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Allergic Reaction to Laser Hair Removal - Candela GentleLASE Alexandrite Laser. Narre Warren, AU

So I am at the beginning of my laser hair removal journey. I have reasonably fair skin with very dark (almost black) thick hair. I have already had one session at a different laser clinic on my under arms and Brazilian bikini area. This was using the same laser – Candela GentleLASE Alexandrite. ... READ MORE

Inflamed, Red, Itchy, Blotchy Rash - Estero, FL

My decision is still out on laser, until my treatments are finished, I guess. The effect of the treatments is awesome. Only shaved once in between first two treatments. I just had my 3rd treatment to the bikini. The first one I did not use numbing cream (BLT) and it hurt like crazy!!! No... READ MORE

First GentleLase Treatment

Had my first GentleLase treatment on underarms and brazilian. Since its only my first treatment, I obviously can't rate the hair reduction, but will talk about the pain level. For me, the pain was extremely minimal. I previously would wax both areas and waxing hurt WAY more than the laser. On... READ MORE

First Time Leg Laser Hair Removal - Roseville, MN

I had my first laser hair removal session yesterday with Rachel at Tareen Dermatology. I've never had lasers of any kind so I was nervous. I paid for 9 treatments and will also be doing my underarms and bikini area. I honestly thought it would be more painful, I didnt use any numbing cream. ... READ MORE

"Tighter Skin Without Any Down Time" - Matawan, NJ

As a 45 year I wanted to do something to make me feel better about the way I looked. Plus, it was right before the holidays. Dr. Patel's laser treatment helped tighten the skin around my face and remove brown spots. It was a quick and easy procedure done in the office. My skin feels better and I... READ MORE

Success with Gentlelase Hair Removal - New York, NY

I originally went to Dr. Sheryl Clark because she is familiar with South Asian/Indian skin types. I read reviews that my skin tone/type may not work well with some hair removal machines and that I should consult with a dermatologist who has worked with my ethnic skin. I also refused to go to any... READ MORE

Pricey, but Works on Dark, Coarse Hair - San Francisco, CA

I have naturally tan colored skin. I started my laser hair removal procedures about a year ago. I have had the following treatments: Full Legs: 4 times Underarms: 5 times Face + Neck: 6 times Bikini: 4 times Abdomen: 3 times The best results so far have been on my legs. The worst on my face... READ MORE

Help! - Australia, AU

I am thinking of undergoing laser treatment and have heard that medical grade lasers are better - Candela GentleLASE being one of them. I want to try it however, I, unfortunately, have excessive pubic hair growth (2 centimetres growth from my bikini line). Every time I shave, I have ingrown... READ MORE

Works on my Light/med Colored Skin..will Need More Treatments Long Term - Suffern, NY

Package of 5 treatments for my bikini, inner thighs, & belly. I am mixed-race with light/med colored skin. I'd suffered with excess hair AND ingrowns with hyperpigmentation. The laser did produce some hyperpigmentation but it fades very quickly....not like that caused by ingrown hairs... READ MORE

Candela Gentlelase - Really Worth It! - Melbourne, AU

I had 4 treatments on legs, underarms, and bikini-line last year with the Candela Gentlelase Plus machine. I used to be very hairy, with quite think dark brown to black hair. After only 4 treatments I now have only a small amount of very thin/fine lighter hair on the treated areas. It is hardly... READ MORE

I Think It is Inferior to Other Laser Treatments, Like SIPL

Dont think anything changed, bikini or underarm. In my past treatments I noticed hair reduction straight away. Regarding the review items below, they were nice - the treatment just did not work. I am white skinned with dark hair. It was not painful, as they used two cooling... READ MORE

Haven't Quite Finished All Treatments Yet but Gr8 So Far - Australia, AU

I have white skin (skin type two) mix of black, brown & blonde hairs. Has worked great on black hairs, taking longer + hard to see results with brown hair & blonde ones r exactly as they were. Have had the most treatments on underarm area have been so pleased with the results the few... READ MORE

No More Ingrowns! GentleLASE

I decided to get hair removal because i had constant ingrown hairs no matter what i did, shaved, epilated, waxed, exfoliated or used chemical exfoliants. I got the hair removal every 6 weeks or so on my underarms, brazillian, bikini and full legs. I think i had about 8-10 treatments all up... READ MORE

Love my Hairless Legs, Underarms, Upper Lips, Arms..... - Tampa, FL

I had multiple areas treated with GentleLase. In my case, it was not done by a tech, but actually done by the Plastic Surgeon. I had FAR better results than most report. Mi initial treatment was about four years ago. I have had two touch-ups since then and am thrilled with everthing. READ MORE

Laser Only Works on Coarse Hair. If You Treat the Right Type of Hair, You'll Love the Results Like I Do! - Los Angeles

I did extensive research before having LHR and picked the best laser for my skin type, an alexandrite (GentleLASE by Candela). I made sure to treat only dark coarse hair, i.e. my underarms, bikini and lower legs, and choose a clinic that was knowledgeable about settings (i.e. not undertreating... READ MORE

As Much Hair As Before Plus Hyperpigmentation

Allcons im afraid, i now seem to have just as much hair if not more and the pigmentation is another problem to deal with! i wish i had never had this done. READ MORE

Skin Incredibly Itchy After Laser Hair Removal Please Help

Pleaseeee Help!I had Laser hair removal for the fourth time and for the first time my skin is incredibly itchy. I cant stop scratching my arms legs and bikini zone where i got treated. This has not happened with my previous sessions and its the same lady using the same machine. She uses Candela... READ MORE

Laer Hair Removal, First Treatment - Happy So Far

I had my first laser hair removal treatment done last week. I read a lot of reviews on here before I went and found them very helpful so I'm going to keep updating this after each treatment in the hope I can help those deciding if they should go for it. I'm in Australia so the location may not... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin

I did laser hair removal on underarms and knees to ankles. I have medium dark skin. It got rid of some of it but not all of it. After a few years it seemed like some of what was gone was coming back. I suppose I will go back for some more removal appointments. It was worth having less hair for... READ MORE

GentleLASE Just in Time for Bikini Season

Body hair has always been an issue for me because I have light skin but dark black hair in unwanted places. I accept that there will be hair in “the usual” spots like my bikini area but it’s also a major problem on my lower abdomen leading to my pubic area. I’m talking... READ MORE

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