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Microdermabrasion is an affordable way to improve your complexion. This treatment uses gentle exfoliation to smooth and brighten your skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Microderm treatments are good for me. My at-home skin care regimen consists of: cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream, with the rare exfoliating gentle scrub. So, the microderm treatments I get are pretty much making up for the things I don't do at home. It's basically a more intense... READ MORE

I went to a spa during some special offer they had going for that month. I only paid $31.00 for the treatment. So it was worth it! I feel that my skin looked a little smoother & brighter for a few days. It does nt take away any dark spots. Not much difference, but I guess it depends on... READ MORE

It really did hurt a bit, especially if you have sensitive skin, saw no difference, have more acne now because apparently, the sucking part of the procedure brings your pore to the surface, cried a little during the micro part because it was like scraping out your face with a rock and got... READ MORE

I wanted to try to get a fresher, not so tired look. My dermotologist suggested Microdermabrasion. She said it would help minimize my acne scars & leave my skin smoother and softer. It did nothing. It was only midly uncomfortable and there was no down time, but it also did no more than an at... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion did absolutely nothing for me. Didn't remove wrinkles, didn't tighten or freshen and I went weekly for a couple months. My skin looked exactly the same when I finished my 10 sessions as it did when I started. Maybe it works on someone who has skin that is criss-crossed with... READ MORE

I have been doing microderm for 2 years because I purchased a package for that length of time. It did slightly improve my skin, but so do some drug store products that cost $7.00. I would recommend seeing dermatologist and seeing what he or she might recommend for your skin. I did not do that... READ MORE

So Ihave noticed that as I get closer to 30 I have started gettuing adult acne and my skin has become greasy out of nowhere! This means large open pores, very noticeable black heads and painful pimples that swell under the skin. Having spent years looking after my skin and it looking pretty... READ MORE

Tried microderms few times, excellent ways to shine the face, and remove dead skin. But it is certainly not the way to improve acne scars. The treatment is quick and painless. I do this once a month now as a maintainance. It can be done in less than 30 minutes, so it is very convenience... READ MORE

While the procedure did leave my skin soft, it didn't have any lasting effects. I admit that I am a little obsessive about home skin care and I don't have many skin issues other than occasional dryness and freckles from sun damage. I think that for someone with my type of skin, good homecare... READ MORE

Microderm is THE BEST thing I have done for my skin. It solves the aging and acne problems. The biggest issue is that you really need to stay out of the sun when you are getting treatments b/c your skin becomes more vulnerable b/c it is raw. So be gentle after those micro treatments. Well worth... READ MORE

My aesthetician told me the results depend on the intensity level applied to your face. I'm not too sensitive so she increases the intensity, so than I require fewer sessions. I went to another spa and it was so mild that I'd have to go back many times more... READ MORE

I spent $335 for a package of 5 treatments.I was going every week, and every week I was praying like crazy. During the treatments, I still got pimples and honestly didn't see a change.After the last treatment,I was told that the reason there was no effect on me was because it was hormonal.... READ MORE

I had a series of microdermabrasions over the course of three years. Even though it didn't do anything for my atrophic acne scarring, it has definitely made a difference in fine lines, uneveness, skintone and the overall health of my skin. ETA: the $1,800.00 I spent was for eighteen treatments... READ MORE

I had my 1st series of Microdermabrasion about 5 years ago, since then I go 2x a year and I love the way my face feels & looks for a while after the treatments, so smooth and soft. The spa that does my microderms also does plaining (with the razor to help rid dead skin even more)), gylcolic... READ MORE

Keep your money. I could have washed my face at home. They will tell you how much better your skin looks and feels. But it feels and looks better after you shower as well. I would do it again if it were free or under $20 because it was relaxing READ MORE

The first time I went the only thing I noticed was smoother skin the day of and the day after. Then my skin peeled like crazy. I went ahead and stuck with the weekly treatments. After the third treatment I noticed my skin getting firmer and my black heads were gone! They only charge 20.00 for... READ MORE

I went for my first micro dermabrasion two days ago. As I was greeted by the doctor he informed me of the procedure. Then I went to see the nurse that was going to perform the dermabrasion. She explained again the procedure. It felt like a cat's tongue, I felt it more closer to my eyes.... READ MORE

It's like a cat's tongue touching your face. This is how my aesthetician explained what I was about to experience with Microdermabrasion. I would say that at first it was a bit shocking. Not painful, but not like a cat licking my face. That is kind of a cool feeling. The areas that I... READ MORE

I have had microdermabrasion done over 20 time in the past six years. I have had seven treatment in a row over the past eight or so month, in Boston, at the Boston center for plastic surgury. There is a women there named Peggy who is wonderful!!!!!!!! I have mild acne scarring and spots.... READ MORE

I bought a series of microdermabrasion treatments. They give a package deal off the $125 with a series. My skin felt good after each one. It exfoliates well, but that is all it does. It is not a deep enough treatment to improve acne scars or help fine lines & wrinkles. There are plenty of at... READ MORE

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