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Lasers can be used for several cosmetic procedures, including skin resurfacing, teeth whitening, liposuction, and vision correction. Lasers come in two forms: Ablative, which remove the top layer of skin, and non-ablative, which are less invasive and use heat to stimulate cells to improve underlying collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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Very Pleased with Results

Paige at Dr. J.J. Wendel in Green Hills (Nashville TN) was an excellent practitioner. I went in for Botox as a first timer, and she put me at ease. While there she advised me she could also assist me with the redness on my nose. She suggested I use laser, and was able to apply it at the same... READ MORE

Amazing - Raleigh, NC

I recently saw Dr. Becker for a procedure on my nose. I was slightly hesitant, simply because of the location on my face. From the minute I walked into his office, I felt welcome and well cared for. The front office staff were professional, prompt, and, pleasant. The staff that helped me with... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Problem on Leg

I have seen Dr. Goldman for two sessions of laser treatments on my leg during the past year. I had sclerotherapy injections performed at a different location and due to inappropriate aftercare instructions, I still have pigment issues on my leg. Dr. Goldman recommended treatment with different... READ MORE

50ish guy loves outcome of laser procedure on lower eyes

Investment in laser eye surgery has probably been, next to Botox, one of the most effective and least intrusive cosmetic procedures I've undertaken to date. And the fact that Dr. Denton personally undertakes the procedure vs. a trained clinician guarantees great results. The results of the... READ MORE

40 Something, Wanting to Look As Young As I Feel

I have been going to Dr. Rodwell for a couple of years. He is most professional and an amazing facial plastic surgeon. He takes the utmost pride in his work. His staff is always friendly and the office is impeccably clean. His prices are comparable to that of a dermatologist, however I feel... READ MORE

Getting Older Made Easier - Woodbury, MN

I started to get age spots on my face and wanted to be proactive. Word of mouth brought me to a plastic surgeon near me. I was excited to get going on this and had a consultation within a week. I chose to have laser treatments and a skin care line to keep up in-between treatments. I was so happy... READ MORE

Laser on Legs

Linsey is so nice! She is a great person to go to and knows what she is talking about! Everyone in the office is great. The place is very welcoming as well as good music, comforting people, and great services in all aspects of the word. I recommend it to anyone. I had a great experience and hope... READ MORE

Anyone Who Has Done Revlite Laser for Pigmentation? Downtime Needed After? and for How Many Days Have to Avoid Sun? - India

Hello everyone.. i am from india.. 24years old girl... last year i went to doctor for my mild acne red marks.. its just 3 or 4 marks.. doctor prescribed me glyco 6 cream.. i started using this cream in night bt after using this cream for 10 days.. i noticed brown patches on both sides of my... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal and Facial Scar

I have gone to Dr. Mezrow for four sessions now to have my tattoo removed and it is almost completely gone! This was the first summer where I went to the beach and was not embarrassed to take my shirt off because I knew nobody was going to notice it. Dr. Mezrow used a new laser he recently... READ MORE

Laser Removal for Wart - Charlotte, NC

I had a wart on my middle finger that had formed from pulling a hang nail and then getting a manicure. I had been dealing with this for 3 years going to my primary dermatologist. She then referred me to Dr. Kosari and in 3 treatments and 1 follow-up appointment (each 3 weeks a part) the wart... READ MORE

Always a Pleasure... - Nashville, TN

My treatment is on going. I am extremely happy with the appearance of my skin. I have been a patient at The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville for one year. Aside from Laser Treatments, which I have quarterly, I receive Hydra Facials monthly. The look and texture of my skin is markedly... READ MORE


Dr Goldman is my dermotologyst for years. I'm very happy with his treatments. he does not recommend a procedure if he believes it is not necessary. He always get to the core of what a patient needs. The techniques he uses are the best. Great staff. They are very friendly and knowlegable on the... READ MORE

You'd Be Surprised What a Difference a Laser Procedure Can Make - Edison, NJ

I had just retired after 36 years of service in the field of education and because I had the time to focus on something other than the demands of my job, I took a good look at myself and knew that I wouldn't be happy until I did something to improve my appearance. I knew that my face looked old... READ MORE

Great Doctor!

Dr. James Gordon did a fantastic job. My face after his laser treatment makes me look ten years younger. I will always be grateful. The anesthetic cream dulled the pain and the procedure was done in a timely manner. The doctor was ready for me almost as soon as I arrived for the procedure. ... READ MORE

Laser Treatments

Dr. Heidi Waldorf is the only one I will trust to apply a laser beam to my face. She has been treating my rosacea with laser and it has been truly life changing. She is always cautious and starts slow to see how you'll react. With her treatment, the redness that was progressively worsening... READ MORE

African American Male - Beverly Hills, CA

For years I have struggled with dark circles and skin hyper pigmentation. As an African American , it's been very hard to find doctors who can find solutions for my skin problems using advanced laser techniques. Dr Jason Emer is the first person I've found who can address any skin concern I have... READ MORE

Worst Mistake of my Life

Hi this is my experience with laser. I had some laser done to remove facial veins, and have regretted it ever since. I have had it done in the past and never had a problem. The first two time were fine but the third one at the clinic I will never forget. I Remember telling the girl not to go... READ MORE

10 Lipo Laser Sessions @ Quick Slim Vegas - Henderson, NV

I love the results that I got by doing 10 lipo laser sessions with whole body vibration. Each session took 1/2 hour and was very relaxing. I did them 3 x per week. I also did a cardio on the days of my treatments and I was not able to eat 1h before it and 2 h after. I highly recommend this... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old Facial Rejuvenation - Clearwater, FL

Dr Villanustre recommended 3 sessions of laser rejuvenation that included forever young treatments (BBL) for the sun damage and dark spots on my face and skin tyte to tighten the neck skin. Also did botox and juvaderm. He is very knowledgeable, he explained me in detail the procedures and made... READ MORE

Eye Filler and Laser Treatment

Dr Ort is amazing!! I had dark circles under my eyes and it looked like I was always sleep deprived even though I wasn't. Dr. Ort added filler and did a deep laser for blue veins and OMG!! I look younger and vibrant in my face. I am extremely happy with my results. My husband loved the... READ MORE

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