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Lipodissolve is not approved by the US FDA and involves a series of injections that are given in a localized area of the body to melt fat from problem areas. LEARN MORE ›

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I have had 2 rounds of lipodissolve. The first time, I had my stomach and love handles done which required 6 syringes of "lipo-cocktail". I was actually in a LOT of pain before they ever even finished the injections. I was literally concentrating on breathing to take the pain out of my mind. I... READ MORE

I had my first lower ab treatment on Friday the 20th. The shots didn't hurt, however after the medicine started to fill in I did however start to feel really hot but that went away in a few minutes. I bought a girdle as suggested to help keep the swelling in. I didn't take them off until... READ MORE

I was also told I was a perfect canidate. Just trying to get rid of alittle belly fat and the little fat around my bra strap on my back. The first injections wasn't to bad but the 2nd & 3rd treatments I had so much excessive pain it made me sick. I was telling myself there is no way I'm going... READ MORE

Okay, call me vain, it's okay. I am 42 have had two children. I have worked out for years. I still had a tummy and some thighs. I went to investigate lipo dissolve and my Dr. said to really get the results that I want a tummy tuck and lipo suction would be the way to go. Lipo dissolve would take... READ MORE

This was horrible. My weight stayed the same, my measurements stayed the same, my skin looks spotted and lumpy. The pain and suffering was insane and I had to take several days to recover. Claim to come in every 2 weeks, I had to wait at least 6 weeks before my next treatment. I had to plan... READ MORE

I decided to try FIG to help with my lower stomach that I just couldn't seem to loose despite weight loss. I had my first treatment yesterday morning. It didn't hurt while they were doing it and I was told that there was minimal to no pain. Well about half way through my drive home (It's about... READ MORE

I started Lipodissolve (or FIG as they now call it) back in November. This was at the Scottsdale, AZ location. I am and was overweight. They knew that. I wanted to lose most of the fat in my belly area. They told me all about the money back guarantee and the fact that you had to be patient for... READ MORE

The injections were done by an MD in the small town where I live. Had lower abs, mid abs and love handles injected, there were of course the sticks and no pain at all with the injection of the solution. Less uncomfortable than botox on my face. Certainly would rate the discomfort as very... READ MORE

I got my 1st treatment in September of 2006. I just came home from my 6th one. They first tell you that you will have 6 treatments and ONE month after your last one, you will be measured, weighed and your pictures will be re-taken to see if there were any progress. If you arent happy you... READ MORE

After doing MUCH research, I recently had my first lipo dissolve treatment. In doing some investigation into this procedure, I have learned some interesting facts: The injections offered by Fig and at day spas are often not administered by a nurse or doctor. They are often given by... READ MORE

I had two treatments at Advanced LipoDissolve aka fig that caused severe pain and bad reactions. So much so that I went back each time and had the nurses look at the injection sites and talk to them about what was going on. They did not seem concerned but the pain and reaction continued. ... READ MORE

I began my treatments in August of 2006. After the employees of Advanced Lipo Dissolve ( now FIG) of Overland Park Kansas convinced me to dump 4000 dollars into 6 procedures with a money back garauntee. I began my "sessions" with only a two week break in between each one. During this time I... READ MORE

My wife recieved her first set of Lipodissolve injections.  Two days prior to going in for her second set, she developed two small lumps and the area started turning red.  She took tylenol for pain as perscribed by the center that treated her.  When she went in, the nurse... READ MORE

This miracle Break through that dissolves fat is extremely expensive, causes sever swelling (I gained 15 lbs in 2 days after the injections) and horrible skin discoloration. They divided my tummy area into 3 sections.  The first injections approx 150 were not painful but the swelling was... READ MORE

I had 11 treatments on my upper an lower abs along with my love handles. It was the most painful thing i have ever felt, to me it felt worse than the day after i had my c sections with my children. The pain was unbarable, the money is gone, an i have a bumpy belly that no matter what i do to... READ MORE

I got lipo dissolve in 2 areas, my lower abdominal and love handles it was very easy. The pain was minimal somewhere between a bee sting and a paper cut. I heard all of the stories about unbelievable pain, torture, inability to drive a car or maintain rational thought, and took precautions... READ MORE

The maximum cc's you are allowed to have per treatment is only 25cc's. The people who are getting sick, dehydrated, etc is most likely because they had too much at one time. More isn't always better. I had 25cc's on my stomach area done on Friday. I got a little light-headed right after... READ MORE

I also thought it one of the most painful experiences Ive ever had. At least 100 Shots and It started burning about 10 minutes into the procedure. The whole thing took about an hour. I started to cry about 1/2 way though it. I was sick to my stomache for 3 days. I couldnt hold anything down.It... READ MORE

I signed up for this procedure to lose inches for my military measurment of my mid section and now I am bigger than when I started even though I weigh less. This procedure was extremely painful, over one hundred shots and 100 CC's, and I was immediately nauseous. I swelled to the point that I... READ MORE

I am 43 and my husband 47. We work out/exercise pretty regularly and eat healthy. We both have stubborn belly fat (my husband has the love handles) and decided we would do this together. My husbands experience--actual injections were not painful but immediately afterwards he had stinging... READ MORE

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