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Titan is an infrared device that uses heat to firm and tighten skin by restoring collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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Had Titan Yesterday Will Update on Appearance! - New York, NY

Hey everyone I am 21yrs old and had my first baby. Due to my first child I had wrinkles on my tummy so I got Titan done June ,1 2016. I will post more photos on it. Dr. Said since I am younger then most ppl who do the procedure I will see result faster. Also I'll probably need to come in for... READ MORE

Not Done Having Children But Needed a Tighter Tummy - Buffalo, NY

I was divorced with two children and I did not want to get a tummy tuck until I knew I was done having children (if I were to remarry).Dr. Jack Bertalino was hesitant to perform TITAN on my abdomen but I insisted that we try, even if it was a flop. I had two full treatments broken into three... READ MORE

titan - Brazil

I had one sesson of titan for about 20 minutes just 2 months ago. I do not know if it is because I lost weight a little bit but I feel that I lost fat on my face.So I started to feel that I looked older 3 weeks after this procedure. I am 35 years old and I was already a skinny person all my life... READ MORE

Can't Tell the Difference After 3 Weeks - Winston Salem, NC

1) there is no discomfort 2) unless something starts happening soon I will think it didn't work...it seems pretty mild to do much but thats why I chose it b/c it claims to have dramatic results even tho the treatment is extremely easy It was slightly warm, zero pain. No redness or... READ MORE

TITAN Can Damage the Skin - Colorado Springs, CO

I had a TITAN procedure about six weeks ago in an attempt to rejuvenate my aging skin. I wanted a more natural approach to "lifting" and what could be better than to stimulate your own collagen to tighten lax skin? Well, don't believe the hype. The day after the procedure, I... READ MORE

Titan Laser Skin Tightening Didn't Work

I went in to get laser skin tightening thinking that I would get the results that were shown in the pictures they presented to me. Not only did I not get those results I really didn't get anything tightened, my face looked a little skinnier (I lost 7lbs during that time) that is about it.When I... READ MORE

Combination of Titan and Pearl on Face Made People Ask if I Lost Weight

I am 56 years old and a redhead. I was looking for a treatment that would brighten my skin and get rid of some of my superficial lines. I got a lot more than I hoped for from a combination of three Titan treatments and two Pearl laser sessions. My office mates kept asking me if I lost weight! ... READ MORE

Titan Shrunk my Face and Gave Me White Spots - Coral Gables, FL

I started having Titan Laser series back in December 2015. I did a series of 4. It shrunk my lower face and gave me white spots. The laser Genesis dried out my skin. I am 46 and my skin is in great shape, I did it to main my skin, I will not do it again Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx READ MORE

Did Titan on Neck But Seems Like No Change - Winter Park

Here's the thing - I want to believe these procedures work like everyone else. I took the jump financially knowing there was a risk. But, I was told over and over I was the ideal candidate and I would see results after 1 treatment but would be most beneficial after two. Problem is there's no... READ MORE

Titan Sikin Tightening by Dr. Donna Wilcox - Great Results - Marlton, NJ

I had a hematoma from an injury to my stomach. Dr. Donna Wilcox worked in conjunction with my plastic surgeon so there was not a cost for my procedure. The cost of the procedure depends on what and were you are getting the Titan used on your body. I listed the cost for the they had posted in... READ MORE

Years Younger- NY, NY

I found this well worth it. I had noticed that my jawline had lost definition so that my face just blended into my neck area. The titan treatment caused the loose skin to draw up under the jaw, getting my jawline back. I makes me look quite a few years younger. I did find it slightly painful,... READ MORE

The Best Laser - North London

I have tried 4 different laser types over the last 5yrs and Titan is by far the best. When I had my first Titan treatment I had already had some improvement in skin tightness from the other lasers I tried and yet I still got a big result from Titan, especially under the jawline and in pulling... READ MORE

No Difference On Knees and Elbows - Vancouver, BC

Paid 4K for Titan on my upper knees and my elbows to combat a bit of saggy skin - I'm in great shape at 5'3 and 110 lbs - I'm an avid weightlifter and a competitive athlete. Ive had 2 Titan treatments (pain scale about a 4 - if that) the first treatment was May 5th the second about 3 weeks ago -... READ MORE

Titan Worked for Me - Plainfield, IL

I had 2 treatments of Titan on my jowls. After the first treatment, the difference was quite noticeable. So 2 months later, I had the second treatment. Didn't notice much difference but she put more gel on my face this time. It worked better with less gel. I might consider a third treatment in... READ MORE

Titan for Neck, Jowls, and Crow's Feet - Lynbrook, NY

I had the first of three Titan treatments. The concentration was on the neck and jowl area as well as crows feet near eyes. After one treatment I see a difference! There is definitely a tightening effect. I can't wait to continue with the next two. I am 42 and am very devoted to skincare. I... READ MORE

Zero Results with Titan - New York, NY

I went to LaserCosmedica for 4 Titan treatments for my inner thighs and butt areas and it did NOT do anything to tighten the skin. It was a complete waste of money. I hear, although it would be off label, that Ulthera would be the best thing to use for skin tightening. Other than Ulthera,... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Johannesburg, South Africa

Had Titan on my face about 4 years ago, had absolutely zero perceptible result whatsoever. The practitioner did before and immediate after photos, the after photos did look minimally better, but think this was due to irritation and minor swelling at the time. Rather save up for a face lift,... READ MORE

zero results after 3,000 - Long Island, NY

I had Skin Titan and Thermage on my stomach and did NOTHING. 3,000 DOWN THE DRAIN!!! Don't Waste your money. I had a son and after my pregnancy my stomach look awful. I save some money to do this procedure because it look like i would get my stomach back. I was very wrong. I am now calling the... READ MORE

Not Worth the Money - New York

I've had Titan on 2 occasionns. Both times my skin looked immediately "tighter" after the procedure. But a week later, it was back to normal. I don't believe it penetrates the skin enough to add collagen stimulation. I don't care what the claims are......many people have... READ MORE

Titan is a Great Laser Procedure to Tighten Skin - Chino, CA

The cost is reasonable coz $2K is for a series of 3 at 3-4 weeks apart. Although I've maintained a constant weight almost all my life, I noticed laxity of my neck & lower face. After a series of 3 titans last year, I noticed tightening of these areas due to collagen development. I'm... READ MORE

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