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Thankful for Dr. Guy

I am so thankful for Dr. Guy. I came to him very distressed and upset about the appearance of my skin after botched cosmetic work done on my face. I had received Juvederm amongst some other treatments before Dr. Guy. Not only has Dr. Guy and his staff been very kind to me, but they have also... READ MORE

Review 3 - -- My Review for surgery.

I literally have only been wearing Invisalign for 15 days, and had my attachments put on today, so it's still early days, but I really think that the worst is behind me now. The first 4-5 days of using Invisalign were pretty nasty, I won't lie. It was so uncomfortable...it was the same feeling... READ MORE

Mechanical Dermoabrasion for Acne Scars

I had performed a mechanical dermoabrasion with subcisions one year ago, after that I did another same treatment 3 weeks ago, in the first treatment I obtained a 20% of improving, in the second treatment i don't see any results, I want to treat the redness first before I do another treatment... READ MORE

I always have an amazing experience - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

It's always great. They treat everything very professionally ! I love going in for my treatment and working with the same person EVA. I never have trouble booming my appointments with ibel ! She's amazing. READ MORE

Review with photos

Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. Sharon walls is a fantastic doctor. READ MORE

Microdermabrassion test review with 2 photos

2 photos - 2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos -2 photos READ MORE

Trying to improve skin

I bought a Groupon for microdermabrasion. I've never had one done before. The package also includes led light therapy and a chemical peel, but I'm not sure which one. I've never done any of those things before so I'm hoping it goes well. Currently I'm using obagi tretinoin 0.01 and have since... READ MORE

First Time Microderm Treatment

Very impressed with my Medi Spa facial that included Microderm. It didn't hurt at all and now my skin is smooth and pores have minimized. My makeup is less blotchy when I apply it now. Sony is very professional and more important knowledgeable. I trust her opinion when it comes to proper skin... READ MORE

Microdemabrasion , Blefaroplasty, Upper Lip Lift - Milano, IT

I had a microdermabrasion in 2015 for small acnee scars , open pores and blackheads I also had in the same time blefaroplasy inferior and superior and upper lip lift First 2 days were hard then all started to be better I took only antibiotics and aloe vera gel cream for face After 10 days doctor... READ MORE

Microdermaplaning - Shadyside, OH

Terrific results!! Excellent procedure. My Skin is so soft. Tara Hepler performed the procedure. I Couldn't be happier. I Would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants younger looking skin. The results were beyond my wildest expectations and I look forward to having it done again in the future. READ MORE

mdrx - Sacramento, CA

Okay so I had a three microdermabrasion facials with MDRX and I must say that my acne scars are slowly disappearing! I will say however that if you are experiencing dryness than you will have some redness after you do a chemical peel but I used virgin organic coconut oil overnight and my skin... READ MORE


A great first step for mild/moderate acne scars. The key is having the procedure done by a microderm expert who isn't afraid to be aggressive! My practitioner has used the microderm body tool (larger, normally not used on the face) on my cheeks a couple of times for multiple passes over the skin... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion Post Lower Face and Neck Lift - Commerce, GA

Dr Meadows and I discussed microdermabrasion to help speed the process of smoothing and getting maximum results from the lower face and neck lift. His aesthetician is awesome and did a great job. It was so relaxing and I could tell a big difference without my face being all red when it was... READ MORE

Bought a Personal Microdermabrasion Machine on EBay

So I bought a machine on eBay for a reasonable price, used and in perfect working order. Purchased a few more diamond tips because I don't know how old the one that came with were. I purchased it to see how well I can fade my surgical scars from my gal adder surgery and help improve my acne... READ MORE

28 Year Old with Mild Chin Acne and Scarring - Melbourne, AU

I have been for two microdermabrasion sessions now. My skin definitely feels clean after. I have purchased 6 treatments and am doing them 3 weeks apart. I will keep you posted on if it actually works. Lady said its best solution to even skin tone reduce acne scarring clean skin and minimise... READ MORE

I See a Whole New Me - Plano, TX

Well first off I was referred exactly 3 months ago by my Dermatologist in McKinney, TX (shout out to Dermatology Physician Assistant L.M. "Ace" Acevedo, PA-C, MPAS. Thank You for the recommendation) to come to Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, TX. I walk in there and everyone including my... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel Messed my Skin Up Bad. Salisbury, MD

I was suffering from acne outbreaks so i decided to go to a dermatologist when i was 18 and she gave me a series of microdermabrasion and chemical peels over the course of about a month. After this, my skin broke out into the worst cystic acne I've ever had and i was traumatized from this. I... READ MORE

Skincare at Its Finest! - Dallas, TX

Dr. Teotia's office was awesome for my first experience with further developing my skincare regime. Upon checking in, the entire staff was welcoming and helpful to quickly get me through the registration process. After completing all of the electronic paperwork, I was able to meet with Dr.... READ MORE

42 Yr Old Black Female - Chicago, IL

I love love love everything about this office as far as scheduling last minute emergency appointment if needed and the super friendly staff and Tina give me the best best micro my pores are smaller and my skin tone is more even and I had a scar that you can hardly see after a few sessions and... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion - Oregon

I purchased a package that cost more so I’m not exactly sure on what the price was for the micro's. I had 2 treatments as well as a glycolic peel so I'm not sure which one triggered a huge Roscea flair up but I do Lactic Acid peels with no problem and my guess is the... READ MORE

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