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Titan is an infrared device that uses heat to firm and tighten skin by restoring collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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I love the titan procedure

I got an in office special because they were just trying out the machine. I could not believe the results! When I came home, my kids and husband were WOWING me and said WHAT DID YOU DO? I trimmed about 5 years off my looks in one treatment. I am doing one more. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS... READ MORE

Titan Not Worth It - Spring, TX

I had 3 treatments, the first 2 were very painful because as the technician informed me at the 3rd treatment, she was not doing them properly. The 3rd treatment was not so painful. I endured the pain hoping for results, I never saw anything other than my face being red for a day after each... READ MORE

Worth It for Me - West Hartford, CT

I have had 2 titan treatments on my chin/neck and one on each of the flab under my arms. Although I am very pleased with the results, the money pinched. I would suggest on chin and each arm will do the trick. I get a huge amount of complements and it went well with a 25lb weight loss. I really... READ MORE

Had Titan with Entire Laser Protocol - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. P and her husband (a biochemist) take a whole different approach so for the $2500 (which is no small amount of money to spend on my face as far as i am concerned) For that price I not only got titan but a fraxel laser and 4 other laser treatments that each approach the skin differently-... READ MORE

Had First Titan Treatment - Face & Neck Today - Houston, TX

I had my first of two treatments today. I am a 59 year old female who has had various laser treatments and cosmetic surgery in the past. This was uncomfortable but not painful. More like a quick 2 second sensation. Most of the pin prick sensation was around my sinus area. The cooling gel really... READ MORE

Titan Wrinkles - Texas

I had the Titan laser procedure a year ago at age 34. I have a plump face and after reading on Realself how Titan can destroy fat, I thought it might be the answer for my jowls. Well now I have worse jowls with sagging, wrinkly skin. Within a week I noticed that I looked older. Also, I am... READ MORE

Titan-so Far So Good! - New Braunfels, TX

I am having a series of three treatments for the above price each. It does hurt a bit, but oh my gosh! My face looks tighter and smoother already. There were NO side effects, not even any redness. My complexion just feels and looks so much better and the wrinkles were diminished to a large... READ MORE

Tighten for Upper Eye... - Chesapeake, VA

I am a 20 year esthetician who wanted to tighen my upper eye area before going the bleph route...I was talkedinto trying the tighten laser. I had been doing genesis (which i like) so I figured, Ill try it. I did 6 treatments spaced every two weeks. its been almost 6 months since I started... READ MORE

Have Had 2 Titans in the Last 3 Years - Houston, TX

I am a 33 year old aesthetician that works in a cosmetic surgery center and even though I take excellent care of my skin...it doenst look like it did 10 years ago. I had my first Titan 3 years ago and love it. I didnt have a lot of sagging, but I definately had lost volume in my cheeks and... READ MORE

TITAN Laser - California

I had 6 treatments of TITAN laser, 2-3 weeks apart if I remember. I feel I wasted that money, and I would not do it again. I've had the IPL and that smarted a lot during administration, I looked terrible for about one week, then the spots came off, and I looked fine. It's gotten... READ MORE

Wow! - San Diego

Had my inner thighs lasered with the Titan. I had Lipo before and it left my thighs skin saggy. The laser worked wonders! Saw results right away. I am so happy Im gonna go back and have my stomach lasered also READ MORE

Did Not Work - Porter Ranch, CA

Although the Titan laser was used by a MD who seemed very experienced, I have noticed no results at all. The doctor did inform me that the procedure for some reason does not work on 5-10% of his patients. This could be an exaggeration. From the comments I have read by other patients, I feel that... READ MORE

Titan Can Cause Dents in Your Face - Phoenix

I had Titan about two months ago only to recently notice a quarter size dent in the left cheek which looks significantly more sunken, incidentally, than the right one. I bought a package of 3 for $1100 which was their special, at this particular clinic. Now I'm afraid I will have permanent... READ MORE

Aged Me and Have Strange After Effects

I had Titan done 4 months ago and decided not to do the other 2 treatment because of frightening side effects. My provider was well aware that I had blephs and transconjunctival blephs but since having this procedure I have a cold feeling mainly beneath my right eye that comes and goes and... READ MORE

I'm 34 and now look like I did in my 20's again - Titan Worked for Me - San Francisco, CA

Titan helped to define my jawline and tightened up my neck. It was very noticeable and the results were immediate. I think that my jawline and neck lost ten years. My partner says that I look prettier and that I look more defined. I'm 34 and now look like I did in my 20's again (at least my... READ MORE

Took about 45 minutes - Titan Worked for Me - Montgomery, AL

Took about 45 minutes & he used 300 pulses, he could see the difference immediately as he did one side then the other. He used a clear gel like they use for sonograms. He told me to let him know if I felt any heating of my skin, I did only once. Of course wore the cool laser goggles.Anxious... READ MORE

TITAN and Laser Genesis for "Lift" - Great So Far!

I had my first treatment yesterday. Bought a "package" of 2 Titan treatments and 3 Laser Genesis. Had the Titan and one of the Genesis treatments yesterday am. 90 mins in total for both.So far I'm really pleased, there is a definite lift already. My face feels really smooth and soft... READ MORE

Titan Works - Good Experience As Patient and Practitioner

I've had good experience with this as a patient and practitioner (I am an RN at a medspa in LA). Best results seen when done in a series of three one month apart. The technique of the person administering the treatment is important.Keep in mind it is not surgery. If you have a lot of laxity and... READ MORE

It Worked on my Jowl Area

I read the pros and cons here about Titan and was very skeptical and scared to do it, but I was desperate to try something to help with my jowls besides Thermage because Thermage is the most painful thing I've experiened (did on my stomach at age 40). I am 45 years old and a friend recommended... READ MORE

Big Fan of Titan (Self-administered)

I have had a total of 3 Titan's and combined this with 3 Laser Genesis. The results have been amazing and I was skeptical initially. The results of Titan seem to vary a great deal and I can only conclude that the biggest factor which will determine outcome is the level of experience that the... READ MORE

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