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A non-invasive, radiofrequency skin therapy, FDA-approved Thermage aims to smooth and tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. LEARN MORE ›

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I Would Do It Again if I Could Afford It - South Houston, TX

I had the procedure done in Houston for $2500. I had saggy eyelids, nasal folds and a series of wrinkles around eyes, lips and chin. Within 30 days everything had tighten, my jawline was very toned and defined, my cheekbones lifted to age 30 and the lines and sags at the corner of the mouth... READ MORE

Watch out - Greenwich, CT

I had Thermage done 4 days ago on my face. First half of face was uncomfortable during the procedure, especially in the chin, under jaw area. Well, then the second half of the face started. It was more painful and we only got through 200 out of the 450 pulses. The nurse noticed some blistering... READ MORE

Didn't Work - Tampa, FL

Thermage is advertised as a one-time session, to help skin on stomach after pregnancy... well I tried it as I don't want a tummy tuck, but it didn't do anything. No change -- I'm 3 months out... I seriously doubt my stomach will change in the next few months. The doctors/staff... READ MORE

Really Hurt, with No Results After 3 Months

I was told it was supposed to be uncomfortable but not painful. I had to pause several times and it was worse than getting tattooed even though Thermage only took 30 minutes. Felt like someone taking a match to the inside of my flesh. I would not get this done again even if I had seen some... READ MORE

I have two children, and I have a lot of loose skin in the midsection - Loved the Results - Salt Lake City, UT

I have two children, and I have a lot of loose skin in the midsection. I work out like crazy, and there was nothing that I could do. I absolutely love my results. The pics are immediate post. So, they are only going to get better READ MORE

Didn't Notice Results

I had thermage twice under my eyes. The first time I thought it didn't work because the doctor used too low of a setting because I was worried about pain. The second time, it was the highest setting and it really wasn't all that uncomfortable. I thought jeuvederm was more painful. Thermage... READ MORE

The Experience Was a Waste of Time and Money

Do not waste your well earned money. I am a beautician that constantly looks into new treatments that help 'turn back time' for both myself and my clients. I read all the comments stating it was painful etc but thought i'd be brave and give it a go. I wish i'd found out that it doesn't actually... READ MORE

Waste of money greedy doctor - Sacramento, CA

The Doctor performed Thermage on my calves. Nothing changed but my pocketbook. The skin on my calves have dimpling because of liposuction. When I returned in 2012, she indicated, oh, we can try Venus Freeze for $2,700 and took a SECOND consultation fee. When I mentioned this to two plastic... READ MORE

Beautiful Smile Gone - Clearwater, FL

I do not take risks and was told that thermage was safe. No side effects were verbalized. I don't look near as sweet as I did before I had it done. I look more like a startled monster. My face shows the enormous pain I endured. Nothing looks better.....only worse. I had a gorgeous... READ MORE

Is It Normal Not to Feel Anything when Doing Thermage CPT Treatment? - Hong Kong

I had a Thermage CPT 1200 pulses treatment to my face yesterday. While the machine was working on my right side of the face, with an energy level of 4, I felt a very very strong sensation. However when the machine started working on my left side of face, it gave me no sensation at all, with the... READ MORE

47 Year Old and Wanted to Look 5 Years Younger - New York

Most of my girlfriends my age look done except one who had been doing Thermage at Precision Easthetics for the past 4 years. She looked so much younger than me but also so natural that I decided to give it a try although it was pretty expensive for me. The procedure was not very painful, and I... READ MORE

Fillers and Thermage - Danvers, MA

One proceedure cost 3,500 3 times more than other plastic surgeon.I had put down 200.00 payment for a different procedure she refused reimbursement or to put toward thermage treatment.Definitely would not recommend.Thermage is a waste of money.She also takes before and after pics and the before... READ MORE

No Change at All - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This was a complete waste of money. No change what so ever. I don't know if it was the place I had this done or their machine or what but it was absolutely pointless and very pricey. It was painless and quick, no problem there but after waiting as the months went by to see some improvement to my... READ MORE

I Wasn't Well, Stick Thin, Desperate for Any Help to Looks, Had It Done 3 Times@ $7.5k. Pitiful

I had been going to the snazzy clinic since 32 and the days of no movement anywhere on face, fab. Lovely place, fab team - Rita and lovely Barbara I miss - but as i say I was v ill and wanted to look normal again - of course no fat or jowels on face so did nothing. I take the blame as all these... READ MORE

Very Satisfied - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brandi the technician was very knowledagble and attentive, she was very informative and in tune throughout the procedure _ did experience any bruising or pain afterwards, I was able to resume my normal activity later the same day. I would recommend Brandi to anyone considering this procedure as... READ MORE

Ctp Thermage Pain - Park City, UT

I found the pain to be excrutiating. I cried throughout the process. Worst on the neck and jawline. Saw some immediate results afterward and hope the improvement continues. I will not do it again though. Very expensive for relatively short-term gain and the pain on my fair thin skin was truly... READ MORE

Thermage - Richmond, VA

Trying to prolong a mini lift I decided to have Thermage done again - had it done a few years ago. My face is definitely more lifted and firmer. I'm having a series of three TriPollar sessions to 'speed up the process'. So far I'm happy with the result. I don't need any botox or fillers. I plan... READ MORE

Thermage: Post Imbalance of Facial Texture - New York

I did research on Thermage and since I've always had good skin (and never even been to a dermatologist), looked for skin rejuvenation and tightening treatments. Believe it, but I took the highest frequency of heat pulses to my face! The upside to this treatment was that my cheek/jaw line area... READ MORE

Mid 40s with Sagging Neck/chin - New York, NY

I called Precision Aesthetics over a weekend and spoke with a man who claimed to be in some senior-level position in the practice. He sold the procedure as life altering. He said he had it himself and that his skin was tightened to the point, he was concerned it was too tight. But that at the... READ MORE

Thermage Arms- 47 Yr Old Mom - Chevy Chase, MD

I'm 47 and had Thermal done to my upper arms. I really loved the results. I HATE my arms - I tend to gain weight there and get bulky muscles, so even though they were subtle results - I was very happy with some lifting and tightening and a little bit of fat loss . I'd say there was a 20-25%... READ MORE

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