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Lasers can be used for several cosmetic procedures, including skin resurfacing, teeth whitening, liposuction, and vision correction. Lasers come in two forms: Ablative, which remove the top layer of skin, and non-ablative, which are less invasive and use heat to stimulate cells to improve underlying collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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65, So Much Sun Damage Spots Everywhere I Was So Upset with It

I think there's something about turning 60, But 65 made me see aging is here and I didn't like it, feeling good about yourself is very important and I wasn't happy Lori removed all the ugly spots healing was fast and my face is glowing once again thank you so much Emily for referring me. Love... READ MORE

Laser for Onychomycosis (Toenail Fungus) - Saskatoon, SK

I have had a fungal infection on my big toe for almost 3 years. My primary physician wouldn't Rx oral antifungals. I have been trying OTC treatment but finally found a clinic near me to treat with laser. I had 15 minute of laser on one foot (left). It got hot but didn't hurt. The Dr. who... READ MORE

Skinpen and fraxel ruined my skin

I put my review in the wrong place. My journey includes microdermabrasion Chemical peels. Skinpen. IPL. Fraxel and microneedling. See below my experience. This was done by a couple different estheticians at a Spa. I really feel they have no business doing these procedures. I disclosed that I... READ MORE

Did 17 Spectra Laser Treatments - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I paid for 17 spectra laser treatments and in the end my melasma came back and the laser actually deleted and bleached my natural skin pigmented and lightened parts of my forehead and face permanently I wish I had never done it waste of money now I'm forced to wear heavy cover uo just too make... READ MORE


OMG Dr. Alex is amazing. I did several procedures with him including chemical peel, laser for acne scars, and Latisse for lashes. My acne scars improve significantly and have already seen a growth in my lashes in less than one month.  The office/spa is very welcoming and the atmosphere is very c... READ MORE

Top of the line Professional

Dr Gelber is truly the top when it comes to laser skin treatments. She is professional and gives you her honest opinion along with listening intently to what your desires are. I have had several laser treatments from doctor Gelber, from level 5 laser to a level 10 complete resurfacing. I... READ MORE

I've been going to him for years now!

I wanted to add a second review for Dr. Emer since I've been going to him for several years now. I wish we could review for several procedures in the same review. Although I have labeled this as a laser treatment, I have had my tear troughs done by him three times now, Voluma in my cheeks twice,... READ MORE

Good at what he does but not very personable.

I had my procedure yesterday and the nurses aren't so pleasant some of them were but the head nurse seems to be a little more like nonchalant towards everything. The doctor also is not very personable he comes in he doesn't shake your hand he doesn't smile and he asked us know what he's doing to... READ MORE

PLEXR Treatment - Pain, Scars.. Steer Clear!

Hi all I'm nomally not a person who writes reviews but in this case I was compelled to do that . I had a PLEXR upper lids treatment just over a month ago and wanted to warn anyone who's contemplating going ahead with this procedure . First .. it's horrendously painful . Something I wasn't quite... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Multi Colored New Tattoo

So in October I got this tattoo that I hated from the second I got it colored in. I had been wanting this tattoo for a very long time, did my research on artists etc etc etc. for some reason the artist stepped outside of her normal style and decided to do it at the cost of my shoulder. Needless... READ MORE

Feel robbed.

Went to get toes layzered 3 times for toe fungus cost almost 400 dollars with the 90 dollar nail polish. I would have been wiser on the first visit, they showed a before and after picture of another person showing very little results. I still have the fungus even though on line they claim this... READ MORE

Overwhelmed with regret after new tattoo 6 days ago

So I got a tattoo 6 days ago, which I've wanted for years. The outline of the underboob part is completed and I love that part. I know when it's finished I will love it. My problem is I just kind of decided to have the sternum part on a whim while I was there. I've been having over whelming... READ MORE

Lots of Leg Sunspots. Winston Salem, NC

I am 34 years old and started developing sunspots around 30 years old. This year I decided to have them lasered. I chose a qswitched nd yag laser for treatment. I had around 500 pulses done on my legs in one setting. Eeek! It stung but was tolerable. My legs were in fire when I left the office.... READ MORE

Excellent Results with Very Caring Doctor and Staff - New York

I had some broken capillary veins on my face that just started to get worse and I finally decided to do something about it. A friend had recommended that I visit Dr. Berdy at SMOOTHMED as she had a very positive experience and said Dr. Berdy was gentle, explained the procedure thoroughly, and... READ MORE

True professional and miracle worker

I initially went to Dr Sach Mohan because I had had fillers administered by another doctor in my trough area, which had been filled horribly and had left me with under eye wrinkles. Dr Mohan was recommended to me by a friend who I can't thank enough he really is a miracle worker. He... READ MORE

49 Years Old, Facial Rejuvenation with RecoSMA Was a Success

Over the last couple of years I had to get through some very stressful events in my life. At one point I started noticing that the skin on my face had lost its firmness and it looked withering and thin. I also had these dark circles around my eyes because of my diet and lack of sleep as I... READ MORE

miracle in cosmetology, 58 age – laser rejuvenation recosma treatment. Russia, RU

I recently done laser rejuvenation treatment on my face to improve my skin, wrinkles and other problems. I never had any treatment like this before because I didn’t give lot of attention to my look. When my face problems become more visible I decided have consultation with cosmetology doctor w... READ MORE

Latvian, 43 Years Old, London, UK. Real Laser Rejuvenation. London, GB

My beautician advised to me new rejuvenation treatment RecoSMA I was very satisfied with the procedure itself and with first results. The procedure is absolutely painless, relatively fast. It was a small inconvenience: immediately after the procedure had a red face, as though strongly tanned in... READ MORE

Looking Good at 68!! - Covington, LA

Dr. Kinsley is the BEST!! I highly recommend her!! I had a Breast Reduction, Eyelid Surgery, Lacer - spider veins, Juverderm, & Botox!! Go for it!! I will continue to go to Dr. Kinsley!!! I plan on having a silk peel shortly !! This is my 50th High School Class reunion and I want to look great! READ MORE

30-Year-old, Burned by Laser - Coimbra, Portugal

I have done it from November 2014 till May 2015 for 5 sessions in the area of whole feet, abdomen, armpit and face. I was satisfied in these sessions. In the last session in May 2015, the technician told me to come back in October for the last session and after that you should come here for one... READ MORE

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