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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, surgically moves the ears closer to the head. This surgery permanently corrects protruding ears and brings them into better proportion with the face. LEARN MORE ›

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Life Changing

I've been insecure about my ear for a while but not anymore. It's only been 4weeks post op so it's still swollen, but the results are already amazing compared to what it was before. It took about an hour or so for the surgery to be completed and I would highly recommend anyone in the Atlanta... READ MORE

New Non Surgical Ear Pinning Produced Amazing Instant Results!!! - Sydney, AU

I have always hated my ears and have wanted to get them pinned for a very long time. I avoided wearing my hair up especially for special occasions as I didn't want to be photographed at weddings or parties with my awful ears. Most people didn't think they were "that bad" but to me they were... READ MORE

Ear Reconstruction Surgery - Paris, FR

On October 12, 2015 I was walking my dog down the street and he had gum stuck to the bottom of his foot. I bent down to remove it without letting him know what I was doing. He turned and snapped. Took off 1/3 of my ear. Ear reconstruction surgery is not something that any plastic surgeon can... READ MORE

*** Failed Otoplasty - Sugar Land, TX

To make a very long story as short as possible I had otoplasty done by Dr. Horndeski and have never been more disappointed in my life. I went in with the excitement and intention that my ears will finally look good enough to wear my hair up and not have to hide them anymore. I am 29 years old... READ MORE

Left ear Otoplasty to rock some hair updos ;)

I have 1 ear that kind of sticks out if compared to the other ear. I have it since birth. It used to look more sticking out when i was younger when my face was thinner and because i always had my hair in a pony tail. I used to hate it so much specially that my older sister used to mock me about... READ MORE

Troubling Otoplasty - Arizona, AZ

I am 16 years old now and I had an otoplasty done 6 MONTHS ago and they are still red and dry. I Have been putting lotion, vitamin E, Petroleum Jelly, anything you could think of, on them. I don't know what can heal them anymore, so I am obviously a little upset with the whole thing. What should... READ MORE

Earfold: Did I Do the Right Thing?

24 hours after surgery I am a 41 year old mother of 2. One of my daughters (9) has my sticking out ears, and is sometimes a bit self conscious of this. I've always been very self conscious of my ears, and have always had my hair cut so that they are covered up. I've never been able to put up my... READ MORE

Worth It - New York

I was made fun of constantly as a child but never could afford the procedure. I was finally able to get it done and am very happy to see the attention brought away from my ears and to my face. It was not invasive and quick return to the office. I enjoyed finding a doctor that didn't require... READ MORE

Ear Reduction

I am planning to get ear reduction surgery. I am meeting with 3 surgeons in Toronto. I will keep you guys updated. In the mean time, please advise if you have any suggestions. I hope I will get the perfect size of ears at the end of this journey and I will share the details and pictures with all... READ MORE

Pertruding Ears Gone Forever!

Dr Jeremy Hunt was beyond my expectations for a surgeon and the results I have received. From the consultation he was full of knowledge and very realistic about the procedure. The surgery was booked promptly and done in no time. I am beyond stoked with my results and would most definitely... READ MORE

Fixing my Ears and Helping my Self-Image - Schererville, IN

I was 15 years old and just starting my freshman year of high school. For my whole life people called me names like Elf, Elephant ears, things that would mortifying any girl growing up. I remember holding back tears as even my closest friends would poke fun at me. This part of me bothered me my... READ MORE

Life Changing Otoplasty - Sarasota, FL

I have always wanted my ears fixed since I was little. They were large and stuck out a lot. I would always hide them by wearing my hair down. I have always wanted to wear my hair in different styles, and having big ears really damaged my self confidence. I decided to finally get this problem... READ MORE

25 Year Old Female Tired of Childhood Insecurity - Seattle, WA

Here is my indepth review of my experience of having otoplasty. I've been searching for a facial plastic surgeon located in Seattle and I stumbled upon Dr. Portuese on realself. After reading numerous reviews particularly focusing on all the ear surgery amongst all the rhinoplasty reviews he has... READ MORE

Best Surgical Experience. New Albany, IN

Dr. Don Chatham created an exponentially awesome experience with everything to knowledge, and as far as the procedure itself(etc.). I was very well pleased with the whole outcome and would not change it for the world. He is the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure to work with to accomplish... READ MORE

Otoplasty at 38 Years Old - Very Happy! - London, GB

As many people will say, this is something I wanted to do for many years, in fact since I was seven? years old. After many years of deliberation and also have the money to do it, I am embarked upon extensive research. All of it pointed towards Dr Gault(London, UK) being a world leader in... READ MORE

27 Years Later I Finally Got my Bilateral Otoplasty (Ears Pinned Back) - Fall River, MA

It's been four days since Dr. Russell Babbitt did my bilateral otoplasty (ear surgery). I HIGHLY recommend Dr Babbitt, as my friends and family can attest. I could barely believe my eyes (and ears) when I looked in the mirror today in the office. I couldn't be more pleased or excited about the... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty - Birmingham, GB

I first visited Mr Nishikawa back in September 2015 at the Westbourne Centre. I originally just wanted to have the size of my earlobes reduced as i felt they were quite large. I then realized actually the top of my ears also protruded slightly more than they should so if i had these pinned back... READ MORE

Change, Long Overdue - San Francisco, CA

After enduring childhood taunts of “dumbo ears”, and many many years spent in attempts to disguise or cover the same, I sought out a surgeon to perform bilateral otoplasty - “ear pinning”. Changing a facial feature, even one not held in high esteem, is a weighty decision - practical, emotion... READ MORE

Earfold to Both Ears. Macclesfield, GB

Day of procedure: Went to work as usual, then headed to Macclesfield Spire to meet Mr Musgrove for earfold for 11:30am appointment. Upon arrival, I felt relaxed. I was 40 minutes early which didn't help, but I signed my details over at the reception and took a seat. After waiting for 30... READ MORE

25 Year Old Male, Used to Have a Pop out Ears - Istanbul, TR

I suffered many years from a pop out ears...you know the teasing when you are kid who have a pop out ears...it was like hell, any way i did not have the courage to go under surgery until i met doctor Cihantimur , i saw a video of 9 minutes Non Surgical Treatment, they solve this with medical... READ MORE

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