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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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Good Result for Sagging Face, I'm Happy - Duluth, GA

I suffered a minor soft tissue injury to the left side of my face 8 years ago. Over time and with aging, the left side of my face from the cheek down was visibly sagging more and faster than the right side of my face, which did not suffer an injury. So this year at age 51 I decided to do... READ MORE

Thermage on Face and Neck- One Week After: Very Happy!

I went through a Thermage session for complete face and neck 1 week ago. I am very happy with the results. The first moment I looked into the mirror at my Physicians office I saw remarkable results to my jaw line, skin underneath the chin and my neck.I didn't mention any thing to my sons and the... READ MORE

Thermage is Working for my Sagging Jawline

I'm 46 and was noticing some sagging along my jaw: proto-jowls, you might say. I did Thermage for my lower face/jawline area.At first I was pretty nervous about it. But the procedure was only uncomfortable for a few moments here & there. And I'm happy to say that it has been less than a week... READ MORE

Thermage on Whole Face, Definitely Worth Waiting the 4-6 Months for Results

I had thermage in Nov. 2008. At first thought I had totally wasted my money, but at about 4-5 months, noticed both eyes drooping less, mouth turns up instead of down now.Best though is what it did for the overall qulaity of my skin - have always had pretty good complexion, but as I turned 50,... READ MORE

3 Weeks out with Thermage. So Far I'm Really Happy

As I passed my 49th birthday, I wanted to treat myself to a fresher look. I've always looked young for my age due to the fact that I carry quite a bit of volume in my face, but the older I get, the further south it slides! I can see a future of jowles ahead, but I'm in no way ready for a real... READ MORE

Full Face Thermage - I Saw No Results - Not Worth It!

I had the full face Thermage treatment 10 months ago. (I was 44 then.) They explained that I probably wouldn't see results until 3-6 months later. Well, I'm still waiting! I know that the aging process continues, but I think I look worse. Plus, it really hurt! It's like someone poking your face... READ MORE

Thermage for Dark Spots on Cheekbones and Forehead

Had Thermage about 3 years ago at the age of 38 since then I have developed dark spots on my cheek bones and on forehead.I have seen some results but I do not think it was worth the cost at least for me. I had been a car accident that damaged my cheek. I wanted a little lift since it always... READ MORE

There Are Better Options out There

I wanted a cure for the sagging skin under my chin, but a few people talked me out of surgery and I tried Thermage instead. There aren’t many clinics that do it around here, so I ended up traveling a good ways south for the right doctor and the right price, which was still pretty high. ... READ MORE

What Can Cause Thermage Poor Results?

I had thermage and after two days I needed anaesthesia and pain releivers. Could this be the reason thermage did not work well on me?Could anaesthesia and pain relievers prevent thermage from working right? READ MORE

Painful & Completely Useless

The surgeon's brochure said the results would be permanent. AFTER the procedure, he said I'd probably need a "booster" in 6 months. I said the brochure said it was permanent and so did he. He denied it. I showed him the brochure. He said "Oh. Well, I didn't write that, the... READ MORE

Thermage for Sagging Skin on Face - So Far So Good!!!

I just turned 40 and started seeing some skin sagging on my face.i was reading all the reviews and contemplating weather to go for this procedure or not. I did my research to find a good doctor. I went to every possible med spa and clinics to find out about this procedure. Finally yesterday I... READ MORE

Minimal and Temporary Improvement on Jawline, Stomach and Legs

I had Thermage done last year on my jawline, stomach and legs. When I went for my consultation the dr squealed "Oh you are going to love it!" and she didn't even bother looking at my stomach and legs, but because I had heard wonderful things about her (she's one of those... READ MORE

Good and Bad Results - Depending on Location on Face

After reading all these posts, I was fearful to get Thermage. However, like many people I was talked into it by my Doctor since "the tips have significantly improved".Would I do it again? Yes, BUT, I would have listened to my gut and not done my entire face. I wanted it for an... READ MORE

Completely Satisifed--excellent Results (48 Y/o Male)

I'm so surprised there aren't more positive reviews of Thermage, and that's why I decided to come back to this site to leave my feedback.I am a 48 year old male. I originally had Thermage done 5 years ago, and the technology has changed alot in those years. I recently had it done again because... READ MORE

Great Results on Whole Face

I was very skeptical based on these reviews here. Went and had whole face done...after 1.5 months just awesome results!!!! compliments daily on how i look and people asking me what I had done. Can't wait for the next three months! READ MORE

Got Talked into This. TERRIBLE MISTAKE

This is very expensive, painful and I have MORE not less wrinkles than I started. I had 7 treatments. After the 3rd treatment, I did feel like my skin had tightened and it looked great - for 3 days! After threatening to contact the BBB, they suggested I might get more benefit if combined with... READ MORE

Thermage for Facial Rejuvenation - Excellent Experience

I saw a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. I did my research and chose a board certified plastic surgeon with excellent credentials - both professional and patient recommendations.I had done a lot of research about possible procedures before seeing him and was expecting to hear that I... READ MORE

Whole Face Thermage - Too Much $$$ for Too Short a Benefit

Whole face Thermage--wanted a facelift without invasion surgery.Friends said I looked "great!!!" about a month after and surgeon scheduled a photo shot for a year later which was cancelled (?).Saw real benefits about a month after but a year later, I can honestly say, you'd never know... READ MORE

I Had Both Thermage/Botox Done - Hoping to Maintain my Look

Thermage: I had thermage done about 4 years ago. Did I see results? Minimal so I went back to the doctor for my four month follow-up and viewed the before/after pics and there were "suble" changes. I did not see "dramatic" results - but when I viewed my photos it was... READ MORE

Thermage Arms and Sides - Kirkland, WA

I had thermage on my arms and sides to tighten and firm the skin. My arms have underlying muscle and not a lot of fat but the skin was loose and starting to have the faint pucker of cellulite. The thermage did NOTHING. My provider then suggested mesotherapy (at no extra cost to me) this also... READ MORE

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