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Portrait Plasma is a resurfacing technique using energized nitrogen gas to try to improve skin tone and texture, reducing the signs of aging, especially around the mouth and eyes. LEARN MORE ›

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Love the Neck Lift from Kelly R.N:) Had the Procedure Done 2012 & 2016 - Newport Beach, CA

I met nurse Kelly Hannigan in Phoenix Arizona through friends parties for botox and fillers, over 10 years ago, all my friends would go only to her. Over the years she developed great results with the Portrait procedure, but I was hesitant because of my intense sun damage ( grew up in California... READ MORE

AMAZING-smaller Pores, Even Skintone, NO WRINKLES- Wedding Ready in Weeks! PSRNitrogen Gas Plasma Hea

At 31 I had larger pores than friends my age and had melasma despite never bearing a child. I saw Kelly, RN for PSRNitrogen gas plasma heat on surface of skin treatment. I had one treatment and was fully healed in 1 week to the day with results continuing to improve. My pores have shrank, my... READ MORE

Finally Time to Go for It - Ohio

At 54, I finally decided to go ahead and splurge on a procedure. Over the last about 2 years I noticed jowls. I had those annoying wrinkled over my lips, that was just plain unfair as I never smoked. I also had a few acne scars and enlarged pores that had annoyed me for decades. I just wanted... READ MORE

Love This Treatment, Want to Do It Again - Beverly Hills, CA

Due to the massive sun damage, I had this done a few years ago and ready to do it again. Skin tightening and the change in tone and texture was remarkable. This treatment yields total satisfaction when going to a doctor who knows what they are doing. Would recommend, thought it was worth it... READ MORE

3 Days into my Plasma - Columbus, OH

IT HURT LIKE HELL.... I will try to be as in depth as I can. They first start you on special creams and lotions cost of about $500.00 for everything they want you to use. The procedure cost $4000 in my area which is Columbus Ohio. They give you pain meds and then put numbing creme on your face .... READ MORE

Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation

I Did the plasma nitrogen PSR3 treatment 2 years ago. The RN was Kelly. First i did eyes $1900. full face $4500. then back of neck $1900. Its been 2 years and I look amazing! Im in my 50’s and people guess me in my early 30’s all the time. Really happy the results. It takes a few months to see... READ MORE

Portrait PSR3-Scars, Eyelid Damage, Enlarged Pores

Rhytec Portrait PSR3. I had this treatment 18 months ago & would not recommend it to anyone. It has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I am 68 & had lovely creamy ivory skin with a few brown spots & fine lines. I was told I would be pink for about two months. After the... READ MORE

Portrait Not Worth the Money - Scottsdale, AZ

I had the Rhytec Portrait rejuvenation done to my face a few years back. I would tell everyone to save your money. Didn't do very much other than lighten up my wallet. When I went back to my doctor and mentioned that I didn't see much difference he sort of shrugged it off by saying that I... READ MORE

Loved It...- Los Angeles, CA

OK so I must admit, I have a fairly good relationship with the place I've been going for 10 years so the pricing was far below the norm. But onto the Portrait itself, I opted for the higher intensity level 2 (around the eyes and mouth) and 3 on the rest of my face. They left the numbing cream on... READ MORE

Fantastic Experience with the Plasma Skin Resurfacing - West Hollywood, CA

To get rid of fine lines around the eyes, to tighten skin, to get rid of age spots and freckles and darkening of skin under eyes and on upper lids. To give my complexion a brightened refreshed new look. I was asked about why I did it (which you can read above) but also asked about... READ MORE

Worth It ????? $4400 AUS - Melbourne, Australia

I had portrait done 18 months ago. at the time, face was slathered with numbing cream, followed by pethadine inject. then further local injections into face....had full face done. face very swollen and very knocked out and certainly unable to drive following procedure. 3-4 days after swelling... READ MORE

Does Very Little - Knoxville, TN

PROS: Removed brown spots/freckles under my eyes. CONS: Did NOTHING else other than lift the few brown spots I had under my eyes. Hurt like HE!!, and that was after taking a sedative and having numbing cream applied all over. I thought I had a high pain threshold until I had Portrait... READ MORE

Portrait Plasma - Kansas City, MO

I am 62 and had Portrait a month ago for lower face and lip wrinkles. Recovery was very quick. I have seen no results at this point. I was wanting much BETTER results. I feel like I wasted money. My Dr. is now wanting to do fillers, but for another 1,200. I just wish I had done the filler instead. READ MORE

Portrait for Under Eye Circles and Crow's Feet - Ft Lauderdale, FL

I had it done 3 hours ago. The purpose was to get rid of the horrid brown smudges under my eyes (I'm a freckly, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, 49-year old blond). Also to take care of the slight crepiness under my eyes and my crow's feet. I had numbing cream for an hour, but after the... READ MORE

Portrait PSR Nightmare

Pros: It does tighten the skin and remove brown/sun spots Con: Difficult recovery, redness lasting months to years, scarring, sun sensitivity, unable to use any cosmetic products (including moisturizers. I mean NOTHING!) Did it to firm up skin, reduce wrinkling and sun damage. I believed... READ MORE

Portrait Plasma Worth It for Drooping Eyelids

I had this procedure done by a plastic surgeon. He had suggested it as an option instead surgery for drooping eyelids. I had the high intensity treatment done on my entire face and opted to skip the novacaine shots and just go with the numbing cream which, by the way didn't really kick in until... READ MORE

Portrait Plasma on Chest

I had Fraxel Repair on my face, Active FX on my neck and Portrait Plasma on my chest 3 days ago. I got what I expected on my face and neck - but my chest is very blotchy and dark red and burns and itches. I have been doing the soaks and vasaline as instructed.I am concerned about:1. how long my... READ MORE

Portrait Plasma Resurfacing

I am a 41 year old female and underwent Portrait Plasma resurfacing 11 months ago to tighten very loose under eye skin (really crinkles when I smile), tighten upper eyelids giving the effect of blepharplasty, and get rid of lines above my upper lip. I was told that the collagen production would... READ MORE

Portrait Laser

Not much downtime. Hurts during procedure. I had the strongest setting performed. Tightened eyes. Turned brown and red before peeling. Took about a week to heal. The cost was reasonable.I went back a year later and had my eyes done. It continu3es to build collagen for a year after the procedure.... READ MORE

Sciton/Portrait Not Worth It

I had the Sciton Fraxel with Portrait, at an introductory half off price. The only result I got was nearly 6 weeks of terrible acne, finally healing with antibiotics. I now have some uneven tone, which I didn't have before the procedure.It also seems my skin won't peel as easily, leaving it dull... READ MORE

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