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Melanotan injections are an alternative to tanning without the sun damage, but like any injectable there are side effects to this sunless bronzer. LEARN MORE ›

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Just another white girl wishing I were Brazilian lol

Yes!! Melanotan may be controversial because it isn't yet FDA approved. But after researching, talking to doctors I know that have used it, and finally using it myself, I can tell you it is the only way to get the tan you want. It takes adjusting to at first just to not feel nauseated. Only use... READ MORE

3 Years in and Living It! - South Africa, ZA

Both my husband and I have been using melanotan 2 on and off for 3 years now. We both love the results. If you start off with low doses and inject just before you go to sleep you won't feel any side effects. Go in the sunbed asuch as possible to kick start it and then just enjoy the after... READ MORE

Mum of Three , Uk. Wales, GB

I have very pale skin naturally . I alway used fake tan to achieve a deep tanned appearance . I started to use this product about 1 month ago . Initially I didn't see any change but three weeks into the injections and frequent sunbeds, my skin tins is amazing ! I Nextel every day for 3 weeks and... READ MORE

Melanotan 2 Success - Sydney, AU

I have had great success with melanotan 2 - started a couple weeks ago (couldnt tell you exactly how many times I've injected now). I didn't buy premixed I bought 50mg which comes in 5 10mg vials and mixed it myself. Results have been great I go solarium a couple times a week also. I am... READ MORE

Melanotan 2 - Tanning Injections

I have been using Melanotan 2 tanning injections now for 6 months and after the initial nausea, headaches and 'flushes' all of which disappeared after a week. I look and feel great.It initially took 23 injections to acheive the desired colour and now I only have to inject once a week. I... READ MORE

Side Effects Not Worth It to Me - Barrie, ON

I used melano tan 2 , 2 yrs ago and some weird stuff happened. I got a TN this part is true it works . But I have been blonde all my life naturally and it turned my hair Brown and has stayed that way. I developed sun spots on my forehead which never existed and now if in sun to long they come... READ MORE

Stay Away Please

I have used it and it cause me to develop skin hyper pigmentation in my face ( melasma) I have been battling this condition since then. Do not use it! I had perfect skin and now struggle with heavy makeup and lightning creams to get rid of the patches. I had one injection and went on holiday... READ MORE

Melanotan 2/ Good Effects/ Bad Effects - Staten Island, NY

Once I discovered melanotan 2 on the internet, I felt I had to get it. I did my research on melanotan 2, and from everything I've read, it didn't seem to have any side effects that were too bad. So, I found a legitimate supplier, and placed my first order for a starter kit, which consisted of... READ MORE

34 Never Tanned in my Life Before Mt2

This is my second summer using MT2 and I was pleasantly surprised at how my base colour never reverted to deathly white during the winter when i stopped using. In addition to this my colour came back much quicker this year than it took to acquire last year. Tips: inject at night before bed. I... READ MORE

29 Year Old Mum of 2 - Blackburn, GB

Have you never thought! That if they make this legal sunbed shops all over the world would close! As as for going on holiday for a tan wouldent appeal to us anyone, thts my opinion and i will update and tell everyone of my side effects if any and of my colour status as I am injecting my self... READ MORE

26 Years Old- a Mum of 1 and a Wife to Be - Derry, Northern Ireland

(The cost above is in pounds sterling) I loved this! I used it for the first time during the summer of (I think) 2010. This was a 4 week course, which at the end of, left me with my very first tan! Ever! (I would've normally just went red then white. I am extremely pale- I'd call it more blue)... READ MORE

Sucess with Melanotan 2,fair skinned - Norway

I started injecting MT2 for about 6years ago and have used about 5-10mg pr.year since then.I was extremely white with alot of little freckles and always got sunburned.when i used mt2,i used very little dosages,started with 0,05 ml every day.used it for about 20 days and then every other week... READ MORE

Tanning Injections - Ireland, IE

I started These injections Last year, i would have Medium toned skin, but could only obtain a dark skintone from a sunbed or foreign heat. I bought a bottle of them for 50 euro and they were delivered to my door within two days. I received ten injections along with the melanotan and sterile... READ MORE

Melanotan II - Good Experience - Texas, TX

I have been using melanotan II the last 5 years with great success. Generally I am very pale, so melanotan II has completely changed my life as i am finally able to tan without getting a sunburn. I tried melanotan from many different suppliers, and found out there is a remarkably great... READ MORE

Looking Forward to Restarting the Injections :) - England, AR

I used the tanning jabs last year i had a few side affects ie. felt sick headaches and increased sexual desire however the latter only lasted for a few days i conquered the others by taking paracetamol with each jab. after falling pregnant i no longer went on sunbeds or used the jabs,i am due... READ MORE

Thanks Melanotan

I have been using Melanotan 2 tanning injections now for 3 months. I bought it through online from senic sun. I got good result after using it. It gives positive result to my body and my body part stomach, back, is tanning much better than my legs and arms and even chest. I look and feel great,... READ MORE

Love Melanotan II - Fort Myers, FL

I tried this stuff after hearing about it for months and months. I achieved an amazing natural looking tan within 2 weeks! I tan easily as it is. Melanotan II is great because I don't have time to tan outdoors or even indoors for that matter. I recommend this product! READ MORE

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