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Those worried about going under the knife may be able to lift and firm without surgery by using popular fillers like Restylane or Radiesse, laser treatments, and even alternative medical procedures like acupunctureLEARN MORE ›

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I recently got Juvederm Voluma, Restylane Silk for the first time and while I was there I got Botox I have a face which always had nasolabial lines and I've noticed lines around my mouth over the last few years. I researched and decided that a filler might give me the best results. I chose a... READ MORE

My facelift done ten years ago is beautiful and still holding. I wanted a little volume because my face is thin. This is a fabulous procedure and I highly recommend it for someone looking for a natural enhancement. No one does this like Dr. Byun.He micro needles to make a tunnel underneath... READ MORE

I have begun the revolutionary rejuvenation program with Dr. Boss. The program is called the Rejuvenator and consists of just a few one hour sessions over 4 months. The Rejuvenator tighten the skin and fills in the laugh lines, builds collagen and minimizes lines and wrinkles using PRP. I get to... READ MORE

Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I had my first treatment of reaction viora and it was an instant face lift, I am very serious when I say instant I've struggled with premature droopiness of my upper eye lids for at leas 3 years now and had tried Dysport injections which had been... READ MORE

Two years ago I contacted MRSA while a patient in hospital ..... Subsequently I lost 42 pounds... So I had extreme loss of facial tone. I witnessed a presentation on Good Day Northwest on NBC (5) by Dr Young and immediately felt I needed to investigate the procedure and it's outcomes. Very... READ MORE

I drove about 3 hours to see my Dr. after seeing the amazing before and after silikon photos on his website and I went there knowing I was going to have him do the work--I wasn't looking for just a consultation. Other doctors websites I've seen just did not fill me with the same confidence that... READ MORE

I am on my mid thirties and I am a healthy, busy self employed personal trainer. I've noticed my face has gone skinny mainly over the past 2 years. I have a toned body and an ideal weight but my face looked wasted and old :( Recently I met someone who had a Soft Lift treatment and I was amazed... READ MORE

It's been 11 months since my procedure and I must say; I am very pleased with the result. Dr. Cihantimur comes highly regarded in his field and you can totally trust him. I did have some issues right after the procedure with swelling and bruising but it's all in the past. The money I have spent... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Calloway for a possible facelift. After a thorough consultation he advised me that I would be a good candidate for fillers, especially if I didn’t want to go through the downtime of surgery. Dr. Calloway explained that my face had changed over the years primarily due to a slow l... READ MORE

I watched Dr Bulent on TV talking about The new Non-surgical facelift so I came to Estetik-International to try it out and to my surprise WOOW I love my face. My skin looks very fresh and young, people back home do not understand how I can look good over night. I am so happy with the result... READ MORE

I was surffing the internet searching for new face treatment , or some new creams, or so... i found Dr. B on youtube, talking about new technique , non surgical face lifting , without any scars or surgery... this thing got my attention, so i contacted them, they explained everything to me, how... READ MORE

I've been looking at doing a facelift. In looking at photos I thought I would try Dr Kassir in New York. Upon my arrival the first thing asked for was my credit card. Then teams of paperwork to sign all regarding payment and legalities if you sue. Be sure to read all of it. Your signing... READ MORE

DR. ELMARAGHY, owner of Spa Surgica is the BEST. He is very professional, friendly, and a highly skilled experienced plastic surgeon. He is extremely knowledgeable, meticulous and he is a perfectionist in his field. Dr. Elmaraghy has a well known reputation as the “MIRACLE Dr.” at Grand Riv... READ MORE

I just made a NON surgical facelift, with a technique called Spider web, it had been developed by Dr. Cihantimur (Dr.B as he want to be called).. they told me that they inserted a special Threads under the skin to help the body to produce collagen, and as the threads dissolve it will give more... READ MORE

Injecting experimental materials that cause harm. He does not use the microcannula when he says he does, does not provide the 3-d imaging he advertises, no attention to detail, lumpy uneven results, no refunds, no touch-ups, no concern or consideration. Assitant is extremely rude, untrustworthy. READ MORE

I bought a series of 2 Viora treatments via Groupon for $199.00 figuring I couldn't go wrong. I was in the office about 45 minutes. This machine works like Exilis and Thermage (I've had them both) except that the tip of the Viora machine has suction. It gently pulls skin into the tip to... READ MORE

The doctor who I love and have gotten Botox from for years talked me into this. The procedures were painless although they kept asking me if it hurt. It just feels like a bland zap. I had 4 sessions. This is totally overpriced and made zero difference for my neck or jawline. Would not... READ MORE

I've had a lot of work done over the years and have been spoiled by my access to the best cosmetics surgeons in Los Angeles. When I moved to Austin I was dubious about my prospects of finding a world class cosmetic surgeon to compete with those I'd become accustomed to. Boy was I mistaken! ... READ MORE

I would ONLY trust Dr. Rajani with any non-invasive cosmetic procedures. And, if I ever moved away from Portland, I would fly in just to continue my treatments with him ONLY! He is absolutely Exceptional!! It is no wonder that he trains other doctors Nationwide. He is honest and will never... READ MORE

Real-Self doesn't list Reaction Viora in their procedures. I see a slight improvement in tightening of face following my Reaction Viora treatment (and it wasn't pain-free but it was tolerable). BUT, the two days day after I started seeing small pimple-sized red bumps raise that had no head and... READ MORE

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