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A dental crown is a protective covering used to enhance the strength and appearance of damaged teeth. Crowns are most commonly made of porcelain, stainless steel, or ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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Dental Crown - San Mateo, CA

I had a 30-year-old amalgam filling in my lower left pre-molar that finally started leaking. I have excellent oral hygiene, which may have contributed to the longevity of the filling. The tooth turned gray a couple of months ago, and when I went to the dentist for my cleaning a couple of weeks... READ MORE

I Avoided Needing Dentures Thanks to German Arzate & Staff!! - Mexico, MX

My experience was beyond belief! Two years ago and no problems. I had two cracked molars and cried getting estimates in the U.S. just to fix them. I researched it, emailed & spoke w/ Dr. Arzate after sending x rays. I flew down alone and met w/ them for the estimate. Since I borrowed money... READ MORE

The Whole Mouth! - Auburn, AL

I have just gotten 2 bridges and 20 crowns done. I first got the bottom done and then the top all in 6 weeks. In the past I have had horrible jaw trauma and I am also a teeth grinder and clencher, so my teeth were paper thin and chipping of left and right. I went in only wanting my 6 top front... READ MORE

I Was Completely Satisfied by my Treatment - Cancun, Quintana Roo

I could not afford to have the work done in Canada. I would have had to put a mortgage on my home. I have had the problem of grinding my teeth for years, and my teeth were worn down to the gums. The enamel was worn off the surface of all my teeth. The dental specialist in Victoria BC told me... READ MORE

Zirconia Crown Chipped, Now What?

I had four Zirconia Crowns placed on my front teeth and they look AWESOME! very natural and WHITE! I love them. I paid $800.00 for each tooth, total of $3200.00. The dentist placed the crowns on in 2005. Last month while eating a hard pretzel, one of the zirconia crowns chipped. I returned... READ MORE

Fantastic Cosmetic Dentist - Los Angeles, CA

I had been putting off getting a crown for about a decade until my doctor recommended Dr. Schlang. I couldn't have been more pleased with the whole process. The entire staff was accommodating and Dr. Schlang is a cool guy and a great dentist. His dental hygienist Maria has been with him for... READ MORE

Dr. Eduardo Castro Sittenfeld, Costa Rica

My experience with Dr. Castro involved replacing 13 implant crowns. The results were amazing. Dr. Castro, along with Dr. Chinchilla replaced 13 implant teeth. They look amazing and I am a very scrutinizing person. Dr. Castro and their lab did an amazing job. Dr. Chinchilla designed and fit... READ MORE

Amazing and Affordable Dental Work at Rio Grande Dental

I love Rio Grande Dental. The lava pure porcelain are amazing... The crowns were made in the USA! I also got to visit the lab and custom make 12 anterior front teeth, I never in million years will imagine I would find a dental clinic in Mexico with the quality, speed and price :) Ozzy is the... READ MORE

Dental Work - Bangkok, TH

NEVER, NEVER AGAIN will I go through Destination Beauty for dental work again!! I found the dentist unprofessional, rude, uncaring and obnoxious. They didn't quote me the correct price until I got to Thailand and ended up being 3 x the price. Dentist only drilled for about 3 seconds on each... READ MORE

My Experience Has Always Been the Best in Everyway - Aventura, FL

I Have been going to Dr. Rosenstein for past 5 years. Most recently I needed a bridge, fillings and bonding. He is extremely gentle, caring, and his dentistry is the best of the best. Aimee his office manager is always a pleasure to deal with regarding appointments, questions, and any concerns.... READ MORE

Dr. Eduardo Castro in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Vida Pura with Dr. Eduardo Castro Over the past year, I have been looking for affordable dental care outside of the U.S., since preventive dental care here was out of the question due to cost. In Costa Rica, I found the perfect Dental Practice by reading many reviews, and also by... READ MORE

Great Dr Saved Me $1000 - Liverpool, NY

Another Dr said I need root canal and crown, went to dr Soliman who said I only need crown, tooth feels great, He preformed the crown and placed it in no time. his bedside manners are superb. He did not try to sell any additional work like other dentists. I am keeping him as my dentist I love Dr... READ MORE

Office Review - Customer Service

CG cosmetics will have bad and good reviews but overall speaking to Roxanne and Karla for 2 weeks straight was very professional and helpful with questions I've asked. They were really patient and beyond on what I wasn't expecting. People need to understand that this is not a private clinic.... READ MORE

Changed my Smile - Evanston, IL

Dr. Joe is an amazing dentist on so many levels. He is a perfectionist and takes as much time as needed to make sure the job is done. He is intelligent, kind, understanding and goes out of his way to help, especially in a an emergency situation. I have never been happier and feel luck to have... READ MORE

Crown @ Abyss Dental - Las Vegas, NV

As much as a like the work that they did, Dr Earl was rude , they try to up sale you on anything. when you come for a first visit they take your pictures and then you spent 30 minutes with a sale rep trying to push a procedures on you that are pricy and not needed before they assign a dr for you... READ MORE

My Dental Crown

I did a root canal and a dental crown. Took 3 sittings to get through the full procedure. Though not as alarming as an tooth extraction, this involved numbing gums with an injection and keeping mouth open as the dentist did his thing. I am happy with the procedure and will recommend. The thing... READ MORE

Dental Crowns, Fillings, Minor Surgery - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Sprague is an excelllent Dentist. He is very gentle and explains what he is doing as he does his work. He has done quite extensive work for me on 2 different occasions I don,t remember the date of the second visit. Since I live out of state he works with my schedule as to when I will... READ MORE

So Happy I Came to Dr. Fiss - Chicago, IL

I am thrilled to say that because of Dr Fiss and the high quality of his and his staff's work, I will not have any concerns over my dental health while being abroad for the next two and a half years. I came to his office last year, after not seeing a dentist in 13 years. Needless to say there... READ MORE

Crowns on Two Front Teeth - Henderson, NV

I wanted to make sure the dentist who replaced my teeth was one of the best. I did homework. I spoke with a past patient, reviewed before and after photos in the office, and asked questions before starting. Office staff are great. Everyone made me comfortable. I couldn't be happier! This... READ MORE

Cerec Crowns Do Not Hold Up - Fargo, ND

I have had 5 cerec Crowns. Three of them failed of which two failed more than once. When they shatter it is like a regular , they just explode. The life of a cerec is no more than 10 years. If had to do it all over again I would stay with the standard in Crowns, sweet & porcelain. A very... READ MORE

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