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This type of dental work refers to thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the original tooth. Porcelain veneers enhance the size, shape, and color of those pearly whites.
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After years of nothing being happy with my smile and after wearing braces for 3 years, I decided to get porcelain crowns. It's been 3 long months of going back and forward, with the lab making mistake after mistake, now I got my final crowns, but still not happy. These are super white (it... READ MORE

After years of not smiling in pics as I have always disliked my teeth Ian getting composite veneers tomorrow in Phuket Thailand. I had gum reduction surgery a few days ago so cannot get porcalin so soon after unfortunately so these will be an intermediate step. The dentist is such a lovely lady... READ MORE

I met with the dentist last week and he gave me an appointment and an idea of costs. Background: My two front teeth were damaged 20 years ago when I fell down some metal steps and whacked them! One has a corner chip and the other some of the bottom of the tooth came off so they are different... READ MORE

Here's my story... I was born with really small teeth with large spaces between the front 6 teeth and extremely pointy canine teeth - I looked like dracula. Braces would not correct the gaps - they were too large. I never could afford veneers so I chose to get the front 4 bonded - they've... READ MORE

Part I Review: I am a 35 year old female with two young children living in NYC. After years of being ashamed of my teeth and mastering the no-teeth smile, finally decided to do something about my disaster of a mouth. See "before" photos. Long story short, I have extremely short teeth... READ MORE

So I put off doing any dental work unless it was absolutely necessary. Had not done any cosmetic or restorative work in at least 12 years. Since my dental insurance (had several in the past 12 years) have always been more of a joke than anything. I saved up some cash, did about six months of... READ MORE

I had veneers put on 8 teeth in 2002. Fast forward to 2016 and a giant crack in one of them and I realized it was time to get them redone. I found Dr. Schmid on Yelp and on this site. Experience was amazing- incredibly thorough, lovely staff, nice office... and gorgeous new veneers!!! I highly... READ MORE

Hi Realself family, my experience with Dr beltre was amazing, he start talking in January, he answered all my questions, in February 22 we start to work, he prepared me a package with free transportation, beautiful hotel nearly to mall and clinic, we went to dinner the night before with him and... READ MORE

I decided to take a trip to Bangkok to have some dental work done. I had 10 upper Veneers, 1 crown, 1 bridge, 2 fillings, a cleaning, and a home whitening system for only $4,700. The quality was superb and the price was even better. The clinic is "Smile Signature Dental Clinic" at Siam... READ MORE

Many years with stained teeth, afraid to smile and fear going to the dentist, Veneers gave me fear because sometimes they look fake and must wear teeth, but Dr Beltre explained the process, accept it and I am very satisfied because I know it will last for many years. After little shave my teeth... READ MORE

I was always uncomfortable with my chip tooth. I had it for over 10 years and people notice right when they meet you. Now a days, everyone has great teeth and smiles and when you don't, you stand out. I am so glad I got veneers. I worried for a while, but realized it was important to get it... READ MORE

I love this dentist , I love the doctor and all the staff , they are so friendly and caring ! Carmon is the receptionist Im sorry ,if I pronounce ur name wrong . But she is very nice and helpful . The doctor is awesome , he is very talented , very good at what he doing ! I wanted to get veneer... READ MORE

Hello! I've waited quite some time before deciding to write this review. First let me start by saying that I in no way write this review out of anger. I write this review to warn anyone looking to get dental work by Dr. Alonso. Sometime in August of last year I decided to contact Dr. Alonso... READ MORE

I'll try to condense this as much as possible! I was born without one adult lateral incisor, and broke an adult front tooth when I was in middle school. Over the years, I have had my front tooth bonded. Naturally, the shape of my tooth began to change as getting it rebonnded (due to... READ MORE

I have always been uncomfortable about my smile. I always had situations where I never go dates and my friends told me that my teeth pushed men away from me. I just want not born with great teeth and after all, it is the first thing that someone looks at when meets you. I met Dr. Vora... READ MORE

I have always had very straight teeth but had spaces between the top ones. I wore braces for 4 years in grade school and ended up with a great result. Even as a young girl, my front upper teeth were on the short side. As I got into teenage years, I started grinding and clenching my teeth at... READ MORE

Hey guys so I had 6 porcelain veneers on my top row of teeth 6 months ago, I showed a certain photo to my dentist and all was great I had them installed on my second visit.. After they were put on a few months later one fell off while eating soft food .. I instantly went into panic mode doubting... READ MORE

While I use to be embarrassed by my old crowns, I've been complimented on my new smile over and over again from friends and family in the past few years. This is all thanks to my 4 front teeth that were redone by Dr. Lavigne. Growing up, I injured my front teeth which required me to get two... READ MORE

I see Dr. Lavigne as my general dentist, but she is also the leading cosmetic dentist in the Boston area. I drive from Rhode Island to Wayland, MA because I believe she is the best. I spent many years bothered by my two front teeth. I had chipped one front tooth, then a past dentist had filed... READ MORE

My permanent teeth were stained from tetracycline, so in 1982, I had them bonded. It was the new cosmetic procedure for discolored and damaged teeth. I had the top dentist in Chicago bond my teeth and it lasted over 30 years. By 2012 my bonding was discolored and my teeth looked bulky compared... READ MORE

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