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I Loved my First Set of Veneers...but Not Happy with my Current - Wausau, WI

I might just be a little OCD, but I'm currently hating this second set of veneers. I had my four front teeth done in 2009 and absolutely loved them! About 5 years later I got a chip in the bottom of my left front veneer. My dentist replaced the two left ones and left the right side. They... READ MORE

Gave me my smile back

Have nusmile vaneers in September I love them so natural looking perfect gave me such confidence and natwarlal is lovely highly recommend professional service and very quick no waiting around I had mine fitted within 4 week READ MORE

22 Years Old, NY, 2 Veneers and One Dental Implant with Porcelain Crown, Looking to Fix Old Veneers. New York, NY

I'll try to condense this as much as possible! I was born without one adult lateral incisor, and broke an adult front tooth when I was in middle school. Over the years, I have had my front tooth bonded. Naturally, the shape of my tooth began to change as getting it rebonnded (due to... READ MORE

Not Quite Sure About It to Be Honest, Advice from Experts, and Kind People Who Shared the Experience - Dubai

Hello everyone So I posted 2 days ago about advice of shades, and thank you for answering me, but too bad it was too late to see your replies, but its ok, today i had the upper veneers, and im not that happy about it, i wanted it to look my temp, but still fail, i did asked for bunny teeth but i... READ MORE

20 Porcelain Veneers/Crowns Smile Makeover - Gold Coast, AU - Love my new teeth!

So I had an eating disorder in my younger years which destroyed my smile. I had 10 no-prep porcelain veneers placed on the top at 21 and they were fantastic! 8 years later, there was a bit of gum recession at the sides, some staining at the margins and a chip in one of the side teeth. I always... READ MORE

My 27 Year Dream Finally Comes True...or maybe not.

Here's my story... I was born with really small teeth with large spaces between the front 6 teeth and extremely pointy canine teeth - I looked like dracula. Braces would not correct the gaps - they were too large. I never could afford veneers so I chose to get the front 4 bonded - they've... READ MORE

Consultation: Dr Jepssy Beltre VERY CONDESCENDING! - Dominican Republic, DO

I have recently consulted Dr Jepssy Beltre last week regarding porcelain veneers to close a gap. My dentist here in America has only recommended that I can also do porcelain crowns. After asking him about the price and length of stay for the crowns also he became upset. I was really considering... READ MORE

Veneers - Ukraine

Hello everyone! Well as everyone I was not sure if to get veneers or not but at the end I did and I am very happy with them. To get them i had a push from my sister and honestly i don't regretting her for doing it. The only this is that i got them in Kyiv Ukraine. It was much cheaper and on the... READ MORE

Best Dental Experience Highly Recommend - Sydney, AU

Words will never be enough to thank this amazing dentist .... Dr Nidhi Berera treats you like a friend and makes your dental experience enjoyable... I actually look forward in my dental treatments. I have never liked my teeth as they were small and crooked.. I always smile with my mouth closed... READ MORE

Gum Lift and Dental Veneers - Dominican Republic, DO

Dr. Jepssy is absolutely amazing???? he turned my smile from horrible to a movie star smile. He is very very caring talks you through the entire process and plays very relaxing music ???? which helped calm my nerves lol. His assistant is such a sweetheart ??. He responds quickly and he responds... READ MORE

Absolutely Amazing Experience and Results! - Las Vegas, NV

I feel for the people who have had bad experiences with Cosmetic Dentists, you can research them forever and still may not really know how good they are, I feel I just got lucky with my dentist, but it did help to see his previous work and photos of other patients, and I did trust him very much.... READ MORE

I Have my Consoltation on 11/4/16 - Stockton, CA

Super nervous and excited! Have to pay $100 for the consultation but it'll go towards the procedure if I decide to follow through. I've been wanting to get this procedure done since I was little when I first broke my teeth. Can't wait! I pray to god everything goes good... I'm wanting to get 8... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening & Porcelain Veneers to Replace Bonding - Northern Virginia

My bonds were 25 years old and it was time to get an update. First I had to get a crown lengthening procedure followed by removing the bonds followed by temporary veneers followed by Permanent Porcelain Veneers. I am still in the temporaries and set to get the Permanent veneers February 4, 2016.... READ MORE

Smile Takeover - Duluth, MN

I was compelled to do this procedure because I thought my teeth looked bad and had old composite at the gum line that was starting to cause gum issues. Dr Dryke stated all my fillings were leaking, and if I didn't do something, my teeth would begin to break off. Dryke did a horrible job as she... READ MORE

A Beautiful Smile at Last - Fargo, ND

I had pretty bad teeth all my life. They were so cracked and see through, with chips and odd shaped..and soooo short. I really hated smiling.I wanted this all my life and never found somebody right or with the skill set till I found this office, its a lot of steps and a lot of money but so worth... READ MORE

34 Year Old Male. - Thailand, TH

I decided to take a trip to Bangkok to have some dental work done. I had 10 upper Veneers, 1 crown, 1 bridge, 2 fillings, a cleaning, and a home whitening system for only $4,700. The quality was superb and the price was even better. The clinic is "Smile Signature Dental Clinic" at Siam... READ MORE

26 Need Help

I decided to get composite veneers on the frontal top teeth to elongate and enhance my smile as the teeth were uneven. On the 3rd day post procedure It was impossibly to brush my gums, it caused unbearable pain each time the toothbrush hit the gums (only the gums he treated) I was extremely... READ MORE

26 Years Old, and Worried - New York

After years of nothing being happy with my smile and after wearing braces for 3 years, I decided to get porcelain crowns. It's been 3 long months of going back and forward, with the lab making mistake after mistake, now I got my final crowns, but still not happy. These are super white (it... READ MORE

Getting Composite Veneers Tomorrow - Thailand, TH

After years of not smiling in pics as I have always disliked my teeth Ian getting composite veneers tomorrow in Phuket Thailand. I had gum reduction surgery a few days ago so cannot get porcalin so soon after unfortunately so these will be an intermediate step. The dentist is such a lovely lady... READ MORE

Veneers on Front Two Teeth - Badly Chipped - Brighton, GB

I met with the dentist last week and he gave me an appointment and an idea of costs. Background: My two front teeth were damaged 20 years ago when I fell down some metal steps and whacked them! One has a corner chip and the other some of the bottom of the tooth came off so they are different... READ MORE

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