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Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that gently exfoliates to smooth, brighten, and rejuvenate skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Removed Fine Lines and Acne Scars

My aesthetician told me the results depend on the intensity level applied to your face. I'm not too sensitive so she increases the intensity, so than I require fewer sessions. I went to another spa and it was so mild that I'd have to go back many times more... READ MORE

Wasn't What I Needed

I spent $335 for a package of 5 treatments.I was going every week, and every week I was praying like crazy. During the treatments, I still got pimples and honestly didn't see a change.After the last treatment,I was told that the reason there was no effect on me was because it was hormonal.... READ MORE

Refreshes Skin

I had a series of microdermabrasions over the course of three years. Even though it didn't do anything for my atrophic acne scarring, it has definitely made a difference in fine lines, uneveness, skintone and the overall health of my skin. ETA: the $1,800.00 I spent was for eighteen treatments... READ MORE

Nice Results, Been Doing Microderm's for 5 Years Now

I had my 1st series of Microdermabrasion about 5 years ago, since then I go 2x a year and I love the way my face feels & looks for a while after the treatments, so smooth and soft. The spa that does my microderms also does plaining (with the razor to help rid dead skin even more)), gylcolic... READ MORE

Save Your Money - I could have washed my face at home - Beverly Hills, CA

Keep your money. I could have washed my face at home. They will tell you how much better your skin looks and feels. But it feels and looks better after you shower as well. I would do it again if it were free or under $20 because it was relaxing READ MORE

Stick with the Treatments, You Will Be Amazed!

The first time I went the only thing I noticed was smoother skin the day of and the day after. Then my skin peeled like crazy. I went ahead and stuck with the weekly treatments. After the third treatment I noticed my skin getting firmer and my black heads were gone! They only charge 20.00 for... READ MORE

It felt like I was sunburned. - Loved the Results! - La Canada, CA

I went for my first micro dermabrasion two days ago. As I was greeted by the doctor he informed me of the procedure. Then I went to see the nurse that was going to perform the dermabrasion. She explained again the procedure. It felt like a cat's tongue, I felt it more closer to my eyes.... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion - Not Quite a Cat Tongue

It's like a cat's tongue touching your face. This is how my aesthetician explained what I was about to experience with Microdermabrasion. I would say that at first it was a bit shocking. Not painful, but not like a cat licking my face. That is kind of a cool feeling. The areas that I... READ MORE

Good Skin Pick Me Up

I have had microdermabrasion done over 20 time in the past six years. I have had seven treatment in a row over the past eight or so month, in Boston, at the Boston center for plastic surgury. There is a women there named Peggy who is wonderful!!!!!!!! I have mild acne scarring and spots.... READ MORE

Makes Skin Feel Good, Doesn't Do Anything else

I bought a series of microdermabrasion treatments. They give a package deal off the $125 with a series. My skin felt good after each one. It exfoliates well, but that is all it does. It is not a deep enough treatment to improve acne scars or help fine lines & wrinkles. There are plenty of at... READ MORE

Mary Kay's Micro is Amazing!!

I've been wanting to try microdermabrasion forever now, but never could cough up the money to do it. I tried Mary Kay's and it is amazing! After one use my skin was the smoothest it's ever been, and now after two months, my pores are smaller, my skin color more even. They use the same minerals... READ MORE

Love Microdermabrasion in Indianapolis Indiana

I have have microdermabrasion at both a salon and a medical esthetician. It is worth it to go to a medical esthetician that can combine a medical grade solution along with a chemical peel. Beautiful results. If you have never had microdermabrasion and are considering it, be sure to ask if the... READ MORE

A Definite Must

The whole is experience is pleasant and relaxing. For a little over $100 per session I get the full diamond head micro treatment, steam facial, mask, acne treatment & more. I have been doing it once a month for three years and plan on doing it forever. Buy packages and save lots of money. READ MORE

Microdermabrasion - Well Worth the $$$

I had microdermabrasion yesterday and I love the results. I had Restylane a year ago and was very disappointed with the results. In my opinion, for the money the microdermabrasion worked better than Restylane for me. The pain was nothing compared to getting Restylane. I would rather have a... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion for Wrinkles?

I am 45 yrs old and decided it was time to do something about lines and wrinkles on my forehead and eyes.  Ok, actually, the lines are pretty much everywhere! I'm freaked by the idea of surgery and botox injection, so i was easily convinced to get a microdermabrasion at  a... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion for Better Skin Tone

I have skin tone problems, at least that's what I was told during my last facial--which didn't help my skin tone (or mood). At the suggestion of my friend I decided to get microdermabrasion at the laser clinic near my house. The treatment was actually enjoyable, reminded me of the time... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion Didn't Do Much for Me.

My friend swears by them and bought me a microdermabrasoin session. I think I will stick to the routine peels and facials from now on. I didn't notice much a of a difference. microdermabrasion just seemed superficial. Perhaps I just don't have the skin conditions that this helps improve. READ MORE

Nice and Smooth Skin but Not a Miracle Treatment

I'm 28 and during the winter I get dry patches on my face. This was not painful but certainly not your nice relaxing facial. The esthetician actually showed me all the dead skin she took off...My skin was very soft for a while after the treatment...still is several weeks later. READ MORE

Would Not Do It Again...Skin is Rougher and Dryer Than Ever in my Life.

I am 45....thought I would try it. Stung like crazy! Felt like my skin was being burnt. My skin is so much rougher than before and seems to dry out much quicker. I started breaking out 3 days afterward and continued for a week. I never even broke out as a teen! READ MORE

High Hopes; Low Results

I think I actually look older than I did before I had it done. I had a light chemical peel first and then 30 min session. My skin is now super dry and flaking. I am moisturizing 4 times a day to keep the white flakes at bay. I have more fine lines around my eyes and am hoping for long term... READ MORE

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