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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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Thernage is an Expensive, Modern-day Form of Snake Oil

After seeing treatment on Oprah I made an appointment at UCLA.  My dermatologist was not enthusiastic about the procedure but I insisted.  I should have listened to the doctor.  It did absolutely nothing but empty my bank account.  I am so glad I found this website so I can... READ MORE

Full Face, Neck and Eyes in Thermage

It really scares me to read these reviews on this procedure, but I can agree that it is very uncomfortable and I was really shocked.It has already been a week and I can see the difference already in my eyes and I am very excited to see the rest of what is coming in the next several months. I... READ MORE

Thermage a Waste of Money

DONT DO IT please don't spend, no let me rephrase that don't waste money on Thermage . I'm 32 years old in excellent shape however my face is that of a much older women who smoked and was probably stressed all her life lol. I've had 2 procedures and it has not made a bit of difference. READ MORE

Thermage Eyeshields Caused Severe Pain

I had Thermage done on my eyes only one week ago.  Everything went fine until my esthetician put in my eyeshields. They hurt for a minute, but the pain subsided. The treatment went fine, little pain but not too bad. I went home and within 2hours I could not see and the pain to my corneas... READ MORE

Belly Thermage

I just had my thermage done yesterday on my entire stomach area. I've had a tummy tuck but that still didn't help with the skin texture, it still appeared loose. Also I have two pads of fat under my rib cage that stick out, and a little bulge on the right side below the belly button that I... READ MORE

Best 50th Birthday Present

I had Thermage done by a doctor who I personally know and trust. I have very sensitive skin being a natural redhead.He had done this procedure on a friend of mine 3 months before(also a redhead). She raved about it ! I had to admit that she looked fresher and had tightened her jowl area... READ MORE

Extremely Painful!

About a year ago I went in to a highly rated skin care clinic in downtown Seattle and had Thermage done to the lower half of my face. This was the most painful experience, next to childbirth, I have ever experienced! I literally sobbed through most of the procedure and I have been told that I... READ MORE

Disappointed in Thermage

At 54, I thought Thermage would be a great alternative to any invasive procedure. The doctor was highly recommended and very experienced with the procedure. She also said that I was a good candidate because I am thin skinned and thin skinned people supposedly have good results. I only had a... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your $$

I had a full face treatment......did not see a bit of difference. Put your money towards a facelift or Artefill. READ MORE

Thermage for Legs and Stomach

I had thermage on my lower legs and upper stomach. I am planning to get it done on my abdomen and upper thighs. READ MORE


I had thermage done in thailand. It was significnatly cheaper than in London and I had previous done teeth whitening there with very good results. Immediately after the procedure I saw no noticable results. Almost a year later I have seen no skin tightening. If anything the thermage seems to... READ MORE

You'll Be Sorry

No noticible results, procedure took about a year to leave my face lumpy and uneven, i am now getting a full face lift to correct the thermage READ MORE

Loved my Thermage

I had Thermage done 5 years ago and am very pleased with the results. I am planning to have it done to my face again this fall. It tightened my skin and reduced my fine lines and wrinkles. I was 48 when I had it done, I am 53 now and am just starting to see some sagging. WEll worth it. The... READ MORE

Not Worth the $$$

I thought this would be a way to buy more time before having a full facelift in a few years. I'm only 50 but was very unhappy with the skin tone and developing jowls. The procedure took 2.5 hours and even with medication was very, very painful. The results took time to develop and after 4 months... READ MORE

Incredible! Do Your Homework and Choose the Right Doc

I a full face & neck thermage treatment 1 year ago. The results were immediately noticeable and still looks great. Tightened my jowls and gave me a jawline. 6 months later I went back and had the procedure on my eyes and am thrilled with the results. Several of my friends have asked what... READ MORE

Stop!! Don't Do It!! Total Joke!!

I looked great for 2 months. After 4 months you couldn't even tell I had anything done. At first my skin looked refreshed but it didn't take long for that to go away. The nurse said it would "buy me 5 years of collagen" - ummm... yeah right. She also said it could take up to 6... READ MORE

So Far the Results Are So Worth It

I am 52 and have pretty young skin for my age but could see minor changes and wanted to slow or reverse some of them. I had a few friends that had Thermage and had good results, so I decided I would go for it after a consult with a doctor who did tell me that not everyone gets a great result... READ MORE

Hurt Like Hell

I was skeptical and thought I had wasted $4000. But now two months later I have seen an improvement. I just saw somebody who I haven't seen for about 6 years and they said I haven't changed one bit. I think that those who didn't see any improvement didn't have the frequency high enough as my... READ MORE

It Helped my Flabby Stomach

I am a 40 year old mother of two and over the last 5 years I have had trouble maintaining my weight even though I eat healthy and am very active. I tried Vellasmooth and spent 3,000 for 10 treatments. I was told that the procedure felt like a relaxing massage. "What a lie" I used... READ MORE

I have excess skin to my abdomen since having twins - SO WORTH IT! - Chicago, IL

I have excess skin to my abdomen since having twins. I went yesterday for thermage and could see the results instantly. When I woke up today I was very impressed, the skin is alot tighter. My belly button moved up 1/2 inch and I lost 2 inches off my upper waist. It was uncomfortable at times,... READ MORE

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