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Also referred to as skin bleaching or skin whitening, skin lightening attempts to change skin color by using a topical bleach or other combination of chemicals to lessen the skin’s concentration of melanin. LEARN MORE ›.

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I've been a little darker than most of my family my entire life and for the most part I've been ok with it. I'm in no way "dark" but darker than most of my family. I'm filipino and chinese so in my culture even though a lot my Filipino side are dark, most of the population would prefer to have... READ MORE

Well a month or two ago I noticed my inner thighs practically black. Im tan skin colored and my inner thighs black were giving me embarrassment. Like how am I supposed to be comfortable with my partner. I literay started turning off lights and avoiding oral! Ive never been like that. Im not sure... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I am starting my IV glutathione skin lighting. I found a very good place. STrax rejuvenation it wasn't so good. Now the best place is Dr. Duran at 320 S Quadril street west palm Beach Florida. It's very good there they give 2000 cc of glutathione... READ MORE

I was suffering from dark hands and dark knuckles my body was fine but my hands looked horible I had tried everything on the market till a friend introduced me to whitenup cosmetics i purchased their hand\knuckle cream it worked like magic I also tried their body cream I got really light skin... READ MORE

My parents are both Indian and were born in India. I was born and raised in Southern California. Being Indian in Socal isn't always the easiest especially when you have Indian parents (but I love them to death)! As a child my parents always taught me education was the most important thing in... READ MORE

I'm not someone who posts reviews on anything. I'm sometimes even too lazy to click the "like" button on instagram and facebook but I must share my review on Dermazan Skin Lightener. So here is my short bio. I was born in Mexico and I was adopted by a my family (white family) when I was 3. I... READ MORE

I wanted lighter skin, so I tried this skin bleaching cream product but just on my face. The product was called: Othine skin bleach. I massaged the product into my face abounding contact with my eyes. I could feel my face tightening up as the cream dried(my face is still very tight feeling... READ MORE

I started on this journey because I am disappointed in how dark my lips are. When I wear lip gloss it has to be red for it to even show. I want naturally pink red lips like when I was a kid. They are dark now because I use to smoke, I drank so much coffee, and had a bad habit of licking my lips.... READ MORE

I was inspired by @BadAssGirlWithABigAssBooty. I bought a new lightening product called Piona. Yesterday was day 1. First off it was drying. The initial odor was bearable but the after smell had me like WHOA!! Lol . I'm pleased with the reviews so I'm encouraged to use it. I've been using on my... READ MORE

I went to Disney over the Summer for 10 entire days . Unfortunately I did not wear sun screen .... When I returned from the trip my face was 5 shades darker than the rest of my body and looked harsh and weathered . In my frustration I decided to purchase the Piona Strong bleaching cream .So... READ MORE

I have started using haloderm mixed with nadinola fade cream to bleach my skin and in 3 weeks i'm up 2 shades .i mix the nadinola with 2 haloderm tubes of cream in one big container and rub on my skin twice daily once in the morning and once at night i started with my knuckles and feet and neck... READ MORE

Hi all ! I just read @Pretty_bleu story and that's why I decide to share this with you. New comer in the realSelf family, I am heading to a looonng journey to find the ideal skin, the ideal LIGHT skin. I am actually in Cameroon, ending final exams and in 2 weeks I will be in Georgia, ATL to... READ MORE

I have vitiligo and wanted to know which one of these products would be best to use on my skin I gonna try menquinol a guy told me to use on ioffer, so if there is a person who Is using lighting products to lighten the skin because of vitiligo. Thanks so much I have used monobenzone 20% and... READ MORE

I'm just trying to even out my skin tone through my body and my goal was to have this done by June 6th . I started late but I've heard some amazing this about the piona skin bleaching CREAM but I put shaded the lotion because it was cheaper. I haven't heard any reviews about it yet so I will be... READ MORE

I've been trying to lighten my skin for the past seven years now. Due to my abusing hydroquinone, azelaic acid and monobenzone, (a powerful whitening agent used by people with vitilligo) I am dealing with hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation on my face. It's quite depressing but I've learned... READ MORE

Hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i wanted to be light skin, like rihanna complexion..i am a lil lighter than Gabby union and my mom is real light skin and my dad is brown, when i was really young i had like a yellow skin tone, over the years of me playing outside in the sun my... READ MORE

Hi my RealSelf family, I've just started this journey with me.I hope work I love myself but I've always wanted to be a little lighter like I use to be.Over the years I've gotten darker because I live in the sun.I've decided to wear sunblock now not only to stay lighter but for my health. I know... READ MORE

Did not see any changes with this product really upset that I wast my money on this shit I did better buying some Amby (smh) was very disappointed on this product I wish I can get my money back I been using this product thanking I then find the perfect product thinking that it was going to... READ MORE

I had the I'm Fabulous Cosmetics Body peel done to my upper and lower legs, arms and chest for sun damage and dark areas. It was a painless and a fast procedure. The downtime was about 9 days but nothing major. I had to apply a tca lotion post prodecure at home. My skin turn darker 2 days post... READ MORE

I feel like there is a one-way system for just about all patients w/ facial skin problems. market the same 5 or 6 products to everyone (tretinoin, bleaching, glycolic, etc.). when it doesnt work, they say 'well thats because u really need laser skin removal'. u couldnt tell me this 650$ dollars... READ MORE

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