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My name is Heidy. The reason for my visit with Dr. Miller was for a rhinoplasty. Since I was very young I felt self-conscious about my nose. Originally, I came to Miami to have my surgery with another surgeon but it didn't work out because of his lack of professionalism. After meeting many... READ MORE

I had my nose surgery in 2001 with Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, my nose 12 years later still feel and looks like my own. Dr. Tobias created something timeless, not only does it look good but it is also enduring. This is undeniably good plastic surgery. My nose has not deteriorated over the years. They... READ MORE

I'm glad I did because he knew what he was doing and my results are 100 times better than what I ever imagined. My nose was jacked up before surgery. I couldn't breathe and it didn't look great either. I was really really nervous about my nose looking "fake" or "not me" after the surgery but I... READ MORE

I have always hated my nose. And last year I finally decided to do something about it and have a rhinoplasty with Dr. Bloch. And I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made! I love my new nose so much! I am a much happier person! There are no cons to describe! it was the easiest... READ MORE

Ever since I reached the age of 15 I have hated my nose. I remember my stepdad teasing me about having an "Egyptian nose" and how I hated it. Without really realizing it he started my hate for my nose. It had a huge hump on it, and my profile was horrible. You could say it was a very masculine... READ MORE

He Did a Great Job on my Breast. I Am NOT Happy with my Nose ( I Can Hardly See Any Difference. It is Still Big and Wide). READ MORE

I alwasy wanted a nose job since i was in 6th grade, I am 23 and finally! after saving all year i got it October 21, 2011, so i am 5 months post op... But i am confused...i dont know what is my problem...i guess i felt more confident with my big nose.. then this new one... i know i look... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty on 20th Jan,2010 ,so its almost 11 weeks ,I'm so unhappy with the result,I don't recognize myself in mirror,my smile changed , now I put my hand to hide my smile , I was so proud my smile , but not anymore!! I find my nose is too short and flat , tip is pinched ,... READ MORE

Please, if somebody had the same experience as me and then the swelling went down and it correct ifself let me know. Thanks  and God bless to you all. I had 3 surgeries at the same time, eyelids, nose and breast. I am soo depresed because of the surgeries (specially my nose and... READ MORE

I had external Septorhinoplasty on the 7th of May 2009 as a result of a direct blow to my nose causing a fracture (deviated Septum).Consequently I had difficulty breathing but of more concern to me was the bump forming on the dorsum which appeared to make my nose asymmetrical. Upon... READ MORE

Hi im an iranian guy with brunnete and thick skin i had a surgeory on my nose a year ago but not only it`s still big it starting to grow thicker and thicker my dr has given up to reform it and any other drs evade from acting on my nose what should i do?i hate my nose READ MORE

Too much risk was taken. A big decision I made without really taking the consequence of this really well. The doctor was in a rush every time I meet him, so I didn't get the time really to go in full details of the surgery process. If I have known there is a risk after the surgery in the... READ MORE

I am writing this because I dont want anyone to ruin their lives like I did. My mistake was by trusting in a plastic surgeon and ent. I had a full septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction. I did it purely for breathing purposes not cosmetic. The surgeon I went to wrecked my nose and made my... READ MORE

I had a hole on the tip of my nose from mohs surgery. I needed the reconstruction to cover the hole without any scars. The procedure took about 3 hours and I was uncomfortable and in pain for 4 days. The pain meds helped. By the fifth day I was much more comfortable and didn't need the pain... READ MORE

Dr. Desai was EXCELLENT- Very kind and professional. It really cares and I highly recommend anyone who needs surgery to have Dr. Desai handle it- He explained step by step the entire procedure and expectations. He was very approachable. He called several times after the surgery to check on... READ MORE

It was a big mistake finding Dr.Smaili i have a horrible experience he did nose job surgery for me my nouse looks twisted nasal are not the same I have a breathing problems I paid $6000.00 for first time surgery he said I need second surgery he asked for another $ 3,500.00 I'm not recommending... READ MORE

I decided to have a plastic surgeon specialist close the Mohs surgery I had on the tip of my nose, after a bad closure done by a dermatologist on a prior Mohs surgery on my lip. I chose Dr Slupchynskyj of NY/NJ for this procedure due to his training, reviews and photos of his work, and the... READ MORE

I travelled to Istanbul the Day before my surgery. I had a consultation with DR. Göksel where we talked about my nose and what my expectations was. There was no doubt about his expertise and that he knew what he was doing. I am so happy for how the whole proces turned out and for the good team... READ MORE

Dr. Karl Eisbach performed a forehead flap reconstruction of the nasal tip, after my Mohs surgeon removed an invasive basal cell carcinoma. The wound from the Mohs was large. The result of Dr. Eisbach's reconstruction is excellent. Everything about my experience was as good as it could be: ... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with a 'squamous cell carcinoma' on upper section of my nose and was referred to Dr. Naveen Somia to have an 'island flap procedure' to remove the lesion and repair the area. After the lesion was removed with a margin, my nose was then cut down the side and a flap brought up to... READ MORE

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