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Laser liposuction is a variation on traditional liposuction that uses low-wave laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove, resulting in a less aggressive procedure, which may lead to faster recovery times. In areas with thin layers of fat, like the face and the neck, the cannula might not be used at all. In this case, the liquefied fat is absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. LEARN MORE ›

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Laser Liposuction Sonobello Atlanta, GA

I received Laser LipoSuction from Dr Mark Jones yesterday, January 27th 2017, from Sonobello in Atlanta, Georgia. I got my waistline done, back fat, and my love handles done as well. I workout 2-3 times a week. And I eat pretty balanced meals. I was also at the weight I pretty much wanted to be... READ MORE

Lipo on Upper, Lower and Flanks

Just had my procedure done yesterday. For some odd reason I wasn't nervous at all. In fact, the doctor said I was very calm. Once I was given my meds, I was pretty much dozing off. Some parts of the procedure pinched, some parts tickled, the nurse talked to me the whole time and I feel I did a... READ MORE

28 and Looking to Change my Body for Life - Dominican Republic

I have a pear shaped body but I am looking to perfect it. I am a perfectionist in everything and now I want my body to be everything that I have hoped for. I am deciding between dr plazas, dr medina, or ferreras but I am getting the procedure in January for sure. I wish I could go before that,... READ MORE

Mommy and Wife, Finally Getting Rid of Stubborn "Back Breast" - Atlanta, GA

I am really fed up with my "back breast" so I decided to have lipo on my back bra roll. When ever I wear a waist trainer I would look stuffy like a "squeezed sausage" and even more top heavy. I have always been so inseccure about this area and having that top heavy look, i have hips and got my... READ MORE

Ulfit (Abdomen) for Fat Reduction - Seoul, KR

Well, about half year ago I did plastic surgery (face lift and breast), which were great and thought about another one: reduce fat in places where it is stored a lot and maybe put this fat in my buttock and upper breast for fuller look, but I do not like going under anesthesia and looked for ANY... READ MORE

Consult and Surgery Day - Beverly Hills, CA

I went in to sonobello 12/21/16 for my consultation with Lonnie she was great. She gave a lot of information and could fit me in very short notice for my surgery the following week 12/28/16. That day I met with Dr. John F. HSU and he was very kind and also informative. The nurse was the nicest... READ MORE

33 Years Old and 1 Child - New Orleans, LA

I have been working out and meal prepping to get fit. Then I changed location with my job. It was an hour out of the way which made it harder for me to workout, meal prep, and entertain my child. So I thought maybe I can use a jump start. I went through 6 consultations and Dr. Coleman was best... READ MORE

Laser Lipo: Contoured my shape, but the swelling has been permanent. Now bigger everywhere.

It's too early to tell how well my results will look. I only had the procedure done 4 days ago (12/3/15). However, I have already received comments about "weight loss", so it would seem that some results may be visible through my clothing already. I had an apple shape, which, in my opinion,... READ MORE

28 Year Old with Located Belly Fat That wouldn't Go Away - Colombia

I was so nervous at first about getting laser lipo and marking of my abdominal muscles but I was in need of this because no matter how healthy I ate or how much I went to the gym this stubborn belly fat would not go away at all. Thank god for the amazing crew and Cliniq in medellin Colombia god... READ MORE

46 Year Old Who is Finally Doing It - Sacramento, CA

I met with the sales counselor at Sonobello October 22nd 2016 and was very clear, I needed my procedure completed November 25th. I would be off of work and have time to heal. No problem she said. Dr. Griffin was working that day and he had an opening. We even joked about it being Black Friday... READ MORE

Full Body Transformation - Beverly Hills, CA

Breast lift, internal bra and augmentation 750cc silicone Liposuction of knees, thighs, love handles and arms Total of 2 liters of fat removed Brazilian Butt lift 700cc in each check Did the breasts in April 2016 (2nd BA) And the Lipo and BBL in August of 2016. Rough year but incredible at... READ MORE

Laser Lipo for Abs and Love Handles - Martinsville, NJ

I have wanted LL for sooooo long! The timing was never quite right..... until last summer, when I met Dr. Wix-Harris at Reflections Center For Skin and Body. I had an informative and thorough consultation with her, going over many details. It was only a matter of minutes when I knew that both... READ MORE

42 Yr. Old Working Mom of 2, I Want my Body Back!

I am having laser liposuction tomorrow on my upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, and inner thighs. I want to share my experience for those also considering having this done. The stories on here were very helpful to me. Here are my before pictures, I will update after the surgery... READ MORE

Early 40's Stubborn Lower Pouch, belly and Bra Rolls - Fall River, MA

I have considered doing lipo for over 6 months.. Started by seeing commercials, advertising in mail, then a close friend had it done which was push to finally get a consult after doing a very thorough search for an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon. I am 1 week post op, my overall... READ MORE

Finally Set - New York

I went on three consults. One was an old PS I have used before using traditional liposuction. The other was sort of ritzy charging way to much for "newer technology" . Information overload was in effect. Then I found "that one" today. I felt his vibe and the staff was amazing. So it's going to... READ MORE

Lips to Upper and Lower Abdomen,flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs, Chin and a Silicone Breast Enlargement - Aiea, HI

I was tired of not looking the way I wanted to look. I wasn't looking to be a Barbie but I wanted to be comfortable with me again. I wanted to look good for me so I could be confident in what I saw in the mirror. So after reading MANY MANY before and after posts on here I decided to start my... READ MORE

24 Year Old, No Kids Stubborn Fat Around Belly & Flank - New York, NY

My surgery date was on 09/12/16 around 9am. I was told not take any medications as they would provide you with pain killers in the office. My procedure was smart lipo on the upper, lower abdomen and the flank area. I was explained the whole procedure on my consultation, including the exact price... READ MORE

Dr. Ayman Shahine- Plus Size Lipo - New York, NY

Around Thanksgiving of 2012, I found Dr. Shahine on YouTube after trying to figure out how laser liposuction worked. I saw his Brazilian butt lift videos and thought he was awesome. Fortunately for me, I didn't need to pay him $10k for what God has blessed me with. Anywho, I went to the... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 23 Yr Old - New York

I have always been active. I like working out. My arms and legs are easily toned but I have a problem with my stomach. I wanted to be able to get that very lean look so I decided to do laser lipo. I stopped working out 3 months prior to and I gained some weight. At the time of my procedure I was... READ MORE

32 Years Old - 3 Kids - Ready to Have a Waist Again! - Tacoma, WA

I had my third child 6 months ago, and I'm really unhappy with the 'aftermath'. I had twins about 11 years ago, and as a result, my stomach has never been the same. I've always carried the majority of my weight in my abdomen, and I've always had a boxy midsection. I'm hoping laser liposuction... READ MORE

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