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This FDA-approved injectable can be used to reduce the appearance of spider veins, vascular blemishes, or broken blood vessels. LEARN MORE ā€ŗ

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Its too early to say, if the treatment was successful, its only 2 weeks post op. But I will update the post later. The treatment was not painful at all. Really friendly lady from Doctors @ SOAP, she explained that I need to be patient with results, that some other veins can appear next to the... READ MORE

Today dr. Kronberg did a great job on my legs spier veins. I had it done 3 years ago, so i am prepared with shorts, Tylenol. After procedure, i went home, off my feet, taking my USANA supplements, I will update tomorrow. USANA is the #1 supplements in the world, should help speed up the... READ MORE

I hate my legs! I want to be able to use shorts again without feeling completely self conscious. Today I had my treatment. I think I feel a little bit of buyers remorse. I bought 1 cc of Asclera vein treatment for $99 via Groupon. After the evaluation the PA said we needed to focus on one leg at... READ MORE

I have lived with spider veins on my ankle and upper thigh for years. I decided that the time was right and with summer approaching, I was eager to have the procedure performed. A friend recommended Dr. Coleman to me for his respected reputation and warm and friendly staff. Upon meeting his... READ MORE

I had sclerotherapy done recently. I didn't initially do a review because I thought my legs looked terrible. After my pregnancy I developed a sunburst spidervein on my right and left leg. Sorry I don't have a before pic but I wanted to share my after -3 weeks out There's were bright red/purple... READ MORE

I had my first treatment on November 12th. We are now at the 2 week mark and so far I'm unsure if it's working. Right after the treatment, I had a weird stinging, swimming like feeling in the veins. I called my doctor in a panic, but they said it's normal and should only last a few hours.... READ MORE

First off let me start by saying that I had been on a gluten/soy/dairy/peanuts/corn at the advice of my doctor. Iā€™m 41 years old. During this time, I was also working out with personal trainer and attending the gym.In the process I developed very prominent veins in my forearms, wrists and h... READ MORE

Overall I Have seen some veins disappear it only been a week after treatment on my calf . However I have some weird spot that hurts its really sore can anyone tell me what it is???I was told it can take months to see full results but how long will it take for this spot to heal it doesn't seem... READ MORE

For about five or so years now I have developed noticeable spider veins on the backs of my thighs and had a varicose vein on the front of my left leg. I was always embarrassed to wear short skirts and felt like everyone would stare if I had my back to them. I decided enough was enough and wanted... READ MORE

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding large thick blue veins appeared in my breasts. That was around five years ago. Just this year I had breast augmentation done and found it impossible to fully enjoy my results because I couldn't see past the veins that ran through my aereolas and all around... READ MORE

Ever since losing weight & working out more, the varicose veins on my left calf/knee have become more prominent and painful. I finally decided to pay the money & get serious treatment for them (compression socks alone helped with the pain, but not with how they looked). I just had it... READ MORE

With summer coming, I decided to try spider vein treatment to remove small veins on the front of my right leg. I had some very small veins on my upper thights, but they did not concern me as you can't see them when wearing shorts or skirts. I made an appointment at Decatur Vein Center in... READ MORE

First several weeks, legs looked horrible (black and blue), but once they cleared up, I see results. READ MORE

I had sclerotherapy on 04/03/09, but I can still see the veins, how fast should I see results. I started seeing a small spider vein since I was 15yrs old, but didn't know that there was a solution to my spider veins till now that I am 32, that is why I barely went. But I am getting desperate to... READ MORE

Make sure that you fully read the reviews before you make your decision. I had a 4cm vein removed from right thigh but 24 hours later experienced severe pain in my calf. It is now 5 days later and I am still in excruciating pain and unable to walk. NHS cannot figure out what has happened. Be... READ MORE

Extremely happy on the process and results! You must do what the Dr. orders!!! Wearing hose and not lifting weights was a big sacrifice for me for a couple of days -- and WELL WORTH IT! DR. G and the staff are excellent; he is a gentle Dr and the staff is superb!!! I have a couple of other... READ MORE

Hello, I am a 19 year old female soccer player. I exercise a lot (running, walking) every single day. Throughout the past year I started weight training intensively and now that the hot weather has arrived I have bulging veins all over my lower legs and feet, specifically one large vein down my... READ MORE

After pregnancy I noticed a lot of visible veins on my body and decided to get sclerotherapy. Dr. Melkonian treated the unwanted veins with sclerotherapy and I am beyond pleased with the outcome. I had treatment on my hands, chest, breasts, legs and feet without any complications. The procedure... READ MORE

Dr Khitin evaluated me for my spider veins and I decided to do the treatment same day. Since then, I did another two sessions. They do a combination of laser and injections for best results, and they do an amazing job. I had great results. I did a lot of research before coming in and I'm glad I... READ MORE

I waited WAYYYY too many years to have injections done on my legs for my spider veins, but it was because I was extremely skeptical. After going to Dr. Schulman, I am now addicted & am COUNTING DOWN the days until summer to wear shorts. I cannot wait to show my legs off as I now feel so much... READ MORE

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