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Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy. LEARN MORE ā€ŗ

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Just had it done. Took 30 minutes for 6 locations, pain was very tolerable. They iced it first before laser and provided me with valium and pain meds. Hoping to finally get rid of pouch after triplets and botched abdominoplasty. Might do more (sides by hips) depending on outcome results. Also,... READ MORE

I heard about Liposonix through a co-worker, she didn't actually have the procedure done but she was thinking about it. When she told me it was like Liposuction but without surgery, it caught my attention so I immediately started researching what is Liposonix, reviews, before & after pictures &... READ MORE

I'm tired of the saddle bags, but not willing to go under the knife. since it was just saddle bags it was 3 spots on each thigh, 4 passes on each. some pain for sure (intense burning, like being branded), but it was short lived. am anxious to see if it works over the next 3 months! will upload... READ MORE

I've never been overweight, never had to diet. I've got 2 kids who are young adults now and never had trouble keeping my 5'3" frame anywhere between 120 and 125 lbs. over this past year I had bunion surgery which certainly reduced my activity level, but I also went through menopause. My... READ MORE

Tomorrow at 9am , I will be taking Valium, Percocet. I will also have 16 squares at the highest I can handle. Does anyone weigh around 150 pounds and a height about 5'7? I'm just wondering if that's enough squares and how much are additional squares? I really haven't found as many reviews as... READ MORE

I am 5' 104 lbs. I have this big round protruding fat in my abdomen along with a few love handles. I decided to try Liposonix. There was pain, but they are manageable, I did not bruise much like the other ladies, and was never in pain afterwards. I did detox with tea, lemon, water 7 days... READ MORE

I am a highly active sports person looking to lose a few in stubborn areas. i did the liposonix procedure on my inner and outer thighs (20+ squares altogether, 3 passes for each square). the first shocker was that it was not the doctor who identified and marked out the treatment areas or... READ MORE

I want to get full body lipo and sculpture with a slight bbl. Thankfully I'm already very curvy but I'm looking to get rid of some FAT on my body. Just too much. I can just work out too. But I want to get it in the shape I need it to then work out to maintain it. By doing that I can give my body... READ MORE

I'm 33 years old, 4'11'' about 100 lbs, and athletic with a small but obvious belly pooch in my lower abdomen that I can't seem to get rid of. I tried Coolsculting last year and saw zero results. Thought I'd give Liposonix a try since it would work better for my specific issue. I am now over 12... READ MORE

My motivation was that I am fat and thought this would do something to help with the areas I store fat in most. So far, about 3+ weeks later! the bruising has faded but the pain is still there as if the bruises were fresh. I probably should have left when the doctor (Decotiis, in nyc) never... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old and a mother of one 13 year old boy. I exercise intensely 5 times a week, eat clean and healthy, and I have still never been able to get rid of the excess fat in my belly-button area. One day I was reading about Liposonix and I thought it fits who I was and my lifestyle. I did... READ MORE

I'm 32, 5'7" weighing 118lbs. I noticed about 3 years ago I developed a stubborn stomach pooch and love handles on my fairly thin frame. I assume it was from eating junk food and turning 30. I'm on my feet for my work moving around a lot and consistently work out 2-3 times a week. Since I was... READ MORE

I just did Liposonix 2 days ago on my stomach area. I am not over weight just had one inch of fat that wanted to smooth out. Ok so the procedure is extremely painful! I don't cry often but Liposonix had me crying of pain. It was like laser hair removal multiplied 10 times worse. They do give you... READ MORE

I decided to have this procedure done after a lifetime of struggling with my belly and muffin tops. I exercise regularly and eat fairly well. I am 42 years old and weigh around 146 pounds. At one point in my college years, I tipped the scale at 174! As a result, I have some loose skin around... READ MORE

I decided to do Liposonix 3 weeks ago. Iā€™m about 5ā€™2, 115 lbs. I work out an average of 3-4x a week for about an hour. But no matter how much I work out, that belly pooch never goes away!! I had 12 squares done (my front abdomen & flanks). The doctor did 3 passes at 50 jules each. I abs... READ MORE

I have liposonix done on my upper arms around three days ago (5 squares on each arm). There was some tenderness and soreness on the day of the procedure but no bruising at all. Then I woke up the next day and there are huge, deep purple bruises on each side of my arms. I then started taking... READ MORE

I had 20 squares done about a week ago. Do not believe anyone that says the pain is mild. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced....I'm not sure of the results yet....this procedure is not for wimps or anyone looking for immediate results. From the start I wanted to jump out of the... READ MORE

Ok, so i had 15 squares yesterday (my entire front abdomen), I must agree with most the procedure was excrutiating! Thats with 2 Vicoprofen 7.5/200mg. I am completely bruised and sore today, although I tend to bruise easy. I am so excited to see my results. I'm very swollen right now, but... READ MORE

Don't risk it i have panniculitis in my abdomen a whole year later. I have had to take steroids and still suffering with no end in sight.the pain was horrible and I have a high pain tolerance . Mine may be isolated case but I have seen 9 doctors who all say this reaction was due to the... READ MORE

I just had the procedure yesterday, so obviously it is too soon to determine. I plan to update weekly for the next 8-12 weeks with pictures. I am currently 5'6" and 160 lbs and am dieting. I had them perform the procedure on my abdomen and flanks. I took the pain medication (two... READ MORE

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