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My Smile is Back

I am an RN. Dr Felder is the only MD I trust with my eyes . 12 years ago I had an upper eye lift & the results are STILL remarkable ! Recently I had an under eye laser to tighten the loose skin. Again an awesome improvement that makes me smile again ! READ MORE

J Plasma Resurfacing- Amazing Results

Contour Medical is my fountain of youth. I am 49 years old headed quickly towards 50. I kept noticing cheek wrinkles, heavy eye wrinkles and bags under my eyes. I grew up in the sun in California and Arizona. I smoked when I was younger. I also spent about 2 weeks a year basking in the sun... READ MORE

28, Erbium - Plainview, TX

I had erbium done today. I have very large pores and orange peel, though mild, texture. The laser was very painful around my mouth and nose and the first hour afterwards was awful. I found a fan and ice packs were all that helped. After that hour it wasn't even painful, but I look very... READ MORE

25 Years Disappeared - Fort Myers, FL

My face was sagging and very wrinkled . I was feeling so very bad about my appearance in my advancing age - 76 ! Aggressive treatment was required - and it was well worth it. I look 25 years younger; and this motivated me to lose weight and take better care of myself. And my husband is so... READ MORE

Corrected Chin Line (2010) + Removed Actinic Keratosis(2017) - Rockville, MD

I have known Dr. Ravi Dahiya since about 2010. I consider him to be a First Class Plastic Surgeon. I would not let any other Plastic Surgeon work on my face. My first experience can be seen in Photo 1, Dr. Dahiya corrected my chin line, which made me look years younger. My second experience I... READ MORE

Candela Quadralase C02 - Troy, OH

Just yesterday I had my second treatment with this laser. The Dermatologist said I would probably need 3 treatments to be happy with the results......as you can see, the scars are pretty bad!! I'm having a treatment done every 2 months. I was happy with the results of the first session, I... READ MORE

36yrs Old, Married with 2 Kids. Ance from Early Teens - Scotland, GB

So after many many years wanting this procedure. I'm now 1 day post op through our glorious NHS. I'm extremely swollen, but pleased to say the only pain experienced was getting my dressing changed earlier. Saw a quick glimpse of my extremely red face earlier and looking forward to tomorrow when... READ MORE

For the Next 50 Years - Paradise Valley, AZ

Wanted to clean my skin up for the next 50 years -- or 10! I got an Obagi blue peel at 30, a deep chemical peel at 40, and erbium for 50. I wanted to write this review because I didn't find many current reviews or resurfacing that seemed similar to mine. I also had fat grafting around the eyes,... READ MORE

Later Craters - Toronto, ON

I found Dr. Cory Torgerson while I was browsing online and decided to give them a call. They were very friendly and found me a convenient slot for my free consultation. When I arrived, I was placed in a room where then Michelle entered and introduced herself. I explained my reason for being... READ MORE

Facial Resurfacing Sciton Erbium with Ablation & Coag - Lubbock, TX

I've had deep under-eye bags for as long as I can remember. Some of it may be from good 'ol Texas allergies, some inherited, and some from gravity (notice I didn't say age haha). As part of my makeover, I selected for some facial resurfacing. I choose to use the same PS facility that ... READ MORE

Sun Damage and Melasma - Dublin, OH

I am writing this as a diary to document my experience with Fx laser treament for melasma. Details: treatment of entire face Pain during procedure...very tolerable Based on the internet research I did, my expectation was that the pain would be terrible and I would look like a monster. Day of... READ MORE

Contour TRL

As a 48 year old woman, I was noticing that my face was appearing rough and had many age spots. I heard about Contour TRL and asked my dermatologist whether it would help. After a consult, Dr Kates considered me a good candidate and reviewed recovery and expectations. Prior to the procedure,... READ MORE

46 Years Old - Adult Acne Sufferer - Acne Scars and Mild Crows Feet and 11's Between my Eyes - Riverside, CA

I have wanted this treatment for 20 years and never had the opportunity..up until now.. I came to the Real self site and got ALOT of good and useful information regarding the procedure. I had the C02RE ablative facial resurface with 2 passes.. After 2 Valium, (necessary) - 28 shots and 3... READ MORE

Facial Resurfacing with ICON1540

I realized it was time to do something about the wrinkles around my eyes, when people began to ask me why I looked so tired, even after a restful night's sleep. Initially, I was very nervous to have someone treat my face, knowing how hard it would be to hide any resulting complications. However,... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium Laser - Ottawa, ON

I have been waiting for my PS office to get a new laser & I knew they were trying out several different models. They called me a couple of weeks ago & wanted to know if I would like to be one of the test cases for the Scion Laser that they were thinking of purchasing. And I said YES! ... READ MORE

CO2 Disasterous Results - Richmond, VA

I had only mildly noticeable lines around my mouth and mild acne scars. CO2 took out all my pigment, (think ghost), destroyed skin laxity, pitted and left lesion like marks all over my skin. Four years out and I've aged 20 years. Its only getting worse. Skin is waxy, dimpled and mottled. This... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Not Happy with Wrinkles and Skin Tone - Birmingham, AL

I went to my doctor for the first time thinking I was getting botox to look and feel my best just before my wedding. She recomnended doing laser resurfacing to get the best result for my money. I felt I could trust her after just a few minutes of talking with her. She's was very genuine about... READ MORE

(Unfinished) Removing Dark Pigmented Birthmark on Leg (African American) at Radiance Cosmetic Center - Riverside, CA

Background: I've had a series of birthmarks on my legs since birth. I believe they're called cafe au lait. They're flat and brown in color and, since middle school, I've grown increasingly self-conscious and depressed about my birthmark. I don't expose my legs. I'm currently a 17 year old... READ MORE

Contour TRL Laser - Waste of Time and Money - La Jolla, CA

I'm a 40-something guy who is starting to show some age lines/wrinkles, plus I've had some mild scars and textural inconsistencies on my face due to different pore zones, young adult acne and also getting chicken pox in my 30s. I had previously tried chemical peels to some success, but decided... READ MORE

DOT Laser Not Worth It - Kirkland, WA

I purchased a groupon package of 3 DOT laser procedures from Aura The first time I had no results but bought the package and thought I would give it another try. Second treatment was less successful than the first Third treatment I complained about the first two not working and that was a... READ MORE

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