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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›

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Please think twice before you get a pigmentation laser on your face. It will leave a laser scar mark on your face if the laser treatment is a strong treatment. Laser pigmentation bring me miserable journey. If I know this is the outcome, I will definitely not allow the doctor to perform the... READ MORE

Review of Freckle Reduction with Candela GentleLase Alexandrite Laser I wanted to post here because I used this forum a lot before deciding to go ahead with a laser treatment to reduce my freckles. I am SO PLEASED with the results. I am not someone who have ever spent a lot of money on a... READ MORE

STOP ALL LASER TREATMENTS!! Sorry, not yelling but absoultely try OBAGI CREAM (3 and 4 only). See my other reviews on here about problems after Fraxel... please. Spend $130 total and in 2 months you will see the difference. pores, acne scars, pigmentations, old etc etc etc. IT is the last... READ MORE

I knew what to expect the second time, it was bearable with the numbing cream put on 1.5 hours ahead of time. Took 20 mins maybe to treat me, the Dr is wonderful. I did it to remove wrinkles and brown sun spots and do not want a facelift yet.... Healing is ok stay in 4-5 days put ice... READ MORE

I had acne and scars which was getting very severe and so i opted to do laser treament but over time i started losing fat on my cheeks and so my scars were more prominent than ever before.......this kinda of got me confused and on my process of knowing why this happened i came across this site... READ MORE

Dr. Heidi Waldorf is the only one I will trust to apply a laser beam to my face. She has been treating my rosacea with laser and it has been truly life changing. She is always cautious and starts slow to see how you'll react. With her treatment, the redness that was progressively worsening... READ MORE

For years I have struggled with dark circles and skin hyper pigmentation. As an African American , it's been very hard to find doctors who can find solutions for my skin problems using advanced laser techniques. Dr Jason Emer is the first person I've found who can address any skin concern I have... READ MORE

I love the results that I got by doing 10 lipo laser sessions with whole body vibration. Each session took 1/2 hour and was very relaxing. I did them 3 x per week. I also did a cardio on the days of my treatments and I was not able to eat 1h before it and 2 h after. I highly recommend this... READ MORE

Dr Villanustre recommended 3 sessions of laser rejuvenation that included forever young treatments (BBL) for the sun damage and dark spots on my face and skin tyte to tighten the neck skin. Also did botox and juvaderm. He is very knowledgeable, he explained me in detail the procedures and made... READ MORE

Dr Ort is amazing!! I had dark circles under my eyes and it looked like I was always sleep deprived even though I wasn't. Dr. Ort added filler and did a deep laser for blue veins and OMG!! I look younger and vibrant in my face. I am extremely happy with my results. My husband loved the... READ MORE

This is my second C&B this year with Miss Kelly! I have only done my face but you can also treat the neck and chest area. The price quoted is for the face only. There is little to no downtime. No peeling like some treatments and can wear makeup the next day. It is a great addition to all the... READ MORE

With the exception of having to clean the area I was having my procedure performed on myself, I was completely satisfied. I understand the clinic may have been short staffed and it didn't bother me to do this as I have worked in numerous healthcare settings. I have already recommended the clinic... READ MORE

Dr Grawe is an excellent MD. She has an excellent bedside manner and explained the procedure clearly. I am very happy with the results!!! An A+ for her and her group. The treatment was laser ablation of the "sun spot" on my nose. The lesion had been there for years but had darkened over... READ MORE

When Dr. Nanda began treatments, my toenail fungus was more than 10 years old. My right great toenail was mostly gone. The remainder was extremely thick and brittle, blackened underneath and yellow on the surface, and grossly unhealthy in appearance. I was embarrassed if anyone saw it. The... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Heidi Waldorf - she is incredibly competent and familar with all of the newest procedures. Absolutely love her staff too. She uses the clear and brilliant lasers to improve skin quality - it produces what is like a light sunburn that day - Heidi can recommend what to use... READ MORE

Dr. Frucht was kind and thorough. This was my first experience with laser treatments, and he helped make the process extremely easy and painless. I have an upcoming wedding and wanted a few things taken care of skin-wise before then. My nose angiomas and telengectasias were noticeably improved... READ MORE

I was tired of brown spots on my face and red veins on nose. I had received previous treatments from another dermatologist but still had the problems. I noticed a significant difference in the quality and diversity of the type of equipment used by Dr. Kosari at Dermatology, Laser and Vein... READ MORE

I have several fine lines and a few larger sagging wrinkles around my eyes, making me look tired and old. The lazer procedure Dr. Gutowski recommended for me targeted these areas along with the looser area of skin covering the eye brow. Within one month of the procedure, my skin began to look... READ MORE

After getting into an accident that damaged my lip and nose I visited Dr.Mahlberg for a few treatments. He made me feel comfortable and had a plan to take care of the scar damage. Now, you cannot even see the damage. I was so grateful for the way he explained the procedures and took care what... READ MORE

Laser tx uncomfortable but to be expected. Mary understanding and through in her explaining Rx and pros/cons, outcome. I like that I can return in 3 weeks for follow included in the initial fee. One disappointment: the practice does not include electrolysis at the office. Referred out. All in... READ MORE

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