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A non-invasive radiofrequency skin therapy, the FDA-approved Thermage aims to smooth and tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello Everyone, The story of how I managed to ruin my face forever begins like this: I was starting a new job and thought I was beginning to look a little tired and showing my age fore the first time. I wanted a procedure that did not involve a face lift, cutting or lasers. I wanted something... READ MORE

I would like to add my comments on my experience with Thermage. First of all, it hurt like HELL. I have a high tolerance for pain but when my chin area, around the mouth and neck were treated, I thought I would lose my mind with the pain. The result on my upper face was good However my neck... READ MORE

I have mildly saggy eyelids. They don't affect my vision but I can't stand the crepe like texture. Decided to try Thermage before blepharoplasty. I went to the doctor's office and eye shields were placed in my eyes. I have a high pain tolerance and this was CRAZY painful. I literally felt as if... READ MORE

I am considering doing the thermage skin tightening. I have looked around and found a clinic I am interested in. I would just like a second opinion! I have minimal skin sagging and am wondering if I would benefit from this procedure or if I should consider a mini tummy tuck. My upper stomach is... READ MORE

I have loose skin from child birth and multiple attempts to lose weight. I am 5'2". My weight has fluctuated between 130-145lbs. Recently went for Vaser - pics shown are post vaser 2 mths. A lot of loose skin after vaser, so going to try Thermage to see if it helps! My PS did tell me not to... READ MORE

Hello, I did thermage in a clinic to get rid of tummy wrinkles and slightly loose skin, just did it today and I think the energy level was set to 4, got these slightly swollen marks on me. Hurts a bit. Is it perfectly normal? Like will it go in one or 2 weeks? the tip used was a yellowish orange... READ MORE

I was exiting high school and for my graduation I wanted perfect skin. Doctor Marie DiLauro MD - Reflections located at 47 East Wilson Bridge Road of Worthington, Ohio, 43085 explained to me very clearly that this Thermage procedure would be top of the line and the only treatment that would be... READ MORE

It is 6 weeks post treatment and I still have to pack my eyes with ice every morning to reduce the bags under and over my eyes which were not there before. (Note: I didn't even have the treatment on my eyes.) I also have dark circles under my eyes now - I never had dark circles before. Even with... READ MORE

I just completed the procedure 1 week ago. It was not very painful and they advised results can be seen anywhere from immediately up to 6 months. So far no noticeable change. Will continue to post updates on any progress or change. The procedure took less than 3 hours with some slight... READ MORE

I took a before picture and 3 after pictures several months apart. All we taken in the same light with the same shirt on. I took the pictures back to the doctor and had him put them in order of dates. He got them EXACTLY backwards! Needless to say, they gave me 2 treatments of some radio... READ MORE

I was feeling down about turning 60. I didn't FEEL 60 on the inside, and I certainly didn't want to look 60 on the outside. I wasn't look for a miracle but just a little something. I went to see a doctor (not a plastic surgeon) about LazerLift. She advised against it (turns out all the... READ MORE

The procedure was long pain was barable. I am average with pain:/ overall I say the treatment is worth it; I seen an instant result. Skin was tighter around the turkey neck and cheeks; overall face looks fuller. :) Dr. Says final results will show up to 6 months. I will post additional... READ MORE

I chose Thermage because I had loose skin on my abdomen after two pregnancies. I was not interested in a tummy-tuck, so Thermage appeared to be a good alternative. So, I'm about 3 years out from the procedure & it still looks great. It got rid of almost all of the wrinkly, loose skin... READ MORE

I am turning 31 and simply wants to slow down aging. I can see fine lines under my eyes, my jawline is no longer as defined and the apples of my cheeks seems just a little lower than in my mid twenties. I had very bad side effects after the procedure. MASSIVE SWELLING, scabbing and a little... READ MORE

I go tomorrow morning at 9:30 for my thermage cpt procedure. I think it's important to post and document a before and right after picture so we as women can be better informed and see what effects it may have. First off, I'm 37 years old.. I have bad skin as far as acne scars and hyper... READ MORE

Next monday I have a consult for thermagine/thermage. Im 34 5'4" &weigh 145llbs. I've always had a lil pot belly which after 2 kids turned to a big pot belly. It is really embarassing to go out &people ask me how far along I am or congratulate me on being pregnant. I wanna make sure my money is... READ MORE

18 months ago I began researching Thermage as a tummy tuck alternative. The reviews I read on this site scared the crap out of me, mostly because I did not want to waste the cash on a procedure that did not work. I obsessively read through pages and pages of reviews that really only made me feel... READ MORE

I had the procedure done in Houston for $2500. I had saggy eyelids, nasal folds and a series of wrinkles around eyes, lips and chin. Within 30 days everything had tighten, my jawline was very toned and defined, my cheekbones lifted to age 30 and the lines and sags at the corner of the mouth... READ MORE

I had Thermage done 4 days ago on my face. First half of face was uncomfortable during the procedure, especially in the chin, under jaw area. Well, then the second half of the face started. It was more painful and we only got through 200 out of the 450 pulses. The nurse noticed some blistering... READ MORE

Thermage is advertised as a one-time session, to help skin on stomach after pregnancy... well I tried it as I don't want a tummy tuck, but it didn't do anything. No change -- I'm 3 months out... I seriously doubt my stomach will change in the next few months. The doctors/staff... READ MORE

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