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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, surgically moves the ears closer to the head. This surgery permanently corrects protruding ears and brings them into better proportion with the face. LEARN MORE ›

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Assymetric Ears After Surgery.. with One Resulting in to Telephonic Ear.. and Other Losing Natural Antihelical Fold - Toronto,ON

I never grew my hair until I was 19 just to hide my ears... Once I started growing my hair and tried a ponytail, I realised that it was my ears that was spoiling my look.. and that's the reason I started thinking of Otoplasty... I am 29 right now and 2 months post my first ever otoplasty... READ MORE

Second Time Otoplasty. Stitch Method So Much Better - Sydney, AU

Bangkok 2014 was the first time I had my ears surgically pinned back. (Otoplasty) I was quite surprised at Clinic at the Bangkok hospital where the consultation and surgery took place. I found it a little difficult to get across to the doctor what I wanted but as we had Medical Solutions guide... READ MORE

My Left Ear Has Helix, Tragus and Lobule, but No External Auditory Canal

I wish to have a normal ear... Anyone knows who can insert hole in my ear and pin my ear back? Make it look normal. I can't be able to do challenging things. I have to do things that are so meaningless. I can't get a good job, because appearance is everything to some people. I'm 44 years... READ MORE

Re-do Otoplasty After 20 Years - Pinole, CA

I was born with several malformations of the ears, (basically elf/pixie ears) that folded out from my head at a diagonal angle, as well as lacking the anti-helical fold on both of my ears. My first otoplasty was around the age of 8. The surgery successfully gave me the anti-helical fold in both... READ MORE

16 Year Old. Otoplasty. - Beverly Hills, CA

I am a 16 year old Hispanic male. Dr. Rahban performed otoplasty (ear surgery) on me. My ears were not in proportion; one was bigger than the other and the bigger one would noticeably stick out. I made a serious decision at age 15, I spoke to my mother and she spoke to my dad because I didn't... READ MORE

20 Years Old with Protruding Ears. Wayne, NJ

My only regret is not doing this sooner! I am so happy with my new ears. I can finally wear my hair back and not worry about my ears sticking out. Barely any down time, you just need to wear a headband following surgery. Also very minimal pain and discomfort thanks to Dr. Wise and his amazing staff! READ MORE

Been Teased my Whole Life for my Ears but Not Anymore! Thanks to Dr. Hardesty! - Riverside, CA

I had been teased my whole life for my prominent ears and it wrecked my self confidence. I couldn't wear my hair up in fear that I would get made fun of. I felt like when people looked at me, all they saw was ears. Even though people told me they didn't think they stuck out "that bad" I was... READ MORE

Great Otoplasty Results! - Beverly Hills, CA

Ever since I can remember, I had issues with the way my ears looked (I had prominent ears with one sticking out way more than the other & missing the natural fold). I was always teased at school, but beyond that, I was not happy with them myself. Most times that I was in front of the mirror, I... READ MORE

My Lower Eyes Were Extremely Puffy and Getting Worse with Age - Anchorage, AK

I went into my consultation very skeptical about having a doctor in Alaska work on my face. This man is truly wonderful at what he does and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I trust him wholeheartedly. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and it's healing very nice.. I'm grateful for him and his... READ MORE

24 Years Old - Columbus, OH

I just had otoplasty about a week ago. I've always had large, protruding ears and have been self conscious about them. The recovery has been difficult but I hope it's worth it. I was tired of not having any confidence. I know it's soon but my ear lobes stick out too much. I think I haave... READ MORE

34 Year Old Male - Otoplasty (Ears Pinned Back) - Austin, TX

So far, I have just gone through the consultation. Everyone in the office was very nice. The doctor was direct in his evaluation of the situation and talked me out of another procedure that I was thinking about getting because he didn't think it would be very useful. I will be getting my ears... READ MORE

Macrotia Problem (Ear Reduction) Experience Anyone ? - United Kingdom, GB

I am considering going for a ear reduction of the top pole (Scapha) and would like to know if someone who has gone through similar and would like to share there experience? Are there any risks associated with this type of surgery other than scaring which I have been told is well hidden or is... READ MORE

Pinning Back Prominent Ears - Manchester, GB

As I had aged and lost my hair the large and prominent ears I had from childhood, which had not caused me any concern in my life previously, began to look even bigger and became even more prominent. I was more conscious of them than ever before and found myself worrying about my appearance and... READ MORE

Correction of Failed Otoplasty - London, GB

After twenty-two years living with an otoplasty which went horribly wrong, I finally found a surgeon who was able to fix it beyond my wildest expectations.Background:Both ears were overly corrected (too close to my head) and with completely different shapes.The right ear looked as if it was... READ MORE

So very happy with ear pinback surgery!- San Francisco, CA

I am so happy I had ear pinback surgery. I had been contemplating it for years as my ears stuck out and it was something I was insecure about. The surgery went even better than expected. Wonderful recovery (I was back at work 2 days later) and essentially no pain. I forgot I even got the surgery... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Miami, FL

The procedure could not have gone any better. I had local anesthetic and it was fine. I was always at ease. Recovery has been fine, thus far. I was in pain a few hours after the procedure, but nothing unbearable and nothing that the pain killers couldn't control. I had a good nights rest the... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

I had the best experience with otoplasty surgery. This was far better than the first time I had my ears done. I was awake during the procedure so the recovery time was quick. Dr. Sheila Nazarian sculpted my ears beautifully. She placed permanent sutras to give my ear definition and to hold them... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Easy, Effective, and Very Worth It - Tampa, FL

My ears have stuck out my entire life. I was teased mercilessly in school, and finally as an adult I was encouraged by friends to do something about my biggest insecurity that was a better solution than constantly brushing my hair over them. I was so scared to have my survery (I'm a total wuss... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Much Needed Otoplasty, Timisoara (Romania)

My life as a real life Dumbo has ended! After many years thinking about having an otoplasty I finally decided and went for it. I recently moved to Timisoara (I used to live in Italy) and after a short research online I found out about Dr. Tiberiu Bratu and his "Brol Medical Center". Dr. Bratu is... READ MORE

Stitch method better than original method

The first time I had my ears done I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the Bangkok hospital was and the Dr was lovely. The procedure was fine. The only problem was my ears still protruded a lot after the bandages came off and it was so disappointing. The Dr said I could come back after... READ MORE

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