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This dental work bonds thin pieces of porcelain over the top of teeth to improve size, shape, and color. This procedure can help correct teeth with gaps, irregular shapes, chips, or stains. Because the original teeth are altered to place the veneers, this is an irreversible treatment.

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45 Year Old Female. Porcelain Teeth Veneers by Dr. Rimma Sheshelovskaya in Manhattan Ny

I got my teeth done from Dr. Rimma, and it was the best decision in my life. Now i can smile without fear, because i know it looks perfect. Before i was not sure if should do it or not than i thought about all the hollywood stars and after a few consultation i decided for dr. Rimma. Very happy... READ MORE

Ten veneers for a better smile

I'm scheduled to get 10 top teeth veneers . I chose dr Thompson to do it due to the great before and after pictures. If she can fix the teeth that I saw on her website then I think she will make mine great . I will be taking about a 5 hour flight to see her. I do have a 11 year old 3 tooth... READ MORE

28 Year Old Girl ... Depression Sucks

My story is a little different but it's one I'm going to share ....with hopes that maybe someone can benefit as I have wished so many times to have a rewind button. Since I've been young I have really struggled with OCD/anxiety wanting everything to be perfect and symmetrical, I had always... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers to Fix Overbite, Change Face Shape, Correct Square Jaw. Smile Makeover. Facelift w/ Veneers! - New York, NY

This is a review for the outstanding work from Dr. Tabib and Dr. Melo at NYC smile design. But first I want to talk a bit about my journey. I used to hate to smile. My teeth were short, becoming worn with age, and had gaps. But the more I looked at my smile in the mirror the more I felt that... READ MORE

Clay Model of Existing and Proposed Veneers - Would Love Your Thoughts

So I had the molding completed of my current teeth (upper only). From the molding, my cosmetic dentist had formed what he could do for Veneers. He only altered/touched the front FOUR teeth. Please see the image and let me know your thoughts. I am still on the fence of doing this. I have no... READ MORE


I started down the road toward veneers about 3 weeks ago. I cried when I looked in the mirror. The temps looked like dentures. My dentist is really understanding and caring and it gets better every time I go, but I feel like I should be happy with them by now. I'm starting to lose confidence.... READ MORE

What Do You Guys Think of the Color /design?

Flew out from Los Angeles CA. Would love opinions on what you all think. He was patient but just hard to get a hold of. He saw many patients while I was there. Felt a bit impersonal. His assistant lady was the best. She made me fee cared for. Had 20 porcelain veneers put in and an... READ MORE

Replace Old Veneers with New, Not As Happy with the Result As I Had Hoped - Trenton, NJ

My original veneers were put on in 1989. I had them on the front 6 teeth. They held up pretty well, but my gums were receding a bit and my front one was crooked (never noticed until recently). My family dentist said he could do them at a fraction of the price of a cosmetic dentist so I agreed. ... READ MORE

32 Years Old. Had a Decent Smile but Some Teeth Were Misplaced. And Didn't Really Like the Color.wanted That Hollywood Smile.

Hello. As I stated above I've alwanted that Hollywood type smile. I had one tooth replaced and I didn't like the shape. My teeth weren't too bad, but I wanted better. I've looked here on realself many times to get info about veneers and noticed not too many ppl shared their dental veneer story.... READ MORE

Top Teeth Veneers - Birmingham, AL

Haven't done this yet, plan to soon. Want to get Invisalign for bottom teeth first. Then, after all this, I plan to whiten bottom teeth to match veneers. I'm iffy about getting veneers because I read horror stories here and I have a history of tooth sensitivity and extreme dental problems... READ MORE

28. 4 veneers for small teeth and front gap

My teeth were always a problem, but not until recently did I decide to fix them. They were very small in front, with a moderately sized gap between the 2 front teeth. I had braces at 14, and honestly think it was a waste of money. My gap didn't close all the way and afternot wearing my retainer,... READ MORE

I Loved my First Set of Veneers...but Not Happy with my Current - Wausau, WI

I might just be a little OCD, but I'm currently hating this second set of veneers. I had my four front teeth done in 2009 and absolutely loved them! About 5 years later I got a chip in the bottom of my left front veneer. My dentist replaced the two left ones and left the right side. They... READ MORE

22 Years Old, NY, 2 Veneers and One Dental Implant with Porcelain Crown, Looking to Fix Old Veneers. New York, NY

I'll try to condense this as much as possible! I was born without one adult lateral incisor, and broke an adult front tooth when I was in middle school. Over the years, I have had my front tooth bonded. Naturally, the shape of my tooth began to change as getting it rebonnded (due to... READ MORE

Not Quite Sure About It to Be Honest, Advice from Experts, and Kind People Who Shared the Experience - Dubai

Hello everyone So I posted 2 days ago about advice of shades, and thank you for answering me, but too bad it was too late to see your replies, but its ok, today i had the upper veneers, and im not that happy about it, i wanted it to look my temp, but still fail, i did asked for bunny teeth but i... READ MORE

20 Porcelain Veneers/Crowns Smile Makeover - Gold Coast, AU - Love my new teeth!

So I had an eating disorder in my younger years which destroyed my smile. I had 10 no-prep porcelain veneers placed on the top at 21 and they were fantastic! 8 years later, there was a bit of gum recession at the sides, some staining at the margins and a chip in one of the side teeth. I always... READ MORE

My 27 Year Dream Finally Comes True...or maybe not.

Here's my story... I was born with really small teeth with large spaces between the front 6 teeth and extremely pointy canine teeth - I looked like dracula. Braces would not correct the gaps - they were too large. I never could afford veneers so I chose to get the front 4 bonded - they've... READ MORE

Consultation: Dr Jepssy Beltre VERY CONDESCENDING! - Dominican Republic, DO

I have recently consulted Dr Jepssy Beltre last week regarding porcelain veneers to close a gap. My dentist here in America has only recommended that I can also do porcelain crowns. After asking him about the price and length of stay for the crowns also he became upset. I was really considering... READ MORE

Veneers - Ukraine

Hello everyone! Well as everyone I was not sure if to get veneers or not but at the end I did and I am very happy with them. To get them i had a push from my sister and honestly i don't regretting her for doing it. The only this is that i got them in Kyiv Ukraine. It was much cheaper and on the... READ MORE

Best Dental Experience Highly Recommend - Sydney, AU

Words will never be enough to thank this amazing dentist .... Dr Nidhi Berera treats you like a friend and makes your dental experience enjoyable... I actually look forward in my dental treatments. I have never liked my teeth as they were small and crooked.. I always smile with my mouth closed... READ MORE

Gum Lift and Dental Veneers - Dominican Republic, DO

Dr. Jepssy is absolutely amazing???? he turned my smile from horrible to a movie star smile. He is very very caring talks you through the entire process and plays very relaxing music ???? which helped calm my nerves lol. His assistant is such a sweetheart ??. He responds quickly and he responds... READ MORE

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