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This type of dental work refers to thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the original tooth. Porcelain veneers enhance the size, shape, and color of those pearly whites.

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Should I Get Veneers? - Winnipeg, MB

I've had problems with my teeth since I was 12 (19 years old now). Years of poor hygiene and a nutritionally deficient diet made them very susceptible to demineralization and cavities. It all started with white discoloration at the top of most of my front teeth which would later develop into... READ MORE

34 and Not Pleased With the Size of Teeth - Dallas, TX

Thank God for RealSelf. I have been wanting to fill the small gaps in my teeth for years. I have scheduled to receive 4 veneers on the front teeth and will have procedure completed by Dr. Borowski on July 8th. I am extremely nervous as I am having many of my friends and family against my... READ MORE

Beyond Frustrated Until I Found Dr. Boulden & The Atlanta Dental Spa (The Best Cosmetic Dentist Period)! - Roswell, GA

Like many other patients, my crooked and stained teeth had bothered me for quite some time. My goal was to replace my upper teeth with porcelain veneers. Having lived in Atlanta for a number of years, I would frequently see the advertisements of a prominent cosmetic dentist here in town. ... READ MORE

Veneers Small Mouth Small Teeth Had an Overjaw Square Jaw Help

I want to make my teeth seem promenant I had a over jaw which was corrected but this has left me a very square jaw and a small mouth teeth are barely visable will veneers help? I just want to be able to smile or talk and have visibly White straight bigger teeth? I know my gums won't change what... READ MORE

Debating on Getting 10 Composite Veneers

I have many insecurities regarding my teeth and smile, and am seriously considering getting veneers in order to cosmetically fix the problem. As you can tell by the photos, my teeth are straight but are so high in my mouth that when I smile you can only see the bottoms of my teeth, leaving a... READ MORE

Large Uneven Teeth - Vancouver, BC

Although my teeth were not extremely bad they have always looked odd to me. I've had braces in my teens and Invisalign in my 20s. Braces helped straighten my teeth but did nothing for the shapes of my teeth and the evenness. After research I decided to get veneers done. I can tell a big... READ MORE


I started down the road toward veneers about 3 weeks ago. I cried when I looked in the mirror. The temps looked like dentures. My dentist is really understanding and caring and it gets better every time I go, but I feel like I should be happy with them by now. I'm starting to lose confidence.... READ MORE

I have large gaps and I have an overbite - Smile Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been in search of a good cosmetic dentist in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic as having the smile makeover done in my country is too expensive, for me at this time. I have large gaps and I have an overbite. I decided on going to the Dominican Republic because I will be getting... READ MORE

Bulky Long Veneers Any Recommendations? - Arizona, Glendale

I feel like the temporaries looked a lot better should I ask my dentist to shorten my veneers? my top veneers are so long it covers my bottom teeth? What should I tell the dentist please help! It's been a couple days and I just don't smile. I do not know what is wrong any recommendation would... READ MORE

After Years of Struggling with my Teeth, I Finally Have my Perfect Smile! - Ithaca, NY

From the time I was young, I've had issues with my teeth. From chipping a tooth when I was 7 to crashing into a wall at age 10 and having to have 4 teeth put back in my mouth. Since then I've had root canals, one of the teeth removed and braces not once, but twice. After doing an awful job... READ MORE

Perfect Teeth! Woodbury, MN

I had braces when I was younger but after many years my teeth moved and did not look as straight. As well, I grind my teeth which had made them look worn and I never really loved the shape of them. I received veneers on the top for 10 you can see and the 4 on the bottom in the center. It has... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with Veneers. Am I Being Overly Critical? - Barrie, ON

I have had a long history of bad teeth. I have had braces 3 times. The last time being when I was an adult 8 years ago. Although my teeth were much better after the braces I still wasn't 100% satisfied. I realize that a lot of it has to do with my initial orthodontist. I should have had a pallet... READ MORE

Absolutely Amazing Experience and Results! - Las Vegas, NV

I feel for the people who have had bad experiences with Cosmetic Dentists, you can research them forever and still may not really know how good they are, I feel I just got lucky with my dentist, but it did help to see his previous work and photos of other patients, and I did trust him very much.... READ MORE

Before and After Porcelain Teeth - Santa Monica, CA

Please rate my porcelain. These are not Veneers or crowns. I had my upper mouth done. I wasn't comfortable with my smile. I had a roller coaster in my mouth due to heavy grinding and I lost most of the length of the teeth. Also my bite wasn't aligned with my jaw. This was a non evasive procedure... READ MORE

Sea Smile Phuket Patong. Thailand, TH

This was the most amazing dentist. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I had fillings, a crown replacement and three veneers :D So happy and the staff were amazing! It is located opposite Jungcelon mall and is clean and professional. Lots of my friends had zoom whitening done there too. Cheaper to fly... READ MORE

48 Year Old Male, Gum Lift and 8 Veneers on Top - Huntington, NY

I used to have really nice teeth. As with everything on our bodies, time takes it's toll. I have a pretty bad case of receding gum line due to over-brushing, and my teeth have become crowded and no longer straight. I go in Thursday to start the procedure. The wax ups look great, but to say I'm... READ MORE

So Pleased with Results - Riverview, NB

I fell when I was 7 and my two front teeth came loose. One started to discolor over time due to a dead root. Instead of doing a root canal, I decided on veneers. My teeth also stuck out significantly so the veneers were made smaller. I couldn't be happier two years later. I'm now in braces... READ MORE

Still Not Confident with my Smile :(

Last year, I had four veneers placed on my front teeth. I thought I had chosen a really good "cosmetic" dentist, while everyone else in the office made me feel comfortable and confident. Yet, I really think I was just being VERY weak/forgiving during the entire process and not telling them NO... READ MORE

1 Partial Veneer = Total Smile Makeover - Los Angeles, CA

There is an amazing doctor Greg Lane in Los Angeles (West Hills) who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He was a referral from a friend after I went to another dentist who recommended I got 9 veneers, gum surgery @ 18K cost. Dr Lane suggested we do a partial veneer on my K9 and some bonding on... READ MORE

Do I Need Veneers? - Centreville, VA

I recently asked my new dentist about closing my gals in my front teeth and lengthening them. He mentioned doing a gingivectomy and putting in 4 porcelain veneers. I've had some whitening done and just had the gingivectomy procedure done. In about a month after my gums heal he wants to do the... READ MORE

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