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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I am interviewing Doctors in the Carmel, IN area to perform a Breast Augmentation (tuberous/constricted breast) correction, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction/Contouring. I am excited to write about my experience! I have enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and reviews. I will try to be good about... READ MORE

So I have been struggling for 10 years to get my stomach back to a flatter side. But when your muscle in the abdomen resist, what do you do but get frustrated. The boobs have long been gone and saggy with all my fitness classes. It's me time. I teach 11 high cardio fitness classes a week, that... READ MORE

Hi, I choose to have my surgery performed by Dr. Gutowski. I can't wait.... Long awaited. Can't wait to wear my first EVER bikini. I'm having a Mommy Makeover which will includes body contouring of my flanks and back. A little fat transfer to dimples in my butt and switching out old 330cc... READ MORE

Hi all! I'm 31 years old, 5'3", 125 lbs, and probably a size 34B even though VS says I'm a 34C. Lol! I'm looking to get rid of my excess belly skin and make my boobs fuller, after breastfeeding I've got what I call "tit sacks". They're just a sad excuse for breasts. I'm looking to be fuller and... READ MORE

I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt a friend to some amazing people. I always to do for others before I do for myself, because I love them all so much. This new journey is exciting, but it has many ups and downs. I'm trying to stay positive and convince myself that I am not selfish or vain... READ MORE

Ahhh so excited and nervous! Thank you all wonderful ladies for posting your journey, they have helped so very much and I hope mine can do the same for someone too. Just set my date. Only a month away. Traveling to Miami. After reading many reviews and reaching out to tons of doctors all over... READ MORE

I will be doing my procedure next year June 2016 with Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I had consultations with 3 other PS before finally making up my mind to go with Dr. Hughes. I will be getting a TT, BA w/lift - Saline implants, Lipo to back, sides, maybe arms and chin, and BBL - if still needed after... READ MORE

I wanted to get my tummy back. I worked out everyday and still had lots of loose skin and large diastis. It was very depressing. I also had small flat droopy breast from breastfeeding my three small children. So far I'm pleased with the results. My belly looks much flatter and my breasts are... READ MORE

The new and improved me mommy of three.... Hello everyone after stocking the site for so long I finally decided to have a mommy makeover. I am a wife and mother of three and it's finally time to do me. From the age of two I have always beenvery active doing pageants, professional dance ,team... READ MORE

My mommy makeover is in 2 weeks and I'm so nervous about it! I can't stop thinking about it! I have 1 child that is 11 years old. I gained 70lbs with my pregnancy and have lost all of it and left with extra skin and saggy breasts. I'm excited for my new body but unfortunately I'm letting fear... READ MORE

I'm 40 years old and wanted a breast reduction... I was on my 2nd set after 2 kids they were 600cc so of course I needed a lift if I was going smaller so I had my kids by csection and figured I might as well do my tummy and some lipo as well ... I'm 5'9 139l s so I'm not over weight at all ..... READ MORE

Hello everyone! First of all I can't say enough about this site, I've have been surfing real self and riding on everyone's coat tail thru their procedures and reading all the happy endings... And now it's my turn!! I'm single 5"5 and weigh 175. I'm so nervous and stressed I've gained 11 lbs!!... READ MORE

I've had three PS consultations. After a consultation with Dr. Anthony Youn this morning, I've made my decision to go with him. The first PS didn't want to do a BL and said he would refer me to somewhere else for that. The second PS wanted to do implants with a lift/reduction. That just didn't... READ MORE

Hello Real Selfers! I have been reviewing this site for the past 6 weeks - before and after my surgery. It has been one month since my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Ladies, I was motivated but nervous! I have had one set of twins (sadly, both deceased) and 2 more babies, the most... READ MORE

Hi everyone!! I've been reading lots of reviews on real self so I decided to make mine. Im a mother of 2 gorgeous kids(boy 7 yrs and a girl 18 months). I'm 32 years old 5'3 and weight 155 pounds, still working on getting under the 150s before surgery date. Well just a brief, I have ALWAYS been... READ MORE

I'm a young mom of two who has never been happy with my body, now that I'm done having biological children I'm going to try to come as close as possible to my dream bod. I'm 5'5", I've lost 30lbs since my second child was born 6 months ago, putting me at 160 and I am aiming to lose 15-25 more... READ MORE

Hi ! I've been reading reviews and researching plastic surgery on real self for years now. Just a little about me I'm 28 going on 29, my current weight is 116lbs, and I'm 5' 4" with two beautiful kids, one boy and one girl, so I'm done! I'm also actively working out. With my first baby the... READ MORE

Just scheduled my consult with Dr. Shifrin. Really excited and hope we can get the ball rolling on my new body soon! I'm a mother of two amazing girls and my current height and weight is 5 feet tall and 135 pounds. Working on loosing at least 10 pounds before I schedule my surgery. My weight... READ MORE

I am looking to get a mommy makeover with Robles. She did my lipo in 2014 and after having my last child, I am ready for my tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo. I am posting only to look for a travel buddy. Please let me know if anyone is going and when because my dates are flexible for June and July. I... READ MORE

I am having two operations and multiple procedures so I am going to place them in different categories. My first operation will be the true Mommy Makeover. I'm getting an extended TT, Lipo to multiple areas including my knees, a Breast lift with augmentation, a spiral thigh lift, and a small... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Mommy Makeover ranges from $7,567-$15,500 with an average cost of $12,350. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 6,011 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more