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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›

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So far so good! first of 2 treatments and my skin already looks and feels better. After a few days of redness, my overall skin color is brighter and smoother and some of the brown spots have already started to fade. Looking forward to my 2nd procedure in early Feb. Also discussed daily... READ MORE

This is a newer laser procedure that smooths, plumps and tightens. Instead of fillers I opted to try the Fotana 4D treatment to plump my nasiolabial folds. The Fotana 4D uses 4 different lasers, thus giving me plumped up nasiolabial folds, fresher looking skin and a reduction in my wrinkles. The... READ MORE

Dr. Hayre's skin tightening lasers can reverse the years off everyday life. They work. She easily took years off my exhausted face. Pair it with botox, and my kids tell me I look like a happy mom again :) (all worth it!) I've also been using her skin brightening pads and CC cream for 1 year, and... READ MORE

This is not really a review but more of a comment. A couple of weeks ago I posted my concern regarding a procedure that I had done in my face (laser lift/fat transfer) in Orlando Fl. After 5 days I went back to doctors office but the nurse was the one who saw me. I told her that I was very... READ MORE

I have been treated by Dr. Sapra for a few years now and he has been an incredible, kind-hearted man to me from the very start. I find that a lot of people become pricks when they achieve a well-honoured reputation; become a model in their community; well known internationally. Dr. Sheetal Sapra... READ MORE

My nose looks florid because of sun exposure which has caused tiny broken veins. I've become quite aware of it, especially since it accentuates my nasolabial folds. Someone I trust implicitly recommended Broadband Laser with a dermatologist here in Brisbane - Dr Basit Mirza. Dr Mirza advised me... READ MORE

I am a patient of Dr. Michael Greenberg whose office is in Elk Grove Village, Il. Over the years I had accumulated many facial age spots (over 70) which made me increasingly self conscience. In just one relatively brief appointment Dr. Greenburg successfully treated them. After a short time of... READ MORE

I had few things done at this place my nose and some implants for my lips this was a while back like 15 yrs ago Dr weeks is a very nice man and honest and experienced hopefully I go back there soon I just need to lose a little more wieght ! otherwise I will had done my first facelift this yearI... READ MORE

I had many brown spots on my face and chest area. Dr. Beasley @ Maryland Laser Skin and Vein Institute performed laser therapy on them and they were gone in a week. Dr. Beasley was very clear about how the process would go and what to expect. I received so many compliments about my skin. ... READ MORE

Ive had 3 laser treatments for my face with Dr Mezrow. I couldnt be happier with results. Ive heard alot of stories from people who have had this treatment done with other doctors saying its so painful and they looked horrible for a week. My experience was completely different. The pain was not... READ MORE

I did not like the appearance of my chest area. Excessive exposure to the sun in my 30's, 40's and 50's took its toll on my skin. The natural aging process added to the problem. After having a face lift and being satisfied with the result, it became apparent that i needed to address the chest... READ MORE

Had a treatment with Dr. Fabi and was thrilled by the results, would highly recommend her to anyone for any skin care concerns. She has the most wonderful, caring bedside manner! I will be returning to her for a follow up and are expecting the same great results. I can't say enough great... READ MORE

I'm an avid surfer and with that comes sunspots. It's pretty inevitable but recently I've noticed that my sunspots have been merging to form larger patches. I consulted with Dr Lee not knowing what sort of treatment could fix this and he suggested their new Vanish Light laser treatment. After... READ MORE

Dr. Rodgers did two surgical procedures for me 9 years ago -- when I had the funds, more time for recovery, and faster healing. Now I have a different lifestyle -- and I need something non-surgical, little or no downtime, and less costly. That's where Katie and Ashley have become my go-to... READ MORE

I have been working with Dr. Sherber to eliminate sun damage to my skin, she has been using a combination of products and laser treatments to a noticeable degree of success. Both Drs. Sherber and Rad are incredibly patient and kind. Their staff is courteous, helpful and non-judgmental. The... READ MORE

Dr. Blair and Kathy completed series of VBeam laser treatments on face and YAG laser treatments on nose for redness/broken capillaries. They are very committed to perfected results and will continue treatments until those results are achieved! ALL staff members are GREAT, very professional,... READ MORE

Viora R.F. after 7 treatment at a 68 setting I see not difference and feel this may not be worth the time or money. i tried micro-needling and after one visit I see significant improvements. I also tried Bolitero under my eyes which was not complimentary. It was not extended to the outer... READ MORE

Just bought the Palovia at home laser device! WooHoo! I'm a certified laser technician and have had laser treatments done on my face, but of course never in the sensitive under eye area. I am very interested to see if this at home device is going to work. Since the company states that... READ MORE

Dr. Papantoniou has helped me with various skin issues. From cosmetic laser treatments to the removal of basal cell carcinoma. She is professional, personable, intelligent and highly skilled. She takes her time with you and answers all questions while putting you at ease. I always recommend her... READ MORE

I turned to PV Dermatology after seeing another Dermatologist that wanted to do a costly procedure. Dr. Blair suggested doing a laser treatment, which was 100 percent effective and 1/10 of the cost the other Dermatologist was trying to charge. I appreciate all that Dr. Blair and his staff did... READ MORE

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