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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›

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I first went to Dr. Sterling to have a broken capillary on my face lasered off. The office staff was incredibly friendly, and there was virtually no wait time. Dr. Sterling understood my concern and explained exactly what I should expect during and after the procedure. He answered any and all of... READ MORE

I have been going to see both Ashley and Katie for over 3 years now. I am extremely knowledgeable on available treatments and always do my research before I get any skin treatments so I don't waste any money. I moved from Dallas a few years ago and was fearful I wouldn't find anyone in Denver... READ MORE

I am very sad and disappointed to report that Dr Eisbach's treatment of me was not even remotely helpful or satisfactory. I agreed to a treatment to reduce redness and small broken capillaries on my face. I paid in full and then was submitted to over 50, Yes, FIFTY needle sticks on my face.... READ MORE

Designed treatment for me for discoloration from an ipl burn (fm another office) with medlite and genesis. she knows what she is doing. Personable, more affordable than other places in NYC. Technician was awesome and knew what she was doung. Beautiful offices on 5th avenue. Recommened. I will... READ MORE

I had my first laser treatment at his office and dr young and his staff made the experience great one. I went to receive a consultation for my scar between my eyes and dr young was knowledgeable and professional and he made sure that all my concerns were addressed. My scar is pretty deep so it... READ MORE

I really wanted to come to Dr. Clevens because I had plenty of friends and even my doctor recommend him! First off, Dr. Clevens is such a normal, friendly guy. I didn't feel nervous talking to him about my concerns and felt like he really listened to me and connected personally with me - It is... READ MORE

This is my first time every getting cosmetic laser treatment so when I arrived I was very nervous. Dr. Wu and his staff we're welcoming and informative about everything so I felt fine. My treatment went very well and after his staff made sure I had everything I needed to recover. His staff... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Taher by my family doctor regarding a venus lake (like a blood blister) on my lip. Dr. Taher told me he could remove it by a special laser (one of only 2 like it in our city) and he explained what he would do and that it would only be a bit of discomfort for a few seconds... READ MORE

If you are considering a laser treatment and you are a first-timer, PLEASE READ THIS – it will save you the time of researching! I was looking to “not look so tired” . . . A friend recommended Cynthia D. Wood, Director of Laser Services at Maloney Plastic Surgery. Possessing 10 years... READ MORE

Dr Costas is extremely professional and honest surgeon. I had a great experience with him, he is very knowledgeable caring with the right advice. His work is sublime, he takes his time in explaining the procedure without being pretentious. He is a very valuable doctor to have . He gives the... READ MORE

Had Dr. Shah since 2011, highly recommended by another MD where I work as a nurse, but before I chose him to do my first Rhinoplasty...I went to 3 other doctors who were also highly recommended but he was the only one who actually listened to me and doesnt really have the typical "Doctor"... READ MORE

Many years on a sailboat and enjoying the outdoors have resulted in sunspots on my face and hands. In addition, looking in the mirror recently, I noticed wrinkles around my mouth that made me look and feel older than how I thought about myself as a person. I felt like these have aged me more... READ MORE

Went to Dr Shirley Olsen after my friend went to see her a couple of years ago. She has done a few laser treatments on me and my skin is much brighter and tighter. Fewer dark spots and less dark under my eyes. It stings a little and some treatments I get numbed for and others I don't, but... READ MORE

When I first walked in the office I noticed how clean and beautiful it is. The woman at the front desk was very welcoming and I was taken in right away with no wait. The aesthetician was extremely friendly and made me comfortable throughout the entire visit. Before beginning any treatment we... READ MORE

I have gone to see Dr. Waibel for over 6 years. And there's no other doctor in this world that took the time to really explain everything to me in full detail and make me feel comfortable. I come every year, and I request Ana as my nurse each time. Ana by far loves and cares. Even took me home. ... READ MORE

This was my second laser treatment. I am fair skinned. I have some broken capillaries, vascular skin, and a fair amount of redness. I have noticed a reduction in redness and my capillaries are gone. There is no down time, only a bit of redness for a couple of hours after the procedure. I would... READ MORE

Ity location. His office is clean and neat and his front desk staff are a bunch of the nicest girls I've ever met. I never wait more than 5-10 min to be taken to the back. Dr. Rokhsar is sweet, helpful, and extremely smart. You can immediately tell upon meeting him that he knows his stuff. I'm... READ MORE

Upon first doing my treatment with Dr. Fox, I did multiple hours of research and found Dr. Fox the best suited for this type of treatment. The facility itself is extremely updated with the most innovated equipment and well trained staff. Dr. Fox along with the entire staff is very professional... READ MORE

I have been to Dr. Gowda's office for a few different proceedures but most recently laser tattoo removal. Kelly first numbs the area and then uses the laser to remove it. You can feel it during the removal of some colors but not all and it doesn't really hurt. I'm not sure but they may be the... READ MORE

I had a brown spot right at the tip of my nose (and others on my face.) I became very conscientious of it, and people's eyes were drawn to it. It had to go !!! I had it for at least 10 years. I only wish I would have had this pigment laser treatment a long time ago !!!! That spot is gone... READ MORE

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