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Titan, an infrared device used to heat to firm and tighten skin by restoring collagen for younger looking skin on the face and body. LEARN MORE ›

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The laugh line on my left side of the face is moe prominent and I have slightly more noticeable facial sagging as well.I went for one treatment and paid $850 - a treatment lasted about 30-45 min of Titan for full face and another 45 min. for 3D genesis (same machine but different head). My face... READ MORE

I am in my early 40's, wanted to tighten up my jawline and get rid of the slight droop of jowls I was just starting to see as that really bothered me. I had Titan done one time on the lower half of my face and along jawline - I saw an improvement in my skin at the start but 6 months afterwards,... READ MORE

I suffered second and third degree burns from my experience with the Titan laser. I would like to know if anyone else has had this experience. READ MORE

I am 48 and just went through a terrible divorce. Needless to say I aged. I was told about Titan, nothing but good stuff, so I decided to try it. I have had all three treatments (started 3 months ago) and I have been told so many times how much younger I look. People have a hard time believing... READ MORE

I just recently turned 50 and am feeling the age creep up (especially on my face) so I have done a lot of homework and plan to do eyes/fat transfer in the next few months to address the upper part of my face and then move downwards in time, basically because the thought of doing everything... READ MORE

My face and upper neck were treated. I noticed results right away, in the mirror and pictures. My Doctor had me come back 6 months after the 2nd treatment and the pictures showed even better improvement. Many of my girlfriends have also been treated by this MD and they have all been happy. READ MORE

I recently had five treatments over a five month period. I have seen no improvement in the condition of my skin at all. In fact there appears to have been considerable damage to the surface my skin, including rough, dry, pitted areas on my cheeks, forehead and chin and a scattering of... READ MORE

I had 2 Titan treatments and I can see a real difference in my skin. My naso labial fold is MUCH softer and I feel like I have the apples in my cheek back! I think my double chin is less noticeable when I smile, even though the Physician Assistant that did my treatments said that Titan doesn't... READ MORE

I had three treatments to right side of my face - No change at all except for loss of cash. Not even a temporary tightening. I would suggest you spend your time and money on something else. Titan is a complete waste of both. It has been two months since my third treatment and 5 months since my... READ MORE

I had titan done and all I got wre blisters! The procedure was painful and made no difference in my skin at all! The tech. who did it (not the doctor) said maybe it was up too high.  What a waste of money. DO NOT BELIEVE THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES FROM THESE COMPANIES! READ MORE

I  did this procedure about 6 - 8 months ago to maintain a Thermage procedure I had had about 2 years ago. It is much less painful than Thermage but I had to have 3 treatments at $475 each. It doesn't do as much as Thermage but does tighten up a little and seemed to improve the overall... READ MORE

I had my first TITAN laser treatment a month ago along with another IPL. At first it seems like nothing had happened, but gradually I can see a difference in the nose to mouth lines. I have had Perlane injections and I felt like this did not last, so the place I go to suggested I try the TITAN... READ MORE

Went to my family Dr. to find a way to fight the family sag before it took hold. She mentioned Titan and said I could get full or half face and I could buy a single or multi treatments, as I am not that bad yet I bought one and so far am very happy. Its been 2 months and I see a difference. I... READ MORE

I had two Titan laser treatments ($2K for each one) two years ago on whole face, but not the neck. It was painful, but not intolerably so and there was absolutely no down time. They say you'll see improvement over six months, but I looked so good immediately after the very first treatment the "6... READ MORE

My jawline was just beginning to show age 18 months ago so I had 2 treatments. The stinging pain was excruciating. My jawline is absolutely horrible now because I believe I didn't have enough underlying tissue to begin with so now I've aged over 10 years. The skin was smooth but a little... READ MORE

They sign you up for 3 treatments at 800 a pop. Even though I saw absolutely no difference after the first session--and I could tell the doctor and has assistant were hard-pressed to point out any positive results discernible to the human eye, they convinced me that if I stuck with it, it would... READ MORE

Recently went for Titan treatment which included intense pulsed light photofacial. Specifically asked doctor at consultation if treatment would cause hair burning or cinching. He told me definitely not. After treatment I was left with patches of scalp hair around face line that were burned... READ MORE

I think the whole procedure is a scam! There was absolutely no difference in my skin. In fact I actually think it was more damaging than helpful. I would not recommend this to anyone!!! It's time consuming and again, a wste of money!! In simple terms: I am very unhappy! READ MORE

I underwent several treatment and spent thousands of dollars for nothing. If anything over the months of waiting, I looked worse. The pain,cost & time were not worth it. I should have taken a vacation! I received three treatments over several months. I believe that it is a money generator... READ MORE

I had one titan treatment, and everybody is asking me if I went on vacation, and commenting on how rested I look, and how great my skin looks. I used to be able to grab a whole handlful of skin on my cheeks, and after one week I can't even pinch the skin. I had my lower face done. It burned a... READ MORE

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The typical cost for TITAN ranges from $700-$1,800 with an average cost of $1,525. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 56 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more