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FDA-approved Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to smooth and tighten skin. A non-invasive treatment, the applicator targets energy to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin's surface. There is no downtime, but it can take months and multiple treatments to see results. LEARN MORE ›

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I had thermage several years ago - Waste of Money - Seattle, WA

I had thermage several years ago at a Medispa, after seeing reports from Oprah. It was painful and NEVER SAW ANY RESULTS. Total waste of money. Years later I was attending a plastic surgeon lecture where he noted that he had bought a Thermage machine, treated all his staff, saw NO results and... READ MORE

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago - Waste of Money - Atlanta, GA

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago, to help tighten the loose skin under my chin neck, and jowls area. I did my research, found an experienced nurse practicioner that has been doing thermage at a well known medspa here in Atlanta, and was told that I was a perfect candidate for this... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor!!! Highly Recommended!! - Roslyn Heights, NY

Great tightening effect!! Lost many inches plus had significant tightening of the skin. Extremely happy with results!! Would definitely do it again with Dr. R!!! READ MORE

Had Thermage Nearly Three Years Ago - Washington DC

Thermage was totally worth it.Downside is pain during procedure.If they do sedation dentistry why not this? READ MORE

Thermage - Save Your Money! - El Centro, CA

I had Thermage earlier this year, and I can tell you from experience - save your money for something else. At 45, I wanted to do something much less invasive than a facelift. My skin was a bit saggy but not yet ready for a facelift. Besides, I definitely did not want those ugly scars in... READ MORE

Reputable Doctor, Great Result - New York, NY

I went into the city(NYC) about 5 weeks to get a thermage and have to say, I’m glad I did it. Although I spent around 4 grand, it was totally worth it. I had done a thermage previously for around $2500 and had a terrible experience. One of the most important things with thermage is not to... READ MORE

amazing Thermage CPT- Toronto, Canada

I had thermage done, on my lower face, I was told I would not get dramatic results as everyone has different results due to there elasticity. I noticed results about 1 month after as my skin look refreshed and tighter. My results are still improving over time and I look forward to my next :)... READ MORE

Thermage-New York

3 weeks ago I had a Thermage treatment. I was worried about going forward after reading some of the scary posts on this site. However, I'm glad I did. Ladies, you need the facts before having this treatment. Find a reputable, certified plastic surgeon who owns the most up to date equipment.... READ MORE

Noticeable Improvement - Milwaukee

I had the Thermage procedure done 2 weeks ago to address my post-pregnancy loose skin issues. It's only been 2 weeks, but I have noticed some improvement already. I wonder how it will end up in 6 months... 4 weeks later. 4 weeks later. READ MORE

Thermage Ruined my Face - Sydney

I had thermage treatment approx 9 months ago. the area that was treated was around my eyes for some laxity which made me look tired. to be honest, i did not find the experience that painful. nor did i see any results instantly or even up until now. however it has left me extremely disatisfied... READ MORE

I Have Fat Wasting on One Side - Edmonton

The first treatment I had did very little in the way of tightening. I waited three years before I decided to do it again, and this time I was told that they had improved the technology. The second treatment was more intense. I noticed about three weeks after the treatment that I had a... READ MORE

I Think Thermage Worked - El Dorado County, CA

I'm 74. I had thermage treatment on my face a couple of years ago and must say I didn't see a big difference at the time but now my friends and I are noticing that I don't have wrinkles like they do AT ALL. I can only attribute it to the thermage treatment. You would never guess my... READ MORE

Thermage, Chin Lipo = new Improved Me - Newburgh, NY

To see results, it takes about 2 months, but as the one side of my face was done I could see results! READ MORE

Not Worth It - Indianapolis

I was only 35-years-old and starting to get jowls. I was told my age was perfect for it; Not much to correct and no downtime. However, I could only see a slight difference that only lasted one year. Not worth the money. READ MORE

Thermage - Milford, PA

I got ripped off if everyone else paid 2.500.All I know is it better work.I just got it done and notice a slight improvement READ MORE

Thermage Treatment, Very Pleased with Results, Minor Discomfort - Huntsville

This treatment had some minor discomfort, nothing I could not handle. Did some fat injections under my chin. I did not see immediate results, but the results was noticeable to others within a couple of weeks. I had people asking me if I had had a facelift, 2 years after the treatment. Just... READ MORE

Thermage - Buffalo

I've had termage on my face and neck, my arms and my hands. Yes it does hurt and I take two medications 1/2 hr before each time. I had good results on face but no visible results on neck; which is why I recently had lipo on my chin. My arms did well particularly the tricepts area. I had... READ MORE

Not Impressed with Thermage and Eyelift (Upper/lower) - Columbus, OH

2 injections during an eyelift procedure - I'm not impressed with the results. I can't tell you if the injections actually hurt as they were done while I was 'under' for eyelid surgery. 6 wks post surgery, I don't seem much of a difference in the area of injection which was... READ MORE

Scars and Damaged Skin After Thermage - Seattle, WA

Had thermage on face and body after weight loss and my skin looks older and is scarred where I had the treatments and I went to a licensed dermatologist these treatments are dangerous!!!! READ MORE

Swollen for Almost Six Months! - Florida

I wanted a non-invasive procedure and I decided to go for Thermage after watching a tv interview with a doctor who was in favor of it. The most painful experience I ever had in my life, my face was swollen for almost 6 months. I did my whole face and I have been loosing hair since I had this... READ MORE

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