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25 Year Old , Needed Due to a Bump and Breathing Problems - Sugar Land, TX

My motivation to do a rhinoplasty was because I had breathing problems and also I had a big bump in my nose witch made me feel really uncomfortable. The first time I called Doctor Nguyen office to schedule an appointment they seemed really nice and professional. They made me feel really happy... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience

Dr. Sina was incredibly professional and hospitable From the moment I entered his office, I was put at ease by his incredibly polished office and his charm. He was incredibly warm, as he answered all questions and more. He walked me through the whole process and assured me I had nothing to worry... READ MORE

Expections were exceeded

I had waited a long time to get my nose surgery. Approx. 10 years! (I wanted to make sure it was the right decision for myself and my face), after research I found Dr Julian Rowe-Jones and the Nose Clinic in Guildford. After completing my consultation I was presented with some honest feedback... READ MORE

Amazing outcome!

Mr lahiri did a truly amazing job with my nose reduction (rhinoplasty). I felt completely at ease and fully informed going forward with the procedure, having seen Mr lahiri before the surgery who answered all of my questions thoroughly. Having suffering from a nose break a couple of months... READ MORE

My utmost and highest recommendation!

My primary physician referred me to Dr. Janjua after I had injured my nose. When I first met with Dr. Janjua, he was extremely welcoming and kind. He explained to me exactly what was wrong with my nose and presented every possible course of action in order to fix it. Although I was nervous about... READ MORE

Fantastic experience, highly recommended

The moment I met Julian I knew I had made the right choice and was in the hands of one of the best. I had no illusions that my surgery would be simple - it wasn't - but he did an amazing (nose) job. Julian is a consummate professional, he takes his responsibilities and his craft seriously. At... READ MORE

24 Years Old Jewish Young Rhino

I went to 3 consultations with various doctors in Tel Aviv and Dr. Shem Tov seemed to me the best. The surgery is both a medical nose partition and a cosmetic. He was patient with advice and gave good answers. shem Tov has plenty of experience with men's noses. Still, any surgery can go wrong,... READ MORE

Nose Surgery

I love the way my nose surgery turned out couldn't be any happier!!! Dr Mabourakh is a awesome Dr. know exactly what he's doing making sure your happy and not only the staff is very friendly and helpful but very informative and Lydia she's great very helpful with all the paperwork!! She's... READ MORE

Do I need a NOSEJOB ?

FIRSTLY I'm from Sydney Australia ???????? I'm a proud Pacific Islander with ONE BIG PROBLEM ? My nose is NOT only BIG it's also LONG and has a BIG BUMP lol Most of my people have small flat noses kind of like Asians but I inherited my FATHERS NOSE and it's a dominant trait passed down too me... READ MORE

52 Female with Horrible Nose Problems - Loma Linda, CA

I'm so happy that I have my quality of life back. I can breathe and smell, best part is I'm able to sleep. Dr Ardeshirpour is a miracle doctor. Total reconstruction was done on my nose. Cartlidge was taken from rib cage. Surgery was successful. I can't thank him enough. I like that he explains... READ MORE

Amazing Surgical Skills and Visual Eye

Dr. Janitch is a great committed and confident Board-certified plastic surgeon. He provides realistic expectations regarding surgery procedures and injections; he presents patients with new approaches that he has acquired through continuous learning along with his natural creativity/ingenuity,... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Dental Hygienist Worcester, MA

For years I had nicknamed my left nostril 'the flapper' because upon breathing it would close. I felt I was ready to have this looked at and corrected especially since my breathing -- at night and during exercise have been becoming more difficult. I am a full time dental hygiene student in... READ MORE

Top plastic surgeon , Fabulous experience !!!

Having Dr Reish do my breast and nose surgery was the best decision I ever made , his hands are like the hands of an artist , his job is flawless , after having open nose surgery with septoplasty, I did not show bruising or scaring , the healing was fast and the results are absolutely amazing. I... READ MORE

Nose looks terrific!

Dr. Severinac reconstructed the end of my nose after I had a large cyst removed years ago that left me deformed. He did a terrific job! I am so happy with my results. I will be returning to Dr. Severvinac for an abdominalplasty. READ MORE

Worth waiting for a NEW Patient appointment!

She is the most amazing and wonderful facial plastic surgeon & ENT ever. Not only is she gracious and kind but she is honest and keeps you looking like yourself. You are never "over done" or pushed into products or gimmicks. Recently my dog jumped up and fracture my nose. She calmly reset... READ MORE

My Experience

One week post open surgery. I wanted this since I was a kid. Now I'm 25 and finally saved up enough money to do it. My nose is so swollen but the bridge looks good. My doctor says it looks good and i should give it time to heal. Its to early to say anything. I think he is professional and has... READ MORE

the worst of the worst - neck and neck with dr. craig foster - White Plains, NY

On February 1, 2013, Dr. Richard Yung from White Plains, NY performed a surgery to remove excessive scar tissue. This was a waste of $10,000 because the nose he gave me was extremely fat and short. He ignored my biggest complaint which was that the nose was very too short and fat! Instead of... READ MORE

Traveling for surgery- Sweden

I have had a nose job in Sweden two years ago in September. The nostrils are a-symmetrical but most people I have spoken to says it looks fine. I'm not sure if I'm focusing too much on a small detail or if people are just saying that to help me. I don't know if it looks better or worse the... READ MORE

18 Yrs Old Girl - Manchester, GB

Post-op finally home, had my op today and I had an amazing stay at the Pines hospital Manchester. The nurses were lovely I couldn't of asked for better care or better nurses. Arrived at 8 in the morning and got taken down to theatre at around 12.10 . Theatre team were lovely. Next thing I knew I... READ MORE

Very Displeased

I feel that the surgeon removed too much bone and cartilage, the Op was meant to straighten my nose but my nose is still crooked as well as thin with a dent on the right side. Saw a nurse after the cast came off not the surgeon, saw the surgeon 6 months post op and he dismissed my concerns that... READ MORE

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