime. This last year I've felt a more dramatic sagging of my lower face and some creping in the skin on my neck which has really bothered me. I did my thermage research and went for it. I was most... READ MORE

Love It - Newtown, PA

Had Thermage CPT done on my face & neck a little over a week ago, 9/12/11. I am 50 years old. Ellen, the professional told me that I will receive 900 pulses total spread evenly over my face. She did one side of my face at a time. It was very uncomfortable and somewhat hurt. After about... READ MORE

Thermage for the Eyes- Ok Results

I did a lot of research before I made a decision to try thermage done. Of course I was worried that more than 50% of people that wrote reviews did not recommend the procedure. But I really hated how my eyelid started to droop and the whole skin around the eyes looked...old. I had botox under the... READ MORE

Did Thermage Today - Now Let's Wait and See - Ottawa, ON

I'm a male, 42yo. Thermage was recommended to me by a surgeon who does traditional facelifts but alwo owns a medspa whichh offers Thermage. He thought I didnt need the surgery (too young, not enough sagging) and recommended the Thermage. I was referred to his medspa. However I found the... READ MORE

Thermage Left Me Permanently Scarred! - Palm Beach, FL

I went to a doctor in Palm Beach, FL for this procedure several years ago. After a couple of years I noticed indented scarring that looked like I had acne growing up. Through the years these indentations got worse. I wrote to Solta Medical, and after several months they got back to me. I... READ MORE

Thermage for Thighs, Not Sure - Olympia, WA

I entered into this thinking a modest result so in a few more months (being I had it today) I will know more. I am tolerant to pain and the first leg was no problem. The second leg I was unable to complete the 200 pulses (did 150) the cooling canister in the machine said it was empty and the... READ MORE

Waste of Good Money! - Orlando, FL

Yes, I was one of the fools who jumped on Thermage as soon as it became available and thus paid full price. You can get full face now in my area for 1500-2000. Don't pay that either! I didn't find that it made one lick of difference. I wanted it to, trust me. Go with Pelleve - the... READ MORE

Excellent Dermatologist, Really Great with Fillers - Coral Gables, FL

Am tall & thin and, as I aged, was losing fat from my face, neck etc. Also had Thermage. READ MORE

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