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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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Very Satisfied - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brandi the technician was very knowledagble and attentive, she was very informative and in tune throughout the procedure _ did experience any bruising or pain afterwards, I was able to resume my normal activity later the same day. I would recommend Brandi to anyone considering this procedure as... READ MORE

Ctp Thermage Pain - Park City, UT

I found the pain to be excrutiating. I cried throughout the process. Worst on the neck and jawline. Saw some immediate results afterward and hope the improvement continues. I will not do it again though. Very expensive for relatively short-term gain and the pain on my fair thin skin was truly... READ MORE

Thermage - Richmond, VA

Trying to prolong a mini lift I decided to have Thermage done again - had it done a few years ago. My face is definitely more lifted and firmer. I'm having a series of three TriPollar sessions to 'speed up the process'. So far I'm happy with the result. I don't need any botox or fillers. I plan... READ MORE

Thermage: Post Imbalance of Facial Texture - New York

I did research on Thermage and since I've always had good skin (and never even been to a dermatologist), looked for skin rejuvenation and tightening treatments. Believe it, but I took the highest frequency of heat pulses to my face! The upside to this treatment was that my cheek/jaw line area... READ MORE

Mid 40s with Sagging Neck/chin - New York, NY

I called Precision Aesthetics over a weekend and spoke with a man who claimed to be in some senior-level position in the practice. He sold the procedure as life altering. He said he had it himself and that his skin was tightened to the point, he was concerned it was too tight. But that at the... READ MORE

Thermage Arms- 47 Yr Old Mom - Chevy Chase, MD

I'm 47 and had Thermal done to my upper arms. I really loved the results. I HATE my arms - I tend to gain weight there and get bulky muscles, so even though they were subtle results - I was very happy with some lifting and tightening and a little bit of fat loss . I'd say there was a 20-25%... READ MORE

50 Years Old and Face and Eyes Needed a Lift - Las Vegas, NV

A friend told me about Thermage over 2 years ago. I put a down payment for Thermage since 2014 but never followed thru because the cost factor and really wasn't sure because of all of the reviews I read about the discomfort etc. but I finally did go for my Thermage not only did I buy for the... READ MORE

Thermage Full Face and Neck - Richmond, VA

Decided to get Thermage of face and neck after seeing great results on my partner. We were both looking for a minimally invasive procedure with very subtle changes. After visiting with Dr. Hillelson we decided to go for it. Procedure lasts about 2 hours and no discomfort at all. Dr. Hillelson... READ MORE

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No Results. Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Had complete face done. No results, not day after, not 6 months after, not 1 - 5 years later. None. Nada. Nothing. 100% of the television videos show amazing results. Compare that to the results in RealSelf: only 39% report that it is worth it. This appears to indicate that the TV... READ MORE

Mild to Moderate Laxity on Tummy After Two Babies. New Jersey, NJ

I received my treatment today. I want to give an honest review. Thermage has a bad rep from people who have high expectations for a non invasive procedure. On the other hand there are many people who have had nightmare experiences such as burns and intents and lost of pigmentation. I believe it... READ MORE

thermage - New York, NY

My life has been ruined since having radio frequency . I had a few sessions of radio frequency just over 2 years ago. I since have lost a lot of fat and my skin tighten up at the same time , I didn’t know RF was for tightening at the time , I didn’t do my research I just believed the dr adv... READ MORE

52 - Englewood, CO

Tried to non surgically remove my jowls. Treatment really only lasted 6 months. Too short of a time for the cost. No real pain, just zapping. Office was friendly and welcoming. Juviderm was more helpful, but for lip area for smoker like lines. I'll do that filler again, but maybe at a... READ MORE

Thermage for Chin and Neck - Marina Del Rey, CA

I wanted to tighten the area under my chin due to sagging and some puckering. It has been a few weeks and I do see a difference. It is my understanding that progress will continue over time. I am very happy with the outcome. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to undergo a more... READ MORE

Best Money Ever Spent!! Wish I Had Done It Sooner - Richmond, VA

After years of wasting money on various procedures, a good friend of mine shared her secret which was a plastic surgeon who performs Thermage on patients herself. My friend gave me the name of Dr. Ruth Hillelson, so I called and made an appointment for a consultation. The price was less than... READ MORE

Eyes By Thermage - Review in Progress - San Francisco, CA

I am 46, light-skinned, and have pretty droopy eyelids. I tried Ultherapy 3 years ago and it didn't do anything. I just did Eyes by Thermage this morning. After reading all of the Thermage horror stories on this site, I called and spoke to the nurse who would be doing the procedure. She said... READ MORE

"50 Year Old Had Thermage on Thighs" - San Francisco, CA

I had Thermage preformed on my thighs two days ago. The nurse seemed a little unsure of what she was doing. I think she was new to the procedure. She only did one pass over my entire thigh area. In reading other's experiences, I discovered multiple passes were done for optimum results in... READ MORE

65 years old, loose skin around neck and jaw line

I would like to describe my experience on royal caribbean cruise line allure cruise ship. I was on a cruise when i met the young doctor, dr. Abi from india. He was very confident right form the beginning. Being in tech business, i had done a lot of reserach about thermage before and had found... READ MORE

Not Worth It. Thermage Has Made my Face Worse - West Vancouver, BC

I am 49 and wanted to reduce the beginning of jowls and some minor wrinkling. I wasn't hoping for a huge change just some subtle tightening. Thermage doesn't work., i initially thought it was all a bit tighter and i had some ipl as well but i am now nearly 6 months post and my skin looks worse. ... READ MORE

Worked for Me - China

I am a 61 year old white male. I had the procedure done in China, where I live. They did Thermage on the upper half of my face, and Ulthera on the lower half and neck. Switched machines half way through. It took over an hour, I would guess 1000 zaps of the machine as they work down your... READ MORE

After Two Weeks, Noticeable Difference - Followed by No Difference Dubai, AE

I was extremely skeptical about Thermage CPT, assumed I would not get any visible result and was going to settle for a result of buying myself another year of not aging as much. In part, I believed this would be the outcome because I was doing it in Dubai where the doctor was not going to use... READ MORE

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