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Birthday Makeover with Vaser and Laser Liposuction (Upper/Lower Abdominals and Flanks) - New York, NY

I've monitored these threads, for a while, and finally decided to pull the trigger! I want to have my liposuction procedure, this spring, so I can enjoy my birthday makeover, in the Fall. I met with Dr. Tehrani, today, to discuss my options for attacking my Abdominal/flanks. He suggested a... READ MORE

" Upper+Lower Abdomen As Well As Flanks. 33, 5'4 Weighed 178. 3 Children - King of Prussia, PA

I have a crazy schedule with the kids work and as a women house work and dinner as well. I didn't have much me time to fit in the gym so it felt almost impossible. I did the diet pills and ate properly and lost 20lbs. Well I gained it back after stopping the pills because I went back to bad... READ MORE

27 W/2 Kids. Finding my Old Body - Allentown, Pennsylvania

I have always been an average size but after I had my daughter in 2014 I have not been able to feel confident nor comfortable in my own skin. I am the heaviest I've ever been and I'm tired of dieting and exercising. It's time to take the steps needed in order to get this stomach off of my for... READ MORE

Doctor Left Me Disfigured and Depressed - The Woodlands, TX

I went in for a thigh lift for the back of my legs. There was no issue with the front of my legs but the doctor said they were fat. He said I needed laser Lipo on the front and back. The results speak for themselves. I am now disfigured because of this procedure. I told him I get upset when I... READ MORE

56 yr.old..Had my abs,stomach and flanks done..SONOBELLO HARRISON N.Y.

I'm getting abs stomach and love handles laser lipo suction at Sonobello in Harrison New York. here are my preop pictures I will post on Thursday postop pictures .. And post how I'm feeling ..feeling very anxious sorry for the pics they came out sideways I don't know why I cannot wait to... READ MORE

Laser Lipo.... 46 yr old. Really Needed It. Harrison, NY

I had my son 8 years ago, and also quick smoking after 24 years, three years ago (12-5-13). I was losing the baby fat but when I quick smoking I started to gain the weight back, I also suffer from severe neck and back pain from a car accident so I can't workout as much or as hard as I wanted to... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Laser Lipo, Hated Side Flanks - Sterling, VA

Got laser lipo done and it took a short amount of time because I am petite and not overweight. I wanted to lose the side flanks that didn't look good when I wore clothing. Pros: TBD Cons: minor pain to be expected Outcome: TBD Motivation: I am a fashionable person who enjoys wearing nice,... READ MORE

Bad Laser Lipo Surgery - Memphis, TN

I went to dr . Karen quiely she told me that I am great candidate of liposuction she said that I will be flat ... So I went ahead and had the surgery on July 24 2015 . It been 10 months and This how I look still big stomach!!!! So I went back she send me to dr campfeild and he said that he can... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Odo, Flanks, Bra Rolls, and Inner Thighs. Bethesda, MD

I am a very active person since I was in early 20. I am now 57 years old. These area always bother me and can never tone them with 3 times regularly to the gyms. so I finally decide to have them done. After interviewed 3 surgeons, I decided to go with Dr. Dean Jabs in Bethesda based on the... READ MORE

Day 1 Post Op. Buckhead, GA

UPDATE: 1 day post op. Feel pretty good just sore. Went to the grocery and aside from getting in and out of the car felt great. I'm including pics with the compression garment and the fat thatwas removed. Still swollen and leaking has stopped - hubby was great helping with changing the pads from... READ MORE

Thinking About Laser Lipo - Italy, IT

So I want to get rid of stubborn fat in my abdomen. I workout and still can't get rid of it. I've lost 65lbs and would love to have my body I had before baby! He is 5 now lol There is a groupon for a few places near me so I'm going to choose one. If I can get rid of the stomach fat, I can... READ MORE

37, Athletic Build, 5'5" - Birmingham, AL

After years of running and playing tennis, I still didn't have "runner's legs" - a muscle in my thigh didn't develop correctly, leaving a "saggy" less-toned appearance. I knew having this procedure would give me a huge confidence boost. I've seen results from day one post-op. Today marks one... READ MORE

43 Years Mom of 4 Needs Pooch Help - Austin, TX

I'll update pics as the process goes can't wait hope to get some results was at a loss hope till I found sono bello I've lived with this belly pouch for over 10 years never thought I could get rid of it without a tummy tuck and I believe laser lioi to be the answer to my prayer I pray watch for... READ MORE

26 Years Old PCOS and 2 Kids Liposuction of Full Torso and Chin - Austin, TX

I decided to get liposuction to help me along with my PCOS. Between the weight gain from fertility drugs to get pregnant and the PCOS that is a metabolic disorder that effects weight and fertility I wanted some extra help and motivation. So I am getting liposuction on my upper front bra roll,... READ MORE

2 C-Sections Later.. Mom of 2 - Alexandria, VA

I loved everything about Dr.Segev.a from when they numbed me to when I had to stand up and make sure my body was even. I would recommend this surgery to everyone that has a problem area... I was so nervous, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. ......................................................... READ MORE

29 Year Old Athletic Female 5'4" 135 Lbs - Novi, MI

I'm training for a fitness competition. It's my fourth show, I have a very clean healthy diet, I lift weight, bust my booty in cardio, and drink plenty of water....yet my thighs NEVER want to completely dial in!!! I did my first session of BodyFx today (1of6)... It was 80% warm and comfortable,... READ MORE

39 Year-old, 4 Kids, I Need of a Mommy Makeover. Houston, TX

One more month until my 40th birthday. I am needing this entire change for my own sanity. The time has come, birthday coming soon and I need to make this change quickly. So I've found a discount and I am about to use it. I am making my appointment next week. I have to get this over with as... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mom 5'7 267 Pounds Laser Lipo - Danville, CA

Dr Bansal with Elite MD in Danville CA is a God send! I have struggled with my body image for the last 5 years as I gained 80 pounds due to high emotional stress. During my consultation Dr Bansal was efficient, personable, highly energetic, and knowledgable. He recommended laser lipo on my... READ MORE

Small Waist Please! 2 Kids, 33, Time for Me - Miami, FL

Kinda nervous but excited to get this stubborn fat off of me finally!! I work out 3 days a week. I'm a mom of an 8 year old and a six year old. It's been 2 years I've really wanted to get lips on this horrible fat of mine and after a HORRIBLE 2015 it's time to do something for me. My vitals and... READ MORE

54 Year Old Mom with Stubborn Belly Fat. Buckhead, GA

I am a 54 year old mom, 5'6", 185 lbs., exercise regularly and lost about 35 lbs. since July. Had the procedure yesterday. Pretty painless - just a pinch with the lidocaine. Couldn't believe they were able to get me into a size small compression garment - all my Spano are XL! Took my pain... READ MORE

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