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These braces, sometimes called iBraces, are bonded and hidden on the backside of your teeth making them a great option for those who want "invisible" braces. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Paz left me toothless with trouble eating, smiling and talking normally. The custom made device with a pontic that I had was removed and now does not fit anymore after 10 days of lingual braces services from Dr. Paz. He took impressions for my braces without removing the device, he did not... READ MORE

Because of my age, I have always been hesitant to get braces. Since finding out about lingual braces, I couldn't be more eager to fix my smile. Over the years my gap has spread which has caused my teeth to shift (of course with the help of my wisdom teeth cooing in over time). I finally get my... READ MORE

So for a long time I have not been too happy with my crooked teeth, and I have finally decided to do something about it. I never wanted bracesin high school, because I did not like the way they looked, and still do not that is why I'm getting linguals on the top and ceramic on the bottom. Went... READ MORE

Firstly, I just want to say how amazing Real Self is! I've been considering Invisalign for years and years and only recently discovered this in my googling. It's a wealth of knowedge and I really think it is what has convinced me to just get this done! Back story, I had a pre molar removed by a... READ MORE

I got incognito lite (upper and lower 6 teeth), and have no complaints so far. When I first got them on, I had mild pain/discomfort for a few days, but saw progress within a week. I also have a day of discomfort after tightening, but it's not even bad enough to take Tylenol. Eating was more... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and decided to get braces after being gently reminded by my hygienist at EVERY cleaning how much of a difference braces would make for my appearance, ease of cleaning, etc. So finally she talked me into it and I decided to do some research. Google and I found a promising... READ MORE

Im 25 years old and decided to get braces. Choosing Incognito was my decision and it was a big one because of the costs. My orthodontist is professional and intelligent and I ASSURE you that will make a difference in your outcome. Some of these stories sound horrible. Incognito gets bonded to... READ MORE

Well I'm from Canada and it's costing me about $8,800 I've already but down 2,500 and they've done the X-ray I had to get some teeth pulled before have the braves put as I have lots of crowding going on, anyways I get my braces put on Nov 12, they estimated 20 months having them on. I will... READ MORE

I'm 32 and looked at the option of getting braces many times before but have decided to go for it now with incognito lingual braces on the top and clarity braces on the bottom. I got the clarity braces on yesterday and will have the incognito braces fitted in 3 weeks. I haven't always disliked... READ MORE

This procedure (although costly which is the main con, almost double the cost of regular braces!) has been the best decision for me. I didn't think my teeth were too bad besides my two canine teeth which never fully came down but besides that fix I couldn't imagine wearing metal braces front and... READ MORE

I have incognito lite. I was estimated at 7 month treatment time I'm well over a year now. I got it for one tooth which is twisted and have seen little improvement in this tooth turning.. feeling disheartened at the slow process and every time I go in they say oh wow your teeth look so great... READ MORE

I've had braces before, and after years of not wearing my retainer, my teeth shifted. More on the lower teeth then the upper teeth. I didn't want to wear braces again, and didn't think I would wear Invisalign trays. I decided to go for another option - Incognito (Behind the teeth) Lingual... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me why my lingual braces look so complicated compare the one show in google ? My lungual seem to hv more glue or the jelly thing . Doc said my case is special , and funny is I hv this 2 little bum which cause my upper n lower cannot close n that cause I can't chew n eat . Explain... READ MORE

I had very crowded teeth and at 16 my parents allowed me to get two veneers to assist with the appearance of my teeth. As I grew into adulthood the veneers caused my front teeth to shift and made the crowding worse. In June of 2014 I decided to get braces and went to see Dr. Francis Wong at... READ MORE

So I just got fitted with my upper arch today. It has only been 6 hours but I want to rip them off. The main problem is with my back molars. The bracket wraps around the tooth so that my bite is affected and I can't really bite down. The ortho spent about half an hour trying to file it down. The... READ MORE

So far so good. It is the first day and I am excited to see what these bad boys can do! To start with the procedure to get them on took 1-2 hours. First they have to prepare your teeth, then put the brackets on a and finally add the wire. I found that the only part of the process that was... READ MORE

My orthodontist put the bottom set on first and the first week was excruciating. My whole tongue was an ulcer, I couldn't swallow, couldn't eat. But on the plus side I could literally see tooth movement within days. Then the top set went on. Oh My God! The fact that I was having a personal... READ MORE

I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago and so far I hate them! I have a lisp which ruins everything, whenever I drink or eat something it hurts. like a lot. Plus, my tongue really hurts from all the metal inside my mouth. Is there any tips to overcome these problems? I know I got them 2... READ MORE

I had a slight overlap in my front tooth. The main aim of the treatment was to create space for movement. My treatment has been going on for 2 years 9 months whereas I was told maximum time required would be 18 months. Should I be concerned ? Also I've been told for full effect of the treatment... READ MORE

Braces for 3 yrs as a teen then teeth returned to being severely crooked. Was now single in my 50's and needed not to have a gap-tooth smile. Money was no object and invisalign not strong enough to make the needed adjustments, so I chose lingual upper and ceramic lower. The brackets are shaped... READ MORE

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How much do Lingual Braces cost?

The typical cost for Lingual Braces ranges from $5,000-$11,000 with an average cost of $7,675. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 34 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more