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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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38 with Premature Jowling - Augusta, GA

Genetics were kicking in and my lower face was looking older than the rest of my body. I decided to spring for the lower face Thermage. The technician told me that it would take 3 months to see the full results and that they would last for 2 years. First of all--it was more painful than I... READ MORE

Excellent Thermage Results - Sydney, AU

I would like to say a big thank you to MD Cosmedical Solutions. Dr Beaini performed my Thermage CPT face & neck treatment with great expertise and results. The nursing and reception staff made this experience a wonderful & reassuring one. Highly recommend this Versace style clinic. I am looking... READ MORE

Thermage Ripoff - Sydney, AU

I was starting to get some sagging in my neck and jawline, not too bad but enough to make me look into what procedures were around. I read about thermage and decided to give it a go. The procedure took about 40 minutes and I was given a mild sedative before hand. It is a type of laser and feels... READ MORE

Thermage is a Complete Waste of Money - Boulder, CO

I had thermage performed a year ago. I didn't see any immediate results, but I was told by the doctor to be patient. So I've waited a year to write this review and I have to say I have seen no benefits from this procedure. At first I may have seen a little improvement in my neck, but it was so... READ MORE

33 Years Old. Needed Skin Tightening from Aging and Baby. Also, Needed Some Smoothing from Previous Lipo. - Beverly Hills, CA

I had loose skin on my abdomen from having a baby and I needed skin tightening and smoothing on my inner and outer thighs. I met with Dr. Emer for Thermage and Velashape. If you are considering Thermage, Velashape, filler..I highly recommend going to see Dr. Emer. I am already so pleased with... READ MORE

31, Just Got Thermage Nervous - Cherry Hill, NJ

I just received thermage two days ago. Now I'm googling side effects and I'm really scared. So far my skin is the same just feels alil tight and dry. If I had known the side effects I wouldn't even have tried it. I wondering how soon I would see negative results? At this point I hope just hope... READ MORE

Same Old Face - No Change - Maybe I Need Alot More Help Than Thermage - Winnipeg, MB

I'm 55 years old, had Thermage done 9 months ago on my face and I probably expected too much but don't see a difference even after the nurse showed me photos after 3 months and then 6 months (as it's supposed to keep working for up to 6 months). For me it was a waste of money and hope. I am... READ MORE

Cellulite Removal - Bala Cynwyd, PA

I went in for consult for vela smooth to remove basically 2 dents in my buttocks. I was given a consult from dr. Hughes, Rose, and finance person. I explained that I did not want to undergo surgery as I had jut went through lipo. rose and Dr Hughes told me my cellulite was not bad and... READ MORE

46 Yr Old Mom of 3 - New York City, NY

Thermage - went in to get some spider bite damage taken care of and derm recommended thermage for saggin face (which I had not noticed) past 4 months strangest sensations in eye sockets and now major fat atrophy. Looking for someone with similar experience and ways to treat stop the... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 4.5 Pregnancies, Not Needing Full Tuck or Full Breast Lift but Want Some Help Raising the Girls - Las Vegas, NV

I have had 4 and 1/2 pregnancies all pretty close together in 5 years. I have lucked out with no stretch marks and minimal amounts of loose skin around my abdomen and slightly deflated and droopy and or breast lift, so I went for it. No scaring, no stiches, less invasive, almost no down-time (I... READ MORE

Thermage Facelift and Neck Lift by Dr Buddy Beaini Sydney

I had the experience of my first thermage treatment to my face, eyes and neck last October 2013. My only previous cosmetic treatments has been botox at MD Cosmedical Solutions. This amazing clinic and its medical team prompted me to trust the advice by Dr Beaini to have Thermage skin tightening... READ MORE

Thermage Treatment by Dr Buddy Beaini at MD Cosmedical Solutions -Sydney, AU

I have had 2 Thermage treatments by Dr Buddy Beaini over the last 7 years. The procedure was a little uncomfortable, but well worth the results.My face now feels tighter, brows lifted, and face is lifted. Dr Beaini was very professional and caring, and the results were amazing, as promised.I... READ MORE

Thermage Made Me Feel 10 Years Younger - Sydney, AU

I decided to do Thermage because this procedure gives you tighter skin, and stimulates collagen. My lower face and neck was losing that tightness, I guess as we age we do loose the collagen. I discussed this with Dr.Beaini and that's when he suggested Thermage. Was expecting certain levels of... READ MORE

Leann Canada -Las Vegas, NV

The better looking give me more confident when I'm facing the outside world, the procedure I got included Thermage neck and face, radiesse, clear and brilliant were the right thing I had done for myself. I look good, feel good and very happy with the result I had got. The wrinkle under my eyes... READ MORE

Thermage - Great Results! - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm in my mid 40's and I wanted to get some lift with my skin as I was starting to see some sagging around my mouth and jowls. I was told about Thermage as a way to build new collagen which in turn helps rejuvenate the skin's elasticity. I read about various procedures and decided on Thermage.... READ MORE

Outstanding Experience at Skin Deep Medical Spa in Glenview, IL - Glenview, IL

I'm very conservative, so I wanted to start with nonsurgical options. I have had outstanding results with the milder procedures, such as Gentlewaves, and I love this spa. The atmosphere is everything you'd hope for, and everything that is supposed to go into a true spa experience. Thermage... READ MORE

Quite Impressed - Orange, CA

I wasn't sure about Thermage, but I really liked how honest my doctor was about what to expect. I'm 2 months out and I can definitely see a better shape to my neck. It's tighter. Definitely lifted. Truly impressed by Dr. Butani and the procedure. She was honest and warm. It made me know... READ MORE

Thermage, Ultherapy and CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing + LED Yellow Light Therapy - Sydney, AU

I had Ultherapy, Thermage and CO2 fraxel laser resurfacing done on the same day at Cosmetic Medical Clinic NSW for treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin on my jowls and under my chin. Jenner, the owner-operator, explained in detail the procedures I was interested in and suggested another that... READ MORE

Disappointed and Broke - Hickory, NC

I am 62 and based on the info I had read and talking to the doctor, I believed Thermage would turn back the clock 5-7 years. I expected a gentle and subtle refreshed look. The procedure was extremely painful, I was told I would need to wait 6 months for the full results. It has now been 6... READ MORE

Thermage, CO2 and 'Kill Switch'

At 48 and after 3 children and a busy lifestyle, my skin was starting to look tired and dull. I'm lucky enough to have reasonably good genes so despite the years, I didn't feel like I needed to go under the knife. So I started my research into less invasive options. I spoke to a few reputable... READ MORE

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