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Laser liposuction is a variation on traditional liposuction that uses low-wave laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove, resulting in a less aggressive procedure, which may lead to faster recovery times. In areas with thin layers of fat, like the face and the neck, the cannula might not be used at all. In this case, the liquefied fat is absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. LEARN MORE ›

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Scizer Treatment

Hello guys , today i am here to talk about sciezer . Actually after this i never talk about before of this , now i am wondering why i did not know earlier! The treatment was just 35minutes , was a little paintful at beginning but later started been comfortable. When i saw the results i was... READ MORE

53 Years Old. Newlywed Stepping out on Faith

Two years ago I had a procedure done call Laser Lipo by Dr. Roche a Bloomfield Hills Michigan I thought it turned out great but as I Heal I noticed I was lopsided so I exercised in diet it and it didn't help I recently got married in Hawaii looking at my pictures I knew I needed to do something... READ MORE

20 years old 1 child getting upper and lower abs and also flanks

I'm so excited I will be having my surgery on APRIL 27th and I will have my pre op April 20th I will be going to American Lipo centers in dallas tx..... I'm getting my Upper and lower abs and my flanks I'm 4 days away from my procedure and I'm getting very excited!!! The doctor gave me 5... READ MORE

Early 40's Stubborn Lower Pouch, belly and Bra Rolls - Fall River, MA

I have considered doing lipo for over 6 months.. Started by seeing commercials, advertising in mail, then a close friend had it done which was push to finally get a consult after doing a very thorough search for an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon. I am 1 week post op, my overall... READ MORE

44 Years Old,mother of 6

I am a fairly healthy perdon,i exercise and hike but just cant seem to lose this belly.after researching different procedures,coolsculpting,tummy tuck,I decided to go with Laser determined to not have this belly by my 45 birthday. Tomorrow is my preop scared,nervous but super... READ MORE

IM GONNA DO IT! Laser Lipo on Abdomen & Flanks

After much debate, going back and forth for weeks I decided LIFE IS TO SHORT, GO FOR IT! I am getting Laser Lipo done on my abdomen and flanks. I wish I could do my bra bulge too but that would add another $3000 (which is absurd). My surgery is scheduled for April 26 and I am a nervous wreck. I... READ MORE

27, 2 Kids, Wanting Laser Liposuction of Lower and Upper Abdomen - Ocala, FL

I maintain pretty healthy eating habits and don't mind working out so I think a little Liposuction of just my stomach area would be good enough for me. So far I just started looking in to everything but I'd like to have the procedure done next year. I am looking for a great surgeon who will not... READ MORE

Laser Lipo Arms - Wayne, NJ

I went to see Dr. Ganchi about my arms. I had always had very large arms, and I wanted to discuss my options. I made myself very clear, although I did not want a scar from arm surgery I also did not want SAGGING SKIN!! I wish that he would have been honest and told me that I was not a good candidate READ MORE

27, 3 Csections, Lost 60 Lbs with Diet and Exercise and Needed Extra Help

I am about 10 days out from getting my upper and lower abs, waist, hips and pubic area done and 4-5 days out from getting my inner thighs and knees done. Bruising and swelling was bad with the tummy area but the thighs for sure have had the worst swelling so far. It is so painful I can't sit or... READ MORE

Dr. Bedford of Sonobello Atlanta

I had my upper/lower abs and also my waist done on yesterday by Dr Bedford. So far everything looks great! I'm glad I decided to move forward with the procedure in spite of the reviews. I was very nervous, and changed my mind twice before actually getting it done. I did not experience any pain... READ MORE

Laser Lipo Upper and Lower Abdomen and Hips.

So far I'm having a good experience. The Dr and Staff were all very friendly and helpful. The worse part of the whole procedure for me was putting the Lidocaine solution in. But even that wasn't that bad. Just feels like your swelling up like a balloon. I didn't feel any pain during the laser... READ MORE

BBL with Dr. Aslani a lot of irregualrities, want a reoperation to fix this

I had both a laser lipo and a BBL at the same time by De. Alexander Aslani, Cirumed clinic, Malaga. It was a very hard recovery, and I am still early, only 12 days post. The first houers when anestesia went out was very bad. I was shaking and very, very cold. I could not eat on my own at my room... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Male, Fit but Pudgy Stomach and Small "Man-boobs"

A little about me. I am a 27 years old male, and have always been relatively fit. My entire life, I’ve been able to work out, exercise and build great muscle in my arms, legs and chest. My only problem has always been my stomach/abs area. I thought by dieting, I would easily get rid of the u... READ MORE

Consultation Review: 28yr Old, Two Kids Fitness Fanatic! Time to Get off What the Gym Can't

Want to start documenting my journey to help others. I am 28 5'4 145lbs and in good shape. I work FT and also PT as a fitness instructor/ trainer. It's time for me to finally look in the mirror and look on the outside how I feel on the inside. Iv Had a 70lb weight loss and need the extra bulges... READ MORE

46 Years Old, Full Abdominal Laser Liposuction, Tiny Tuck and Chin Liposuction - New York

I'm getting excited and nervous. I'm a 46 year old single mother and business owner getting chin laser liposuction, full abdominal laser liposuction and a tiny tuck, at the same time in 5 more days. I'm going to Dr. Tony Perkins at Elite Body Sculpture in NYC. I'm currently 205 lbs and 5'6".... READ MORE

Dr. Alexander Aslani Is an Amazing Surgeon. Incredible Results, Professional Caring and Excellent Care

Dr. Alexander Aslani Is an amazing surgeon. Incredible results, professional caring &excellent care. I am so happy with my results!I now feel confident to go out on the beach this summer with my new body & go back to work as a model!.I never expected the results to be this... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Finally Ready To Have A Flat Tummy. Scottsdale, AZ

I have been thinking about this for a while and last month finally did the research, picked a surgeon, and scheduled the date. Life is just too short to spend time looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. About me: I am a healthy 24 year old, active (cardio 2-3 x per week, yoga on... READ MORE

Athenix or Sono bello?!

I've been a frequent follower of treads here. Currently I'm trying to decide between Athenix and Sono Bello. Anyone had any experience with either of these facilities. Which one should I go to for liposuction of the abdomen and waist area. Any reasons would be very helpful. 27yr old trying... READ MORE

49, Divorced, No Kids - Want Mirror or Reflect How I See Myself - Bethesda, MD

Two days from procedure, having a combination lower facelift and laser liposuction to abs and flanks. Went in looking for facelift and once I decided to use general anesthesia decided to add liposuction as well. Until I turned around 40 I was always thin (5'7", size 8 to 10). Over the last... READ MORE

My Lovely Treatment To Get Rid of Love Handles" CLATUU "

Hi everyone :) This is Hoda from Iran,actually I came to korea last week to get a surgery to get rid of my fat in the abdomen and love handles area . I was really stress full maybe it's painful maybe it has some bad effectes Cuz Im just 20 years old and in this age Its not good to try every... READ MORE

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